Today I will introduce 7 special effect generation websites to you. Including planetary effects, gradient generator, all arrows shot at the same time generator, wave font generator, etc. All the works are very cool, which can interact with the mouse, and you can also set the parameters. It can be directly saved and used in your various designs.

It also introduces tools that can manually generate special effects. If you don’t like these special effects, you can also write your own code through the compiler to generate some special effects. Next, let’s take a look together.

1. Planetary effects

This special effect is a planet shape, and it is also a 3D work. Open the link and a 3D web page will pop up, as shown in the figure below.

Place the mouse on it and move around. You can rotate the “earth” 360°, which is very cool. There are several shortcut keys that prompts at the top of the page. According to the prompts, you can zoom the “earth” and change the color of the water.

And you can set the parameters to an appropriate place for saving. The saving method is also very simple. Just click the right mouse button and select the “Save image as”. It can be used as background material. And it is also very cool in PPT material.

The special effects of this planet are taken from Alteredqualia, which is a web 3D collection platform, which collects a lot of web 3D demos. After opening, it is like this. You can find the relevant 3D special effects in it.

In addition to the earth effects introduced above, this website has other interesting WebGL. Like the planet below. After opening, it is like this. Click the page to change the color of the entire page. And it can move with the direction of the mouse.

Right-click this page, and select “Save Image As”. You can save it directly. Whether it is used in PPT or design, it is very compelling.

There is also the following abstract mountain generator. It is like this when we open the web page. Move the mouse on the page. You can rotate and zoom in and out. Similarly, the color and background can be changed through clicking the web page with the mouse.

Use this website to generate some beautiful texture backgrounds, which are also very suitable for PPT. There is also a hacker code background generator, which is also very cool. We can change the direction and angle through the mouse, and save them quickly. It can be used in PPT or design with a sense of technology, which is very compelling.

2. OpenProcessing

OpenProcessing is equivalent to a compiler. All the works in it are obtained by writing code on the web page. Click on the Create a Sketch in the upper right corner to start creating your work.

Of course, there are many finished products in the webpage, which are created by users themselves. You can use these finished products to create different styles of picture materials. The content in OpenProcessing is mainly divided into three categories: particle systems, games, and brushes.

Open a sample in the particle system. You can change the style of the graph by moving the mouse, and take a screenshot to save it. It is very convenient for making background material with it, and you can also make an animated background by recording the screen.

The example of the game category can be directly opened to play the game, and you can also set the game parameters by pressing the button.

Open an example in the brush. You can first see that the page is a white canvas. Then use the mouse to lay out on the top of the canvas to get a special effect graphic. This is the content of the canvas. You can also select other special effects samples for prediction. After the re-prediction is completed, initialize and save quickly. This is your unique material.

3. WaveFont

This is a wave font generator, and it is also dynamic. Open the webpage and you can see the wave font in the page, and there is a setting section in the upper right corner, where you can set the font content, wave size, color, and wave speed. Click Save in the last column to save the currently set style and use it in your design.

4. Gradient bar generator

This website can be used to regenerate different forms of gradient styles. Similarly, there is a related setting section in the upper right corner, where you can set the color, size, wave amplitude, and number of waves to be converted. Click the download at the bottom to save the current content.

5. All arrows shot at the same time generator

This website is called all arrows shot at the same time generator Background Generator, and its temperament can replace cold technology and abstract background images. The effect of this generator is very cool, and you can adjust the color, emission direction and emission speed by yourself in the settings section in the upper right corner. After adjusting, you can directly right-click this page to select the “Save image as”, or click the last column in the upper right corner to save.

6. Mirror Glare Generator

Click the New in the upper left corner, and then click the third symbol “Control” below to set the color and corresponding points and other parameters. After setting, replace in the blank place to generate unique glare graphics.

7. Image voxelization generator

After opening the website, there is a sample graphic inside. You can adjust the relevant settings by adjusting the control block on the right. You can also insert the mouse on the graphic and proceed to rotate the graphic 360°. There is a dashed box in the lower right corner. You can click this box to load the picture you need to set. Then you can make specific picture settings.

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