Many iPhone 11 users feel that the phone heats up and consumes power quickly when using. For example, in my opinion, sometimes I dare not move the phone if the iPhone itself is too hot, especially in summer. When the temperature is high, it is directly placed at the air outlet to cool down. Once the temperature rises too much, the power consumption is also very fast.

Therefore, many iPhone 11 users are particularly annoyed that the mobile phones they bought are so bad and not good at all. But the fact is not the case, it is because that we are not standardized when we use them. So, may be you are wondering if there are methods to solve this problem? Now, let me explain some simple solutions to you.

Why iPhone 11 Is Hot?

The reason for the heat of the mobile phone is still related to the electricity, that is, the battery of the mobile phone, and it is also related to the light. When there is light, there is heat. The latest mobile phone batteries are not removable, which are built into the interior of the phone. If you want to see the battery, you have to ask for a professional to disassemble the phone. After doing that, you will find that the reason for the heat is that the battery loses its temper behind the back. The light is actually the backlight of the phone screen, which causes the screen to heat up for a long time.

Why Does the Battery in Normal Use Get Hot?

  • Play with your phone while charging

Probably many mobile phone users and game enthusiast are in a state of keeping the phone in hand every day, right? Even when the phone is fully charged, they are not willing to let the phone rest. If you play with your phone while charging, the phone battery will be more likely to heat up! When the battery heat accumulation is too large and you are still playing with your mobile phone, the mobile phone cannot be dissipated in time, which will cause a problem of a short circuit that lead to an explosion. You must remember that health and safety are the first. At the temperature of 35 degrees or even higher, do not play mobile phone or even large-scale games while charging. A hot mobile phone will not only affect its battery life, but may also cause damages to the phone hardware.

  • Application goes wrong

Due to adaptation problems, some downloaded Apps may become severely heated when opening or running in the background. It is recommended that you do not use the App first, you should re-use it after the updated version of the App is optimized.

  • Battery goes wrong

If the mobile phone has been used for a long time, the battery will be depleted to a certain extent. In severe cases, the battery may be aging, causing the phone to heat up and consume serious power. It is recommended to download a battery management application to detect the degree of battery consumption. If it is more serious, it may need to be replaced battery.

  • Protective shells or other shrouds go wrong

Some iPhone equipped with a protective case may affect its heat dissipation and cause the phone to heat up.

  • IOS system goes wrong

I believe that you are very familiar with the IOS system. It has always been known for its smoothness. To be honest, the smoothness of the iPhone11 series of mobile phones is quite high, and the powerful A13 is simply invincible.

However, it is possible that the IOS system and the A13 chip are not running well, so if the structure of the processor itself is problematic, the heat of the mobile phone will be more serious.

Of course, this can be alleviated. After all, the IOS system can be continuously upgraded and improved in the later stage, which can reduce a lot of heat problems.

This is the same as the signal problem of the previous generation of products at that time, and the signal problem can be improved through system optimization.

The Hazards of iPhone 11 Heating

If your iPhone 11 is becoming more and more hot, you may not hold your iPhone steadily. Sometimes, some people even burn there cheek if they close to the phone after talking on the mobile phone for half an hour. It takes them three or four days to recover. Besides, it can also damage the battery and induce other dangers, causing additional harm.

According to theory, the chemical reaction speed will increase twice as long as the temperature of the lithium battery increases by 10°C, which will cause the battery power consumption to accelerate. This is the possible reason why the power consumption is faster in summer.

If the temperature is too high than 45°C, it will destroy the chemical balance in the lithium battery, resulting in the lithium battery adverse by-reactions and products are intensified to produce more thermal reactions, triggering more dangerous situations. Apple officials also remind us to try to avoid using batteries in hot conditions.

How to Prevent Your iPhone 11 from Becoming Hot?

When charging the mobile phone, you must remember that the charging time should not be too long, generally it can be fully charged within 3 hours. So, reducing some unnecessary charging time, thus, the battery life of the mobile phone will extend.


1. Don’t call or play games for a long time while your iPhone 11 is charging.

2. Close some large applications or games that are not in use.

3. Turn off the automatic download/update application function of the iPhone.

4.Please do not use a protective case that will affect the heat dissipation of the iPhone.

5.In the high temperature state, try not to use high-energy-consuming applications or games for a long time.

6. If the phone is hot, please close the App or video in use.


As a result, some useful methods about how to prevent your iPhone 11 from heating are placed above. You must remember that a hot phone is harmful. So, you should carefully use your phone.

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