Are you wondering why other people’s computer desktops are always so simple and clean, and so humanized in the process of using? They can get a response immediately after they make a request, without a little bit redundant information. But the computer systems are obviously the same. Why it is like this?

In fact, most of these convenient operations are assisted by third-party software. Today, we introduce three software for you, namely the Transparent Taskbar Software, Quick Search Software and Quick Preview Software. Let’s see the next sharing together!

1. Translucent TB (Transparent Taskbar Software)

Do you want to have such a computer desktop?

For users who like to beautify the system, transparency of the taskbar is an indispensable part. The method of modifying the registry can only make the taskbar translucent, and using a special software to beautify system can also achieve the effect.

But we don’t want other functions, and we are worried that the Larger software volume will bring the system to a lag. Today’s protagonist, Translucent TB, is a pure software tool to make the taskbar transparent, and it can be start without other binding.

Translucent TB is a lightweight software that can makes the taskbar transparent. This software can set the taskbar to be transparent and translucent.

Unlike the computer desktops we touched daily, our usual taskbars are all clearly displayed below the desktop, and the overall effect is to take up some unnecessary space on the desktop.

After using this lightweight software, the desktop became more cleaner and tidier on the whole, and the character icon on the taskbar remains in the original mode, and still has all the original functions.

The size of the software is only 1.5MB, and the memory occupied by running in the background is very small. So, you can set it to start automatically after booting, and you will have the transparent taskbar you want!

2. Everything (Quick Search Software)

The ultra-low-speed search experience of Windows’ built-in file explorer often makes people feeling helpless. The waiting time after searching for files is often extended to tens of seconds or even minutes, resulting in poor user experience.

But do you know this amazing tool for searching local file—Everything (Quick Search Software)? The interface of Everything software is concise and clear, and can achieve fast index and fast search. It only displays filtered content, taking up very low system space.

Everything can monitor changes of file system. Changes in file and folder names will be reflected in the Everything database in real time. Even when Everything is not running, there will be no problem changing the file system, because Everything will update the database every time it starts.

Everything searches only based on the names of files and folders, so it can create databases quickly. A newly installed Windows XP SP2 system (approximately 20,000 files) takes one second. It takes one minute to index one million documents.

This software can basically search in seconds when searching for files, and will not miss any related files. The overall effect seems to reinstall an ultra-high-performance CPU. Come to feel it together:

Everything has more than these functions. It can also customize the format when searching files, including program files, image files, audio files, video files, etc. In addition, you can directly copy, cut or delete files through everything:

There are more ways to play this software when searching. Come with me to download it to explore one by one!

3. QuickLook (Quick Preview Software)

This is a conscience application from the Microsoft Store. The function of previewing files on Mac makes Windows users covet, but this software can satisfy your needs—previewing files with the spacebar.

QuickLook’s functions and operations are quite streamlined: Press the spacebar to open the preview. Press Enter in the preview state to run the program. And then press the spacebar or ESC to close the preview.

There are no setting options, the only few function buttons on the interface are: “Put Window on Top”, ” Stop it from Closing”, “Use…to Open”. it can be said that it is very simple and practical.

When previewing the picture, you can hold down CTRL and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. You can also use the scroll wheel to adjust the volume when previewing audio and video.

Open the folder and select the corresponding file with the mouse. Click the spacebar. Then, the content of the file on the computer can be directly previewed without opening the relevant program. It is very convenient to use. Let’s feel it together!

This software can make people quickly view the information of folder, quickly preview pictures (it can open pictures with the formats of jpg, png, gif, webp, bmp, psd, camera raw and other formats), audio and video (you can quickly view audio files such as mp3, ogg, acc, etc. ; video files such as mp4, mov, avi, etc.), compressed files (you can quickly view compressed files such as zip, rar, 7z), PDF files and files with other formats (currently preview office files also need to download plug-ins).

It can be said that it is very convenient in viewing and accessing files. This software can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store:

The utility software is very useful for many of us. They can solve many problems in our daily computer using. Therefore, it is a good choice to download them and learn them well.

Using Translucent TB to make the taskbar transparent solves the messy desktop problem and makes the entire interface very simple and bright.

Everything software helps us quickly find the files we need, saving time, and makes the use of windows user-friendly.

QuickLook can be used to preview files conveniently and quickly, and to satisfy the needs of users, not occupying other system resources.

So, in front of so many convenient choices, if you have needs in this area, maybe you can try it!

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