1. Do you know how much time you’ve spent on Facebook?
  2. Remove the third equation of “Log in FB Account”.
  3. Find what was missed by an unexpected refresh.
  4. Download a copy of all your Facebook data.
  5. Search for Facebook posts liked by someone.
  6. Use Facebook to find jobs.
  7. The customized notifications for Android users.
  8. Stop autoplaying the videos.
  9. View activity records and log out of your account remotely.
  10. What about your Facebook account after you die?

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  • Do You Know How Much Time You’ve Spent on Facebook?

Facebook has launched a time management tool that lets us know how much time we’ve spend on Facebook. Don’t need to install additional third-party plug-ins, you can view them directly with Facebook’s own settings.

Step 1. Click the settings on the bottom right corner to find “Your Time on Facebook”.

Step 2. Click on “Your Time on Facebook” to see how much time you spend on Facebook on average every day.

When we see how long we’ve taken on Facebook, we can further “Manage Your Time” and it will remind us, “That’s enough. Don’t waste your time.

Step 3. Press “Daily Time Reminder”, and then select the length of time you want. When the time comes, you’ll be notified that you should exit the app to do something else.

  • Remove the Third Equation of “Log in FB Account”.

There are many apps and websites that can be bound to Facebook accounts, which are very convenient, but it’s possible that many of them are rarely used, and you can take advantage of the tool to remove unwanted apps directly. Then you can ensure that third-party apps can’t continue to publish movies, pictures, or spread any of your important privacy.

Step 1. Click the “Privacy Shortcuts”, and then select the “Apps and Websites” under the “Security”. Step 2. Click on “Apps, Websites, and Games” in your preferences, and you’ll see the apps that are in use, expired, or removed. If you have a program in use that you want to remove, check the app and “remove” it.

  • Find What was Missed by an Unexpected Refresh.

Have you ever accidentally refreshed your Facebook page and missed a post you’re just reading? It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack and we can’t find it again.

The feature of “Rediscovering Unexpected Refreshes” is very useful to me.

But it only applies to users of the computer’s web page, and we can add “/seen” after the original Facebook site, which is equivalent to entering “” and you can the previous post content.

  • Download a Copy of All Your Facebook Data

Downloading all the Facebook data is an interesting feature and when you open this downloaded file, you will find all of the information below.

Posts and photos you have created or shared,comments you have posted, messages you have sent and received, everything you have ever liked or reacted to, your list of followers and who you’re following, and even Pokes you have given and received (does anybody do those anymore?) are all stored on Facebook.

If you want a copy of the information from one, a few, or all of these categories.

Click the “Settings”, choose “Your Facebook Information “, and then ” Download Your Information”.

  • Search for Facebook Posts Liked by Someone

We certainly wouldn’t want to encourage Facebook stalking, but did you know it’s possible to use the search function to find content liked by a particular person?

Just type posts liked by [person], photos liked by [person], or videos liked by [person] into the search bar.

You don’t even need to use a person’s name. For example, assuming you have your connection with your significant other up to date, you could type posts liked by my wife or photos liked by my boyfriend to see the same results.

  • Use Facebook to Find Jobs.

Did you find a feature in the process of using Facebook that was “jobs”? Don’t miss this very convenient feature to find a job. Although this feature is not very popular, there are already many interesting and suitable job vacancies to provide reference.

Click “Jobs” on Setting’s page to view “Job Opportunities”, and then you can choose a nearby job vacancy, or you can choose according to the type of job, and don’t forget to add your work experience before it.

  • The Customized Notifications for Android Users.

Facebook has a number of features that notify automatically, some of which are not so important could turn off by notification settings, such as the “People You May Know”, “Marketplace”, “Fundraisers and Crises” and so on.

Click the “Settings” option and slide down to “Notification Settings” and then you can “Manage Your Notifications”.

  • Stop Autoplaying the Videos.

Not everyone has inconsumable data traffic, and some people often lose a lot of traffic by watching movies. If you don’t have enough data, be sure to turn off autoplay videos.

Step 1. Click the “Settings” and pull down to “Media and contacts”.

Step 2. Click the “Videos and photos”, and then you can choose “Never Autoplay Videos”.

  • View Activity Records and Log Out of Your Account Remotely.

we may often log in our Facebook accounts on different devices. In addition to your own mobile phone, computer, you may log in your FB account in schools or company’s device. If you forget to log out, be sure to remember to exit remotely.

“Log Out of All Sessions” can be used directly to log out of all devices to keep our accounts safe.

Step 1. Click the “Settings”, and then select the “Security and login”, where you can see “Where you’re log in”

Step 2. Select “See All” to view all activity records and select “Log out of all Sessions”.

What About your Facebook Account After You Die?

You must have thought about it, what about your Facebook account when your loved ones or yourself died? This feature is very intimate, you can choose a trusted friend to take over your account.

Step 1. Select the “Settings”, slide down to “Your Facebook and then click the ” Account Ownership and Control”.

Step 2. Click the “Memorialization Settings” and you can “Choose Legacy contact” or “Delete after death”.

Agents can manage postings or update photos, etc. However, agents cannot directly log in the memorial account and cannot post or view messages. I think this restriction is very thoughtful, and it will protect the user’s privacy and safety very well.

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