Whether you are an office worker or a student, it is inevitable to deal with PowerPoint. When making a PowerPoint, it is a very troublesome thing without a template. You need to spend a long time and energy to produce a set of related theme templates firstly, and then make the PowerPoint. And, for most of us who are not designers, it is not an easy task to produce a set of beautiful PowerPoint templates.

This article introduces 6 PowerPoint template websites, and most of them are free. Some websites have both free and paid templates. You can choose according to your needs. After choosing the template that you like, download it directly, which is very convenient.

1. Hislid

Hislide provides free and paid PowerPoint templates. Click the PowerPoint Templates at the top of the homepage to open the PowerPoint template webpage. Then click on the Free PowerPoint Templates above, you can see all the free PowerPoint templates below. There is a free or paid logo at the bottom right of each template. If you need a free PowerPoint template, then choose free.

There is a search box at the bottom of the navigation bar. Enter a keyword and press Enter to filter out the corresponding templates.

Among them, some of the free templates only have one page. If you need to make a multi-page PowerPoint, then you need to download multiple free templates of the same style, and then typeset independently. Of course, there are also many free complete PowerPoint templates, which can be downloaded and used directly.

Before downloading and using, you also need to register or log in. There are three registration methods provided by Hislide. You can register by yourself according to your needs.

Open the free templates page. You can see many free templates below. Move the mouse to one of the templates, and a download prompt will appear automatically. Click the Download to enter the details page, where you can browse each page of PowerPoint template. Then click the green Register and free download to register and download.

2. Presentationgo

Presentationgo is a website that provides massive free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds. At present, it has collected 44,934 free templates, themes and background pictures, which can be widely used in professional slide design. You can filter ideas by category, color and bookmark. Template resources required.

There is a search box in the upper right corner of the homepage. After entering a keyword, press Enter to find the corresponding PowerPoint template. Click one of the templates, and then you can see some descriptions of the PowerPoint template on the details page.

There is a PowerPoint information display below on the right. You can choose the corresponding ratio according to your needs, and then click Free to download it for free.

3. FPP

FPP is a website that provides a large number of PowerPoint template resources. Its content category is all-encompassing. Users can query the resources they want according to themes, columns, tags, and colors.

The templates on the website mostly focus on the background design, and most of them are more like the layout styles commonly seen. There are not many diagrams and illustrations, but you need to find additional auxiliary elements.

Click the Free Templates on the homepage to enter the free PowerPoint template page. You can search directly on this page, or you can enter keywords in the search box in the upper right corner and press Enter to filter out related templates.

Click Download under the template to enter the details page, and then click the download button at the bottom to download directly without registration and login.

4. Slidescarnival

Enter the Slidescarnival website. Enter keywords in the input box in the upper right corner and press Enter to filter out the corresponding PowerPoint template materials. After you find the one you like, click into it.

After clicking it, it will jump to the Google DOCS page. Don’t rush to modify it. Create a copy and save it to your Google Cloud Disk. Then you can modify and edit by yourself. Users familiar with Google Cloud Disk can do this. It shouldn’t be difficult. If you know a little about PowerPoint tools and are familiar with Google Cloud Disk, then quickly collect this PowerPoint resource library.

5. 24slides

24slides is a professional PowerPoint presentation design company, mainly to help customers create better presentation designs. Currently, free PowerPoint presentation templates are launched for users to download and use. Although it is a paid service, the website also opens some designed slides. Come out and let users who need it download.

Various types of presentation templates can be found in Templates by 24Slides. In many cases, we may just need typesetting, styles or pictures, and the content part can still be modified and filled by ourselves. You must register for an account before downloading free slideshow templates in Templates, but the whole process is free. This webpage is mainly used to market your own services and collect a list of potential customers.

24Slides includes recommended and popular presentation templates, as well as corporate companies, data-based, organizational plans, plain text presentations, maps, etc. The format downloaded from 24Slides is .pptx.

6. Slideteam

Slideteam provides a wide range of high-quality templates, most of which are listed on the homepage, and you can filter them by clicking. There are also some complete PowerPoints in the website that can be used for various topics, such as business plans, new service tenders, project management, etc. It also contains some graphic elements such as maps and icons.

Select the type of PowerPoint template you need on the left side of the homepage, and then click the free template at the top to filter out free PowerPoint templates.

After you find a template you like, click it in to preview it. Before downloading, you also need to register or log in. After registration, you can download it directly for free.

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