10 Tips to Refresh Yourself at Work in Summer Afternoon

There’s no one who doesn’t want to go to office in high spirits and work efficiently. But the reality is that after a period of concentrated work, you get tired easily, and it becomes more and more difficult to concentrate on your task. Especially on a hot summer afternoon, it’s very easy to get sleepy, even with the air conditioning on. So, how can you keep your spirits up at this point?

My advice above all, would definitely be keeping a regular schedule and making sure you get plenty of rest. If you didn’t manage to go to bed early the night before, falling asleep at work is almost a given. But if you can’t get regular sleep because of the stress of your job, or if you feel sleepy even after a full night’s sleep, try these tips.

1. Ventilate the Office

Staying in a stuffy room can make you feel sleepy. If conditions permit, open doors and Windows to air out your workplace.

Compared with air conditioning, the natural wind outside is definitely more refreshing.

2. Walk Around

When sleepiness strikes, instead of sitting still, it’s better to get up and walk around, drink a glass of water, take a look at the scenery, and get some fresh air until the sleepiness eases.

This can not only effectively relieve eye fatigue, but also relax your body and mind. You’ll feel a lot more refreshed when you get back to your desk.

3. Wash Face with Cold Water

You can go to the bathroom and wash your face in cold water without disturbing your colleagues. I’m sure many people have done this when they are sleepy.

Or you can grab a bottle of moisturizer at the office and spray it on your face when you’re low on energy. Not only will it perk you up, but also help moisturize your skin.

4. Drink a Cup of Coffee

Many people forget to drink water when they are busy, and without enough water, you’ll easily feel tired and sleepy. So it’s important to stay hydrated at work. If you want a more strong refreshing effect, try having a cup of coffee.

But be aware that while caffeine can stimulate the central nervous system and keep you awake, it can also cause anxiety, irritability and other symptoms, so don’t drink it too much. 1-2 cups a day is a relatively moderate amount.

5. Take a Nap at Lunch Break

If you’re visibly tired after a morning at work, make the most of your lunch break and take a quick nap. Don’t think the break is too short to take effect. Even half an hour of sleep can make a big difference when you’re low on energy.

All you need to do is spending less time on your phone and find a comfortable place & a comfortable position to take a nap. In this way, your state of work in the afternoon will be much better.

6. Don’t Forget to Have Breakfast

Don’t neglect your breakfast just because you are in a rush to go to the office. A healthy breakfast will make you more energetic and concentrated all day long, especially in spring and summer which are the easy-to-get-sleepy seasons.

Compared with the other 2 meals of a day, the most important keywords about breakfast should be regular and nourishing. Even if you are on a diet, breakfast is definitely not the meal you should skip.

7. Listen to Music

Working with music has a long history. Although you may not be doing manual work now, it certainly involves some tedious, repetitive work that can easily make you bored.

To keep your spirits up in this situation, you can listen to songs with relatively quick beats, no lyrics or simple lyrics as the BGM of work. But if you’re going to do something subtle or complicated, a soothing light concert might be a better choice.

8. Talk with Your Colleagues

If you get bogged down in some simple, repetitive work and feel tired, chatting with colleagues can be a refreshing way to switch your mind. Whether it’s a work-related problem, a joke, or an everyday chore, the effect is obvious.

However, this should be based on neither violating company rules nor disturbing colleagues around you.

9. Eat Healthy Snacks

When you’re working hard, your energy will drain faster, leaving you feeling drained and overwhelmed .In this case, you can choose to eat healthy snacks such as nuts, graham crackers, low-fat yogurt and so on to replenish your energy during your work break. With more energy, you are more likely to work with high efficiency.

10. Sit in Proper Posture

There is also a connection between the way you sit and the way you work. If you want to avoid backaches and yawning, be careful how you sit.

When sitting down, straighten your upper body, make sure your thighs and calves, upper arms and forearms meet at right angles and the soles of your feet are completely on the ground; The distance between your eyes and the display screen should be around 50-70 centimeters; The monitor should neither be too high nor too low, it is best to be roughly level with the line of your sight; Sit as far back as possible, so that your spine is supported by the back of the chair; Put your hands completely on the table when typing, instead of hanging in the air.

Only when your sitting position is correct, the strength distribution on your body is even, you won’t easily get tired or sleepy at work.

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