As we all know, staying up late is very harmful to people’s health. The human body essentially follows the biological clock of nature, and the human body will have different changes at different times.

It is the most scientific way to determine the time of sleep, work and learning according to the needs or activities of our human body.

There are many disadvantages of staying up late, for example, fatigue and muscle fiber pain, depression, loss of pleasure, anxiety, emtional disorders, etc. If you have to stay up late because of work or study, you can ignore the following tips.

1. Have Dinner On Time

You should remember that the emptying time of our stomach is about 4 hours. If there is no food to digest for a long time after emptying, it is easy to cause excessive gastric acid or acid reflux. This kind of feeling is called reflux heartburn. You will feel very hungry, and can not fall asleep.

The way to slove it is that you should have dinner on time, not too early or too late. Because if you have dinner too early, you will be hungry before you go to bed, and that will make you feel heartburned. Or, if you have dinner too late, you will be too full to sleep.

Therefore, the right time for dinner about on 7 p.m every day, not too much or too little. Aftering doing like that, you would sleep well than before.

2. Doing Exercise Before Your Bedtime

Exercise not only can make your body strong, but also can make you feel inner peace. Exercise and fitness, in the enhancement of our own physical quality, at the same time enhance our mental strength. Of course, this kind of exercise that you do before going to bed are some stretching exercises or yoga, which can help you calm down and fall asleep quickly. So you can not do some high-intensity exercises like HIIT, Pamela, etc., because this type of exercise can make your heart beat faster, make you excited, and then make it harder for you to fall asleep.

Or, you can have a walk or jogging after having dinner, on the one hand, it could help you digest, on the other hand, having a walk or jogging can make you more tired than before, and you would feel sleepy early.

3. Taking a Bath Before Going To Bed

Taking a bath is a good way not only for your good sleep, but also for your inner peace. Think about this secne: you had dinner on time, and you had a walk after dinner, and when you go back home, the only thing that you want to do maybe is taking a bath and having a good sleep to end the whole day.

While you are taking bath, you can listen to some soft music or country music at the same time to relax youself. All you need to do is closing your eyes and enjoying the moment.

Of course, you can not take a long bath in your bathroom, bacuese that could make you lack of oxygen, and you may faint because of anoxia. One of the safe way to avoid this situation is that you can set a clock to remind youself.

4. Having Milk Before Sleep

Drinking a warm glass of milk or eating a serving of yogurt before going to sleep gives you the added bonus of tryptophan. Milk contains tryptophan and other sedative hypnotic substances, so drinking milk at night can help sleep.

It is better to drink about 200ml, because drinking less milk can not help sleep, and drinking much milk can make you wake up more often to go to the bathroom at night. It is suggested that the best time to drink milk is one hour or even earlier before going to bed. You can drink some warm water with it.

5. Take Your Phone Out Of Bedroom

Have you ever played your phone till midnight and you still can not realize it’s time to sleep? Do you know why you get used to playing phone before you fall asleep?

That’s because the structure of human brain is very magical. If you do the same thing three times in a scene, you can form a behavioral neural chain, which can be repeatedly easily and naturally.

So the players repeated a thousand times shooting training, even if they closed their eyes on the filed can also shoot. Sleep is also like that. You lie in bed every day playing your phone for half an hour, and the more time you spend on phone, the more energetic you will be, so you will stay up late.

6. Doing Eye Exercise

For most of people, they watched their phone screen before they fall asleep. Even their eyes are tired to open, but they still play with their phone. It’ s harmful for our eyes, and in return, the eyes would retaliate, and you will be short sighted soon.

To avoid this situation, we’d better do something to protect our eyes. The most feasible way for most of us is to do eye exercises every day when we lie on the bed.

You can relax youself totally while you are doing it.

7. Creating An Environment Suitable For Sleeping

Sleeping environment is one of the most important factor for a good sleep. For most of people, the most comfortable sleeping room is dark, tranquil. Especially for these people who are pursuit of the quality of life are more demanding for their sleeping room.

The soft and hardness of the bed, whether the quilt is comfortable or not, and whether the room temperature is suitable, those are necessary for a good sleeping room.

But If you are tired enough, you would fall asleep in any environment you want.

8. Don’t Think Too Much

People who stay up late with procrastination are afraid to sleep.

What is staying up late and procrastination? In fact, to put it bluntly, you just don’t have the courge to face the coming challenges. Sleep and work have become heavy stone in my heart, as long as you can make yourself a little further away from them, it will be fine.

So the people who stay up late spend most of their time on boring things. The short video that you have watched for about ten times, and you decided to watch it again. Or, you were playing games on your phone, it was about to midnight, but you decided to play it again.

That’s the same reason with procrastination, because you are afraid to face it, you find some excuses to distract your attention and make you feel a little bit comfortable.

So, don’t think too much. It’s just ordinary sleep. Sleep well first.


Of course, for most young people, it’s hard to sleep early or not to stay up late totally. Moderate staying up and drinking occasionally will make our life more wonderful to some extent. But if you want to change your lifestyle, the above tips would be helpful for you.

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