5 Extreme Sports Places To Release Your Life Pressure And Bad Mood Quickly

Have you been stressed or depressed in your work or study lately? Have you not been traveling for a long time? Then do you want to have a “Just And Go Trip”? And the destination are the following extreme sports places which can totally help you release your pressure and your bad emotions. These places can not only boost your adenaline to make you feel excited, but also can keep you in a safe situation, so you don’t have to worry about you will get hurt when you play these extreme sports. 

1. The Bungee Jumping Tower in Macao

The first one is the tallest bungee jumping tower in Asia, which is located in Macao, and it has 233 meters. Visitors have to jump straightly from the platfrom, and when the bungee rope stretches to its maximum, it will bounce back to 30 meters high, and you will feel weightless. You can scream and cry out loud, letting go of your emotions.

2. Skydive in Australia

The second one is a skydiving base, which is located in Rottnest Island, Australia. There are several flying heights from 8000 to 15000 inches provided you to choose. It is not far away from the coast, you will have a spectacular view on the skydiving device. This extreme sport will make you feel you’re flying, like a bird, and with the superlative view of the island, and all the stress and upset will be gone.

3. Nevis Swing in New Zealand

The third one is a canyon swing in Queentown, in southern New Zealand. It is the biggest and the most exciting swing in the world. The swing is between the canyon, and it has 300 meters long, 160 meters high,and 160 meters far away from the ground. The speed can reach 144 kilos per hour. You can enjoy the beauty of the canyon while you swing. It will give you an unforgetable experience.

4. Skiing in Switzerland

The fourth one is a skiing base in St. Moritz, Switzerland. St. Moritz is located in the center of Alps, and it is called the holy land of skiing. There is a skiing road with more than 3000 meters height, moreover, two Winter Olympics and one Skiing Championship were held there, so this place is one of the most best place to skiing. If you have experienced this extreme sport, it could be a good choice for you to relax yourself. In such cold place, you can unload your mind and get your pressure away.

5. Rock Climbing in Beijing

The fifth one is  a rock climbing place in Yanqi Lake, Huairou, beijing. Yanqi Lake is the biggest water paradise, and it have the most comprehensive entertainment device including rock climbing. Rock climbing is not only an extreme sport which can bring excitement to you, but also a sport which can test your resilience, you can growl out loud while you climbing. At the same time, you can play other kinds of entertainment facilities, which also can help to reduce your pressure and make you feel happy than before.

The above extreme sports are suitable for people who don’t have heart dieases. If you have heart attack or some other diseases, then just find some other entertainment facilities or other way to get your pressure and depression away from you. 

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