5 Horror Film and TV series Recommendation to Release Your Pressure

Do you like watch movies? Do you like the romantic movie or science fiction or horror movie? I know that there are many people who release their stress by watching movies, especially horror movies. Today, I would like to recommend you several horror movies to help you scream out loud and reduce your daily stress.

1. The Haunting of Hill House

This is a TV series. Hill House is a mansion in a location that is never specified but is between many hills. The story concerns four main characters: Dr. John Montague, an investigator of the supernatural; Eleanor Vance, a shy young woman who resents having lived as a recluse caring for her demanding disabled mother; Theodora, a flamboyant, bohemian artist; and Luke Sanderson, the young heir to Hill House, who is host to the others.

All four of the inhabitants begin to experience strange events while in the house, including unseen noises and ghosts roaming the halls at night, strange writing on the walls, and other unexplained events. Eleanor tends to experience phenomena to which the others are oblivious. At the same time, Eleanor may be losing touch with reality, and the narrative implies that at least some of what Eleanor witnesses may be products of her imagination. Another implied possibility is that Eleanor possesses a subconscious telekinetic ability that is itself the cause of many of the disturbances experienced by her and other members of the investigative team (which might indicate there is no ghost in the house at all). This possibility is suggested especially by references early in the novel to Eleanor’s childhood memories about episodes of a poltergeist-like entity that seemed to involve mainly her.

2. Door Lock

This is a korean movie, which tells a story about an alone girl who suffered an invasion from a community security.

In the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, Zhao Jingmin, a single woman who works for a bank, leads a nine-to-five life, walking through the streets of the city alone. That night, Jing Min returned home from get off work and found that the door of the combination lock was opened. Soon after entering the house, she suddenly heard the sound of pressing the code lock at the door, and some people tried to twist the door handle. Although he didn’t see anyone, Jing Min, who was panicked, chose to call the police. However, the police refused to investigate further as no intrusion or harm occurred. The night was getting deeper. In the extremely abnormal deep sleep, it seemed that someone calmly walked into Jing Min’s room and hugged the girl to sleep. In the following days, Jing Min’s mental state was getting worse and worse, and her unreasonable customers made her panic even more. She began to become overwhelmed. Every man around her seemed extremely suspicious, and something terrible finally happened…

3. Insidious

The most brilliant passage of the film is undoubtedly the beginning and the end of the “spiritual” ceremony. A white-haired and skinny old lady, two ordinary males, and their spiritual equipment that has no religious or scientific roots. At first, the audience will be the same as the hero. Questioning their somewhat unrealistic “spiritualism”, but the supernatural phenomena that do not require scientific explanation are enough to make us accustomed to watching horror movies. If you like the kind of ghosts and sounds that appear inadvertently The horrible effect of the harsh sound effect, you will ignore the rationality of the spiritual mediums’ soul-calling methods, and just fall into the spiritual world covered by the dense net.

The director of “Yin Er Fang”, James Wynn, who is of Asian origin, is well versed in the essence of Asian horror culture. He covered the structure of European and American horror films on the appearance of the film, but the film itself did not discuss the European and American style too much. Some lines of personality, psychology, religion, etc., but magnify the world of ghosts and reproduce the frightening world of hell with a fascinating image, especially the male protagonist leaves the body to find himself in the underworld The passage of the child’s soul, the hell in the film is shrouded in a period of white mist, the ghosts encountered are also cold and numb, and the full gothic style leapt on the screen.

The environmental treatment of hell in the movie can really make people feel The feeling of its surroundings, so when you and the actor experience this strange and unpredictable world together, then the meaning of watching this movie is complete. Although the ghosts in the film are scary, they are quite flat. The ghosts are set for horror. They are pure visual monsters, but what is really eye-catching is the reversal ending and the openness that is full of associations. The sexual ending, the hero and heroine may only be known to the screenwriter. Although the old ghost in black veil does not have much ink, it is unpredictable.

4. Grave

This movie might a little be disgusting. Justin grew up in a vegetarian family, strictly abides by the dietary precepts, and has never tasted meat. Justin entered a veterinary school. As a “rookie” on campus, she was mercilessly squeezed and excluded from the old students. The strict hierarchy made Justin feel depressed, and she and her sister, who also studied here, The relationship between Lixia is also very tense. Without the control of her parents, Justin decided to taste the taste of meat, but as time passed, she gradually realized that cooked meat could no longer satisfy her, and a desire for raw meat and blood grew in her heart. This growing desire tortured Justin, and Ericia was not surprised by the strangeness of his sister. In an accident, Ericia’s fingers were cut by scissors, facing the severed finger in front of him, Justin could no longer suppress his inner desire.

5. Dead Silence

The small town of Ravens Fair has a legend. The center of the story is about Mary Shaw. The best ventriloquist performer in the 1940s was said to have gone mad and was also accused of kidnapping and murdering a young boy because the boy accused her of being a liar. Mary Shaw was captured by angry town residents, cut off her tongue brutally and was killed. The people in the small town buried her with her dolls, thinking that she would be quiet forever… Since then, Ravens Fair has been haunted by mysterious deaths, and those pale dolls from Mary Shaw Disappeared from his grave, and in the following decades, he always appeared unexpectedly in every corner of the town. As long as it is where the doll appears, someone will be killed, and the victim will have his tongue cut off just like Mary Shaw back then.

In modern times, tired of this cursed town, newlyweds Jamie and Lisa Ashe decided to leave their hometown and start a new life in a new place. However, the life they expected did not come because Lisa was killed in the apartment. Jamie decides to take his wife’s body back to Ravens Fair for burial, and he also wants to find out the truth about Lisa’s death.

Back home, Jamie saw his father Edward, who had been troubled by illness, and the young bride Ella, who had just married his stepmother who had just entered the door. He decided to dig out the bloody past that had been sealed in the town by himself. Solve the mystery of his wife’s death. At the same time, Jamie got into trouble. He was followed by a police detective and became the biggest suspect in killing his wife. Jamie was surprised to find that there was another truth behind Mary Shaw’s story. He wanted to find out the story and curse behind the limericks that he had sung since he was a child, and put a stop to all the horror incidents.

The above 5 horror movies are worth watching, when you feel stressful or in depression, manybe you can watch a horror movie to distract your attention. Of course, if you are a horror movie enthusiasts, you also can watch the above recommendations.

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