Mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard, each key is composed of a micro switch also called axis, so the keystrokes have a strong sense of pause. The keyboard we use now is called a membrane keyboard, which uses a membrane switch instead of a micro switch. This kind of keyboard has low cost and low price, generally not exceeding $20. In contrast, the price of a mechanical keyboard is much higher, even the entry level type is also $60.

1. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mechanical Keyboards

Except a strong sense of pause, mechanical keyboard has many other advantages.

The first one is that mechanical keyboard can reduce typos. Depending on the type of switch (axis), you can get different tactile feedback, and when you press a button, the real feel helps you determine what you’re typing. At the same time, with crisp input sound, more accurate input effect can be obtained when typing blindly, which can not be achieved by quiet membrane keyboard.

The second is that the mechanical keyboard is more durable. Another advantage of mechanical keyboard is its durability, especially for heavy users. Depending on the model you buy, the key can achieve tens of millions of times of typing life, which is a fragile membrane keyboard can not match. So if you’re a “habit first” user, you’ll find it hard to stay with you for a long time. In addition, due to the mechanical design, even if the keys are lost, they can be equipped by themselves, and cleaning and maintenance are relatively easy.

The third one is that the mechanical keyboard feels better. Almost every user who uses mechanical keyboard every day can’t stand using membrane keyboard any more. It has a better input experience. Every time you click a button, you will get a certain touch and sound feedback. Over time, this combination of touch and hearing will bring good input feeling and effectively reduce typos. In addition, there are even mechanical keyboards that can improve the RSI (repetitive strain syndrome) speech of heavy typists.

But, mechanical keyboards still have some disadvantages.

The first disadvantage is that the cost is high, and the price of the mechanical shaft is calculated by each piece, and the cherry shaft is not cheap. Plus other costs. One of the advantages of membrane keyboards over mechanical keyboards is that they are low-cost and can be mass-produced.

The second disadvantage is fear of water and drink. After sprinkling the water, unplug the power immediately, and then all you can do is pray.

The final one is that the size of the shaft itself makes the keyboard not very thin and light, and it is usually not suitable for carrying. Membrane keyboards were originally used to replace expensive mechanical keyboards, and they did indeed. Because mechanical keyboards are cumbersome to some extent.

Here, I would like to recommend some mechanical keyboards to you.

2. Three recommendation for mechanical keyboards

1. Cherry

The first set that I would like to introduce is Cherry, maybe most of you have heard about this brand.

The most famous type is the black axis of Cherry, which is the origianl type in Cherry, and it’s the most classic. Because this one can be used for a long time, and when you use it, you will find that it is perfect to press the keys.

The black axis has linear switching characteristics, which means that when you press the key, there is no any resistence, the key just up and down, and you can press it to the bottom directly.  The black can be said the most popular type on the market. Especially for player who playing computer games. There are many professional players who are using Cherry Black to play.

Another characteristic of Black is that you can just press the keys with a littile power, which means that the axis can be triggered without pressing to the end, that is to say, it can be done by clicking on the black axis keyboard. After getting used to the keyboard, there will be a feeling of massaging your fingers. The reason why it is suitable for games is that The straight up and down feel is suitable for smooth operation.

So if you are a computer games enthusiast, you can try the Cherry Black series.

2. Razer

For razer, I personally recommend the Black Widow Elite Edition RGB, and I do not recommend the most expensive Soul Hunter Light Spider, because I think the three mechanical shafts independently developed by the Razer family are more distinctive in their hand feel than their optical shafts. This time, Black Widow After the revision, the appearance is very similar to that of the Hunting Light Spider. The scroll wheel in the upper right corner is very decompression and playable.

The four macro buttons on the left side of the previous generation that are easy to be touched by mistake are discarded. There are green, orange and yellow axes, respectively corresponding to cherry green tea silver, like I choose the green axis for paragraph sense. Personally, I feel that Razer’s green axis has already exploded mx green. If you want speed, choose the yellow axis. It’s the same as the silver axis. Also, if you like play computer games and you are pursuit of pressing feeling, as well as you like razer brand. It’s the first choice for games.

3. Filco

Filco and PtoGo Filco keyboards are one of the important products of Japan’s DIATEC Group. They were founded on July 17, 1982, and have devoted themselves to the development and production of communication equipment and computer peripherals for nearly 30 years. The Filco mechanical keyboard also uses the Cherry axis. Filco stated that “designed for people who often use keyboards, all parts have been strictly selected to ensure that the quality of each Filco product is excellent.”

And  many people say that Filco is the king of tea axis. It wasn’t until I played filco’s tea that I really felt the charm of the tea axis, the kind of elasticity and pressure that does not cause fatigue, accompanied by a very slight sense of paragraph, whether it is a code word or a game, it is expressed It’s very good. It’s not as noisy as the blue axis, and it doesn’t have such a strong sense of passage.

Compared with the black axis, the key travel is slightly longer, but it doesn’t have the feeling of a special player. It is a real panacea. Some people may ask, if typing is comfortable and not so tiring, it feels good in the hand. How does the game perform? First of all, professional e-sports games include Dota, Dota2, and LOL players. Many of them use tea reels, which shows that the performance of tea reels is quite excellent. Then my personal experience, the game I personally play the most is dnf, this game is basically a fighting game, it can also be said to be an action game, it requires a very fast continuous button speed, I first used the black axis Yes, I used the black axis for 3 years, then switched to the tea axis, and then switched to the red axis.

The conclusion of the three axis experience is that the tea axis is the most comfortable, especially in the long game without fatigue and The comfort and reflection of the keys are guaranteed. In comparison, the black axis will be very comfortable to play at first, but after a long time it will give people a feeling of not wanting to press too much. This is the so-called fatigue, and the tea axis does not have this feeling at all.

The above three type are the main three keyboards that I would like to recommend. If you are an enthusiast for mechanical keyboards, you can try these.

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