Among several commonly used systems, the windows system is the first choice of most people. With continuous updating, its various functions are becoming more and more perfect, and the graphical mode GUI has brought the great convenience to people.

But its shortcomings are also coming; the fonts appear in dot matrix form from time to time to affect our visual experience; the desktop is always messy and we often cannot find what we want; when searching for files on the computer, we can’t find anything for a long time; the C drive is always full first, and then the whole system gets stuck and explodes; there is not much stuff in the computer, but it won’t be long before the whole computer is overwhelmed…

These problems exist in almost every corner of the windows system and seriously affect the user experience. But now, you don’t need to worry about these problems anymore. Here is a windows beautification guide, which has various beautification programs for you to use. You can make a major renovation for your computer according to your needs.

1. Improve the Fonts—MacType

As a tool to beautify fonts, MacType must have a name. Its entire experience is excellent that you only need to download, install, and use. And it’s all free! The default fonts of Windows are often criticized for their poor performance. Compared with the smooth fonts rendering of the Apple Mac system, the fonts of Windows are really difficult to enjoy!

However, with MacType, everything is solved. It can transplant Apple’s excellent fonts display effect to Windows. From now on you don’t need to buy an Apple computer to feel the extraordinary font effect! And MacType is an open source project that can take over the GDI font rendering function of the Windows system and achieve more gorgeous fonts rendering effects than the Mac system.

And its installation is very simple. At the end, it will have three loading methods for you to choose from: namely service loading, registry loading and MacTray tray loading. You can use the first two methods to change all the system into MAC fonts. But it is best to choose MacTray tray to load, because it can display a control icon in the system tray, which is convenient for us to configure it.

2. Improve the Desktop—Fences

Fences is a tool for organizing the desktop launched by Stardock. Just like the mobile phone desktop, we can store a kind of apps in a container, and the overall interface presents a series container. Fences can also make the computer interface into this effect.

Put the programming software together and name with the program; put the system file together and name with the system; put the picture together and name with the picture. Use containers to divide the desktop into multiple areas, and you can also manage this area by moving or shrinking.

After categorizing the icons and files in this way, the desktop does not look messy anymore, and it is also convenient for your use. In addition, you can also hide these containers in the frame. When you double-click the blank area of ​​the screen, the icons on the entire screen will be hidden. When you double-click again, they will appear. This can make your desktop more refreshing, which is great.

3. Improve the System Optimization—Dism++

After using the system for a period of time, we often feel that the computer storage space is not enough, and the system always freezes. But cleaning is always not clean. Now, Dism++ can help us solve this problem.

It can automatically clean up the updated junk, and it’s particularly professional to clean up the c drive, which can find the garbage that you don’t find at all. And it is a green version, small in size, ready to use after decompression, convenient and fast, and much purer than various cleaning tools.

In addition, every time after we install the system, we have to optimize the system options to make the computer more suitable for our usage habits and at the same time give full play to its best performance. Or perform daily maintenance and maintenance of the system, such as cleaning up garbage, managing backups and updates.

These options are often distributed in different places, and some are more hidden. For example, turning off Windows Defender, homegroup, etc., you have to go deep into Group Policy, services, and even manually modify the registry, which is very inconvenient!

And Dism++ happens to be a system management optimization software. It can gather the options that we use and adjust more frequently, so that we can use it to quickly complete the computer’s custom settings and optimization. Then it no longer needed to open the setting options in different positions for layer by layer to adjust one by one, which greatly facilitates our operation.

4. Improve the Storage Space — CCleaner

The garbage cleaning tools we usually use actually clean up only a small part of it. Many useless files hidden in the system cannot be removed. And CCleaner is a free system optimization and privacy protection tool.

It is mainly used to remove junk files that are no longer used by the Windows system to free up more hard disk space. The volume of CCleaner software is small, and the running speed is extremely fast, suitable for users with smaller hard disks.

It can clean up temporary folders, historical records, recycle bins, etc. It can also scan and clean up the registry. In addition, it also comes with a function of uninstalling software, which can uninstall unwanted applications from your system.

CCleaner supports browsers such as IE, Firefox, Oprea, etc., which can clear access history, Cookies, and automatic form records. It can also clean up the “latest open files” of some commonly used software! Such as: MediaPlayer, Netscape, MSOffice, AdobeAcrobat, WinRAR, etc.

This invisibly disposes of our computer trash, thereby expanding the storage space and making our windows experience better. That’s very great.

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