When it comes to user security, the most solid and direct backing is the password setting. With the frequent occurrence of cyber-attacks, the leakage of personal information is also common. The so-called security of some software may be far less secure than a password. Passwords can sometimes become the last line of defense for your personal information.

It is important to choose a password management software with high security, simple operation and strong flexibility. Of course, we must also change the bad habit of password management, modify the password regularly, try to set up multiple verification steps for the password, and pay attention to your own password safety.

What is a Password Management Tool?

In order to adapt to the pace of development of the Internet, password management tools slowly surfaced. This is an auxiliary tool that is convenient for users to create/manage/store and organize passwords.

What are the Benefits of Password Management Tools?

You can generate the required password by yourself, then save it to the password manager, and it will automatically fill in for you next time you use it on the web.

A password management tool can even be called a system. It just like a private safe for comprehensive management of your online accounts, and all kinds of passwords are handed over to it to manage. Organize the safe regularly, and you only need to rest assured to use it.

Having said that, let’s take a look at which password management tools are worth trying to experience

4 Super Memory Masters—Computer Software

1. LastPass

This is a password manager with a high praise rating on the windows platform. It can be used for free on Windows computers. But if you want to use it on the mobile terminal, it is also possible, but a certain fee will be charged.

The free software and the simplicity of operation make many people love it. Just like its name, only the password of the last manager needs you to remember, and the rest will be managed by LastPass, and you will never encounter login problems with cumbersome passwords.

More comprehensive is that LastPass has plug-ins for almost all browser platforms.

When you open the webpage and enter the password, you will be reminded whether you want to remember it. If you choose to remember, it will help you automatically fill in the account password next time you enter.

If you worry about setting a new password on a new web page, LastPass can also help you create a secure password smartly.

In the LastPass client, you can also organize your own passwords and classify them for easy management.

2. KeePass

This is a software available for Windows/Mac os/Linux platform, and it is completely free.

Small, lightweight and powerful functions are the highlights of KeePass.

Both your username and password can be protected by its secure encryption technology, and different passwords can be classified and remarked.

Although it does not have the strong performance of LastPass’s automatic filling in the browser, KeePass can be regarded as a safe and reliable representative of open-source and green software. Simple, efficient, and compact will definitely get your favor.

3. Keeper

Keeper is a password manager that is more inclined to enterprise-level protection. It can be used on all platforms, and it is paid, with a certain trial period.

Its military-grade encryption protection method will be more secure for personal accounts. Keeper is extremely secure and will verify your identity information through multiple steps.

Keeper also has a feature, you can choose to delete all records of the device after entering the wrong password five times, which can effectively protect some important website and file information.

You can also find all the information records in your own cloud backup space.

Keeper also provides a browser plug-in to facilitate you to automatically fill in the password, and you can also add sharers to share files.

Keeper is still charging. Of course, the cost is not very high. If you have a strong password security requirement, you can consider it.

4. Enpass

This is a simple type of password management software. It can be used on the computer side of all platforms and is free. If you use it on the mobile terminal, you can protect 20 passwords for free.

Enpass can also be used offline and locally, automatically synced to your account when you have a network.

You can also set the password to be automatically locked if there is no operation for a period of time to protect your privacy.

Relatively speaking, the interface does not have many complicated functions, and it is simple and easy to use. If you are not a heavy password user, then the 20 password free qualifications on the mobile terminal are also sufficient for you.

3 Super Memory Masters—Mobile Software

1. 1Password

1Password is a paid software that can be used on all platforms (mainly Android), with a 30-day trial.

Although it is a paid software, 1Password is also the best mobile password management software for users. Especially on the Android side, 1Password can be the best software in its class.

It may not be as good as the mobile experience on other platforms, but it is also a good choice.

The interface is exquisite and simple, and fine label and remark functions are also prepared. Even on the Android side, you can use your fingerprint instead of a password to log in to 1Password.

You also don’t need to install a plug-in, just call up 1Password when logging in to automatically fill in the password.

Even if no aspect is prominent, 1Password is still a high-quality password management software. The paid price is also lower in its class, and it is completely acceptable if there is demand.

2. MSecure

MSecure is a very simple password management software on the mobile terminal, and the key point is free! It can be linked across all platforms and synchronize your data on each platform through cloud services. You can protect all your passwords, and you can set a password for your mobile phone software.

MSecure can also set the data to be destroyed automatically when the wrong password is entered many times to protect the information. The security can be said to be very high.

3. OneSafe

OneSafe is a paid software that can be used on all Apple platforms (main ios), but there will be discounts for a limited time.

As one of the best password management software for ios platform, OneSafe’s functions are not limited to password management. Some of your private files, photos, etc. can be protected with it.

You can also set additional passwords for your own folders.

There will be an in-app browser in ios to help you directly fill in the account password. Other functions are simple and not simple, and can also share information with Mac, which is very suitable for you who often use Apple devices.

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