In our work, sometimes it is inevitable to encounter the problem of processing between files, such as editing pdf files, converting pictures into editable files, changing the format of audio or video, etc. It is not easy to deal with these problems. And you usually need to use much different software to process different functions.

Here, I have sorted out some useful websites for online office. Usually, a website contains various functions, and you don’t need to download any software, which is very convenient. I hope this article can help you.

  • Document Conversion

In our lives, we always encounter the conversion of various file formats, such as the conversion between jpg, png, word, and pdf, as well as the conversion of various video formats. Without some conversion tools, manual conversion will be very complicated. Here are some convenient document conversion websites for everyone. I hope they can provide you with some help.

1. Office Converter

It contains document format conversion, picture format conversion, video format conversion, etc. You can see the classification of different file types on the homepage, and it supports the mutual conversion between multiple formats under the same type. Among them, it can quickly convert more than 500 file formats to pdf file formats online, including Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, PPTX to PDF, Visio to PDF, VSD to PDF, etc. The website has a size limit for the converted files. You can sign up to increase the size of the convertible files.

2. CloudConvert

In this website homepage, it does not segment the files into documents or videos. When using it, click the “Select File” and the website will automatically recognize your file type. Then when selecting the conversion format, various formats of this type are automatically listed. Therefore, you don’t need to select the upload type, which is very convenient to use. And the website is completely free, up to 25 conversions per day.

3. Convertio — File Converter

It supports file conversion in multiple formats. There are a variety of file conversion categories in the “Convert” above, such as pictures, documents, videos, etc. You can select the file type that you need to convert. Or you can directly click the “Choose Files” below. Upload the file and wait for the website to automatically recognize the file type. Then select the format under that type to convert.

And on this website, you can convert files within 100M for free. If it exceeds 100M, you need to subscribe. The subscription price is as follows.

  • PDF Editor

In our daily life, the most commonly used file formats are probably Office and PDF. The advantage of PDF is that it will not cause format changes due to system or environmental differences. But it also has the disadvantage that it cannot be edited.

So, we often encounter the problem of how to convert PDF documents into editable documents such as word. If you want to edit PDF, it will inevitably involve multiple complicated software to complete different processing functions of PDF.

Here are some PDF editing websites. These websites are specifically for PDF processing, and they can realize the online compression of PDF, the conversion between PDF and various other documents, and the functions of merging, splitting and editing.

Here, you can implement multiple operations on PDF without repeatedly opening multiple software, which is very convenient. Some websites have restrictions on the number of times and size.

1. Smallpdf

This is a very full-featured PDF processing website. Various PDF processing modules are presented intuitively at home, and it can realize the conversion of various documents to PDF, and the operation of converting PDF to other documents.

Therefore, it can also realize difficult PDF processing, such as merging PDF, editing PDF and numbering pages for PDF, which has great practicality. Select the module that needs to process the PDF. Click the “Choose Files”, and then select the relevant processing method.

After processing, you can download directly as PDF or convert to word and download again. It is very convenient. The website has a limit on the number of times that PDF can be processed, and only two tasks can be processed in one hour. If you want unlimited use, you can subscribe to it. The subscription price is €10/month.

2. PDF Candy

PDF Candy is similar to the previous website, with dozens of pdf processing functions, and all functions are displayed on the homepage. If you think these functions dazzle you, you can directly enter the desired function in the upper right corner of the input box to search.

The operation method of each function is similar. The main thing is to upload the file to PDF Candy first. Complete the conversion or processing after simple setting, and then download the file.

PDF Candy will not add a watermark to the output file. The services provided on the website are completely free, without any fees.

Although there are differences in the professional version, ordinary users can convert, split, and merge PDF files without restriction, edit PDF files, and scan PDF files with OCR (text recognition) function, which can basically meet the requirements.


ILovePDF is a completely free PDF processing website. Its functions include splitting, merging, splitting, compressing, converting, etc., and without registration, downloading and installation. The use of ILovePDF is very simple. Select the module to be processed, and click to start processing after uploading the file. After processing, download it directly.

What’s more special is that iLovePDF will soon provide the download links. If you want to help your friends and colleagues to convert files, you don’t need to pass the files to them. You can directly paste the download link to them to get the converted files.

In addition, the website will not analyze the content of uploaded files, and only the uploader can obtain these files and pictures. After two hours, the files will be automatically cleared, which fully protects user privacy.

ILovePDF is indeed a very convenient, simple and fast PDF file processing solution! You don’t need to search for complicated and difficult software, and you don’t need to worry about the system you are using that does not support a certain tool. ILovePDF allows these steps to be completed directly online, saving time, and being safe.

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