How do you usually deal with pictures? Let me guess. Should you just open Photoshop directly? Indeed, Photoshop’s image processing function is very powerful. But when we only need to do some simple image processing, it will be so heavy. Here I have compiled some image processing websites for everyone. You only need to upload the image or simply operate it on the website, and then wait a few minutes to get the image you want.

  • Online Image Matting

Image matting and changing the background are something we often encounter in our daily lives. If you know how to use Photoshop, give you a picture and it will take at least ten minutes to complete it. Whether you use the magic wand tool, the quick selection tool, or the pen tool, you must at least open the picture first, then analyze the easiest method, and then start the image matting.

Before this, you have spent half of your time. And some pictures are very simple in themselves, so, they won’t open Photoshop operation at all. Here are two artifacts about image matting. So, you can complete the complicated operation of the image matting in one minute.

Of course, for some fine image matting or semi-transparent pictures, you still need to use Photoshop to complete.

1. Remove Image Background

This Remove Image Background website can be said to be a real artifact, and it is 100% fully automatic and free! After opening the webpage, just click the upload image on the right, or drag the picture into the relevant area. And then wait for a minute and you can see the processed result. There is an edit in the upper right corner of the result. You can click it to further process the image. Then you can download the processed image.

2. Magically Remove Image Backgrounds

The usage of this website is the same as the one above. Upload pictures directly or drag pictures. The difference is that after the web page is processed, there will be a comparison photo of the two pictures. You can directly scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the picture for easy observation.

There is also a toolbar at the bottom of the page. If you are not satisfied with the processing of the web page, you can use these tools to adjust the picture again. You can upload and edit pictures at will, but if you want to download the results, you need to subscribe. The standard credit is $7.99/month, and you can download 100 times.

  • Online puzzle

Do you want to combine several photos into one photo? Or do you want to change the background and add some different elements? Here is an online puzzle website. You don’t need to open Photoshop or other heavy picture processing software. You only need to perform some simple operations on the website to get the pictures you want.

Photo Creator

Here, you can make online collages, and the materials inside are all high-definition free images. Click the start creating. Enter the material library, and then you can create your pictures.

  • Search for Pictures with Pictures

We have a lot of picture libraries daily, where we can search and download pictures. But what we often encounter is to search with text. When you have a broken picture, if you want to use this part to find the original picture, then it is too difficult to search only with text. Here are two websites that use pictures to search. I hope it can help you.


This is a fully functional search site. There is a search bar at the top. You can directly enter text to search or click the camera behind to search for pictures. Sometimes we only have a vague picture. It is very difficult to find the original picture in the massive picture library. After using this search site, it is easy to find the original picture.

2. Every Pixel

This is a stock image search engine provided by AI. Similarly, click on the camera symbol at the back to search for images. In addition, there are other hidden functions in the upper right corner of the website. You can find suitable free pictures here, as well as special shading pictures.

  • Image zoom

Sometimes we encounter the problem that the pictures we downloaded on the Internet is too small. Because the size of the picture itself is small, it cannot be used in some occasions. Here are several websites with enlarged pictures. You only need to upload the pictures and wait a few minutes to get the enlarged pictures. In addition, the pictures magnified by AI are clearer than those magnified manually.

1.Bigjpg—AI Image Enlarger

This site can achieve lossless enlargement of pictures. Using other magnification methods such as PS or PhotoZoom, the enlarged picture still has obvious blur, edge ghosting and noise. The image enlargement method of this website is through the neural network, and special algorithm adjustments are made according to the characteristics of the enlarged image lines, colors, and dots.

Therefore, the enlargement effect is very good, the color retention is good, and the edges of the image will not have burrs and Ghosting. More importantly, the noise that affects the picture quality is basically invisible on the enlarged picture. Currently, images with a resolution of 3000×3000 and less than 10MB can be uploaded on the website. And after the upgrade, it can be enlarged 8 times and 16 times.


Click the circle in the middle to load the picture that needs to be enlarged, and the picture can be enlarged. You can enlarge five pictures for free, or you can use your account to log in to the website and then process the pictures. Similarly, using this website to enlarge the image will not make the image look blurry. It is processed by the AI algorithm, and the original sharpness is still retained after the enlargement.

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