As a matter of fact, there are many websites which can largely improve our work efficiencybut being ignored by most people. These useful sites undoubtedly will open a new door for us. Now please follow me to have a look at the hidden treasure!

1. Ehow

Ehow is a high-quality website that freely shares useful daily life skills. People can learn a lot from this website because there are a large number of life skills, including home decoration and rejuvenation, gardening, food and drink, fashion and beauty. There anyone can know how to make a dress with an old sweater for a little girl, how to make a quilt with an old sweater, how to arrange a proper recipe for the pet, how to clean the beddings effortlessly, how to make chocolate gloves, the ten basic methods of cleaning clothes with vinegar, how to clean the slow cooker with the home-made detergent, the 5 kinds of indoor plants of great self- survival, how to make a scarf camera strap, how to do a crystal ball cake, how to remake a beret wit an old sweater.

2. Photopea

Photopea is a useful online website for beautifying pictures and indeed it is an extremely similar software with Photoshop, except that it can work online. In other words, the website can be seen as a free but highly practical picture editor. It can open files formats like PSD, XCF, Sketch, XD, CAD.

Picture beautification operation on the website is equivalent to that in Photoshop. One can easily accomplish image matting on the website, getting rid of the extra or redundant parts in the picture. What’s more, one can enter the website and do operation directly through one’s phone. If one wants to reset the website language, he or she can click the button of ‘More’ , then ‘Language’ and there are 12 different languages for people of different nationality.

3. Doityourself

Doitself is also a useful website providing life skills for public, through which one is able to grab a lot of practical knowledge, like how to clean stainless steel wares, the 5 skills to clean steamers, ceiling DIY, how to dredge the drain-pipe of the fridge. Daily life skills offered there are highly comprehensive, from guidance for shoppers, lifestyle to air-conditioner, electronic engineering, car, personal finance and real estate. On this website, visitors can choose relevant topics to read in accordance with the classified columns. For example, click the column of electronic, users can see various household appliances and if the user wants to find some information about fridge, he or she can directly click fridge. Then following contents on screen are use skills, repair skills and some tips of using a fridge.

4. EasyPDF                                                     

EasyPDF is a powerful PDF editor website. It provides comprehensive functions, such as transferring PDF file to the formats of Word,PPT、Excel、Txt、JPG、PNG、GIF; transferring Word, JPG to PDF file; the split , merge and compression of PDF.

Apart from the multiple functions, the website has some humanization designs: first, users do not need to register and log in an account because anonymous transfer is fine which is less likely to cause the leakage of personal information. Second, scanning PDF file with OCR is available there; Third, there is no limitation to the number of file transfer and the size of the file and the transfer speed completely depends on the user’s network speed.

5. GitHub

The fifth one is Github, a open source libraries, which is a hosting platform for open source and proprietary software. It only allows the format of Git to be hosted, which is the original reason of the name of the website. Besides, the website supplies functions like subscription, forum, text-rendering and online file editor.

6. Coursera

The sixth one Coursera,an up-and-coming youngster in the area of online education, was created by two computer science professors in Stanford University. Courses on the website not only are open to netizens but also provide class procedures like Q&A, assignment, test, evaluation for attendees, similar to those in the offline courses.

The operation mode on the website is to register and attend, with scheduled class hours and homework. Any individual can have an access to the top class computer science courses around the world for free. Although all of these are conducted online, attendees can be in control of their learning progression, bringing to more ideal teaching and learning results.

7. Canva

The seventh one is an online graphic design software available to multiple platforms(Web、Mobile、Mac、Windows), making a large sea of picture material accessible to the public. It supports operations like team coordination, picture material supply and template design. Poster, banner, ID card, invitation card design can be completed by simple drag-and-drop operations. Canva provides diverse design mode to customize the users, such as popular filters on the social network , PowerPoint, poster, the cover of Facebook, the pictures on Instagram.

Once the user makes the mode choice, it will offer corresponding available templates. The design of each picture will instruct the user to create in terms of format, background, and character design. If the user is not satisfied with the result, he or she can search the resource library of Canva, including picture, icon and chart material. Of course, the user can upload his or her own material to carry out the editing.

8. Quora

The eighth one is Quora, an online platform for questions and answers. There are a lot of questions and answers and no matter it is questions or answers, users’ collaborative editing is allowed there. The users can be allowed to give their own opinions in terms of some special questions; then the most popular answer will be decided by voting, which is totally different from the requirement of Wikipedia.On the website, one can subscribe his or her own interested topics, the answers to one specific question, or the action of one specific individual.

When there is someone follows you; new answers to the question you care are uploaded; or someone new gives his or her opinion on the question you care; you will be notified by the website system. Apart from raising questions and giving answers, the website also is a platform for personal comments.

9. Reddit

The ninth one is Reddit, a social news site, with the slogan of Voice ahead of the news, voice from the Internet. It is attached to Condé Nast Digital Corporation. Its users, called redditors, can browse the links on the Internet which release their original designs or within which relevant users hand in their texts. Users can vote for the published links to give a prominent place to the highly graded ones. Besides, users can give comments or reply to other’s comments in terms of released links, which contributes to building an online community. Users can create their own topics for public discussion. 

10. Unsplash

The tenth one is Unsplash, a picture community invented by Mikael Cho in 2013. There anyone can share high quality pictures so that public can employ for free. If one needs high quality pictures in his or her daily work, but unwilling to pay for that, this website will become an ideal choice. People can make use of the pictures there as they like. But one thing worthy of mention is that the function of searching for what one exactly wants is not available yet on the website. People can only find pictures according to the classified columns. There one do not need to log in an account to download pictures, which is an extreme favor to a majority of users.

The ten powerful websites introduced above will absolutely help you a lot . So when you are free, you can browse them in case some day you will need them.

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