In our usual process of making videos, related materials are used in many places. The quality of a video also depends on this, or the quality of the material. But now the high-quality and low-quality websites mixed together on the Internet and some even need to pay high fees but get a low-quality content. So, there introduce 6 very useful video material websites for you in this article, and they are completely free. You can choose according to your needs.

1. Mixkit

Mixkit is a featured gallery of high-quality videos and animations made by some of the most talented creators in the world. You can use the content in your own videos at will. This website categorizes videos into business and technology, city, music and dance, lifestyle, animation, abstract, nature, outdoor, transportation, coffee and cafe, sports.

There are not many videos in each section, but the quality is very high! It is more than enough even for commercial advertising. The classification is also very detailed, and there are many beautiful illustrations. The materials here are free to download and use commercially.

Place the mouse on the video and the video will start to play automatically. Then there is a download symbol in the lower right corner of the video. You can click it to save it.

2. Pexels Video

Pexels initially focused on providing free pictures, and later developed a branch for sharing free videos.

Like pictures, the video materials provided by Pexels Video are of very high quality and are usually taken by professionals using professional equipment. It is more than enough for our daily use.

Enter keywords in the input box above and click the Search. After you find the video what you want, you can click the play button in the middle to preview the video. Select the ratio according to your needs in the “Free Download” in the upper right corner, and download it directly for free.

Pexels videos has copyright license information at the bottom of each video. You can click to view it. Basically, all are free and commercial.

3. Videvo

Videvo is a website that provides completely free video recordings and dynamic animation videos, which can be applied to any commercial project. The website is dedicated to producing and collecting some free video clips on the Internet. For other videos, the website also provides lots of background music and sound effects, which is very complete.

Videvo is divided into free accounts, Videvo Plus and Videvo Pro. The difference is that Videvo Plus can access 20,000 additional clips; Videvo Pro can access all the content in the Plus account, as well as 100,000 sound effects and music styles.

Click the Video above to enter the video section. Then enter keywords in the input box above, and click the search icon on the left to find relevant content. There are free or premium signs on the upper right corner of each material. You can choose the material according to your needs and then click the FREE download.

Videvo currently does not need to register for a free account to download free video clips from Videvo. If you are registered, you can view the downloaded history, making it easier for you to create and manage public personal information.

Click on the video to view specific video information and copyright license information. Don’t worry that you will accidentally violate the video usage rights, because when you click to download, the Videvo prompt box will remind you of the usage rights.

4. Vidsplay

The videos of vidsplay can be used for personal and commercial projects. You can download, edit and remix the videos provided by this website for free. The only requirement is to mark the source of the video and attach a link when using it.

On the left and right of the home are the search box and the directory bar respectively. You can directly click on the catalog on the right and find the category what you want. Or you can directly enter keywords on the search box to search. After you find the material what you like, click into it.

Then you can click the play button in the middle to preview this video. At the same time, a series of similar materials are automatically played on the right, which provides you with a more comprehensive choice. Click the Download button below to directly save the material.

5. Mazwai

Mazwai is an emerging video website that is dedicated to providing free, high-quality, film-style materials that can be used for various creative projects. All free video clips on the website are carefully selected by a team of video experts and are of high quality. With the CC-BY 3.0 agreement, you do not need to pay any fees, but you must attach the author’s name in the work and indicate the source.

Click on the “Browse free video clips” to enter the video search page. There is a list of keyword navigation below. You can find the category what you want on it, and then click to enter the related category search page. Or directly click the search box in the upper right corner to enter keywords to search.

Click on the video to preview directly, or drag the timeline to quickly redirect to a certain paragraph. If you want to download the video, click the download symbol in the lower right corner to save it.

6, Audionautix

This is a website where you can download background music for free, dedicated to collecting Internet free music resources. You can use all music resources, and even use them in commercial purposes for free, but you must indicate the source and attach a link. All music resources can be downloaded without registration.

It divides music into various categories and puts labels on them. You can check the music category what you want on the homepage, and then click Find Music below to find the corresponding material. In addition, you can also directly enter keywords in the Title box below to search.

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