The quality of a video mainly depends on the picture and audio. We all engage in shooting the picture in our daily lives, but we have hardly been exposed to the audio recording. It is not easy to get clear and clean audio. You can choose to record on the specific occasions by yourself, or you can choose to download the material directly online.

Many audio materials on the Internet now require payment. Here are some free audio material websites, and of course there are some high-quality paid websites. You can choose according to your needs.

1. Adobe Audition Effects

This is a free audio source material officially provided by Adobe. The total amount of audio effect material is about 20G, and it is available for free download and use.

You can see on the homepage that there are three music categories, namely Sound Effects, Music Loops and Beds, and Soundbooth Scores. Each sub-category under the first two categories provides a compressed file package download. Soundbooth Scores has not been released yet. I am looking forward to its updating.

Click on the “New Downloads” under Sound Effect to enter the sound effect download page. You can see that all the sound effects categories are listed below. The memory size is written at the end of each category. Click the “Download now” below to download the compressed package directly without registration, which is very convenient.

2. Free SFX

The sound effects of this website are provided by professional sound effects companies, and anyone can use it for free. But it needs to be indicated the source and attached with a link. More than 4,500 individual sound effect files are provided on the website, and they are updated every month. All files are fully classified. You can search or browse the categories to find what you need.

The website needs to log in before downloading. Click “Log In” above. If you have not registered, then you need to click “Sign In” to register with your email. After registering, the website will automatically log in. Then you can find the type that you want in the list of sound effects below and click to download. Or enter keywords in the input box on the left to search and download.


This is also a website for downloading sound effects. It is uploaded by users from all over the world and has the largest number. You can download it freely after registration.

Enter the homepage of the website. Firstly click “Log In” at the top right to log in to the website. Then there is a search box at the top where you can enter keywords to search for various special effects and download them directly. The content inside follows the CC agreement and can be free and commercial. But it need to be indicated the source and attached with a link. The characteristic of the website is that every audio has its waveform, which is very intuitive.

4. Download Sound Effects

Soundsnap was founded in 2007 and focuses on professional sound effects. It is operated by a team of sound lovers from all over the world. The website has more than 250,000 professional sound effects. During the download process, you need to register and log in. The sound effects have waveforms and detailed descriptions.

It should be noted that you can listen to audio files at will on the website, but if you want to download, you need to pay for it. It provides the following three Pricing and Plans. You can choose one of them according to your needs.

There are various sound effects classifications on the homepage of the website. Click on your favorite category, and then you can see a list of sound effects. Click the play button on the left side of the audio to listen to it directly. There is also a play bar on the top, and you can use it to play the previous track and play the next track.

5. Audio Micro

This is a comprehensive website that provides free music and sound effects which provided by professional music producers and sound effects companies. There are a lot of high-quality materials, which have some paid contents, and of course, there is also a free section. If you want to download free sound effect materials, you need to find the “Free Sound Effects ” in the tab above. The content here is completely free. Click the download below to save it directly.

6. OpenGameArt

This is a website which dedicated to providing game-related content, and sound effects are a part of it. The content inside is completely uploaded by users, and the quality may vary.

You can see various sections and categories on the homepage. Find the content what you like. Click it and you can preview it. Then there are some download links below. You can download by clicking on these links. The content on this website can be downloaded without registration.

On the left side of the download page, there is an agreement about the works followed. If the CC0 agreement is followed, it means that the content is completely free and commercially available, and there is no need to indicate the source; if the CC-BY agreement is followed, then it is also completely free and commercially available, but you need to indicate the source. Regarding other contents of the CC agreement, you can go to the Internet to inquire.

7. Sound Jay

This is also a completely free and commercially available sound effects website. It Provides high-definition audio downloads in wav format, clearly classified, but not many. Choose the category what you like, and then you can see other sound effects in this series. Click the play button on the left to listen directly on the website.

If you think it’s not bad, then click the download button at the back. There are two download buttons. One is wav format and the other is mp3 format. You can download them according to your needs. In addition, this website can be downloaded directly without registration.

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