As a popular browser, Chrome’s advantages of simplicity, stability, and being fast enough have attracted more and more people and stand out among many browsers. However, many of the very useful functions of chrome are not included in the scope of use by many people. There are some tips and methods for using chrome plug-ins sorted out in this article. I hope it can be helpful to you.

  • Chrome Tips

1. Modify Chrome’s Search Engine

Chrome’s default search engine is Google. But do you know that the search engine can be set by yourself? Click Settings on the browser homepage. Find the search engine, and change to your favorite search engine. Or, you can directly replace Bing, in which case the browser will be much easier to use. Moreover, you can also customize the search engine.

For example, I search for the ppt on YouTube and copy the link in the URL bar. Go back to the Chrome browser homepage. Find the search engine in the settings. Click the add search engine. Add a keyword, and then replace ppt with %s in the URL format below. Click OK. Go back to the homepage. Enter the keywords which you just added in the URL bar, and then enter the content which you want to search. Finally, you will jump directly to the search results on YouTube.

2. Capture a Long Picture on the Web Page

Many people who want to capture the entire webpage usually choose to install some screenshot software or plug-ins, but in fact it is not necessary in chrome. Right-click in the blank position. Select Check. Click the second device icon in the inserted column, and then select to capture all screens in the three points on the left. You can also click on the response above. Select a different device, and then you can get a screenshot of different sizes.

3. Quick Search

In the browser, our general search method is to enter the URL or keyword in the URL bar, and then open the search page. But there are two quick search methods. In the opened webpage, you can directly drag the link inside into the URL bar to open the search page, or drag the keyword you need to search into the bookmark to search. You can also directly drag the downloaded pictures into the Photoshop or picture processor for picture processing on the web page.

4. Commonly Used Shortcut Keys

Ctrl + P: Print the current page, or convert the current page to pdf. You can save it in the computer for later use.

Ctrl + shift + D: Reopen the webpage you just closed. This helped us a lot when we “hand skating” in our daily life.

Ctrl + T: Create a new label in the label bar. After creating it, we can search in this new tab bar to avoid destroying the original page.

Ctrl + D: Save the current web page as a bookmark. Bookmarks are very useful in the use of browsers, especially for some of our commonly used URLs. Sometimes it takes a long time to find the source of the URL and then open the web page, which seems unscientific. After using the shortcut keys to save the URL as a bookmark, it is much more convenient for subsequent web pages.

Ctrl + Tab: Switch among the opened webpage tabs in turn. When we have too many tabs, this shortcut key can be said to be very convenient.

That’s all about chrome’s commonly used shortcut keys. There are many other types of shortcut keys, which you can search and use on the official website.

  • Useful Plugins for Chrome

1. Screen Shader

This is an eye protection plug-in for chrome browser. The browsers we usually use is too dazzling white in terms of color and light, and it will inevitably make people tired after using it for a long time. Screen Shader can be used to adjust the color temperature of the screen and adjust the color of the browser to a warm color to protect your eyes.

After using this plug-in, all the content on the page turns into a warm orange. You can adjust its brightness and depth through the plug-in icon above. At the same time, the plug-in can be also used to adjust the color balance by locating the time zone of the user’s area.


For many times, when we use chrome to search web pages, because there are too many opened web pages, the tabs of the title bar are arranged densely, which affects the appearance. And many titles are difficult to see the full picture after shrinking. It is not easy for us to judge which webpage we want to browse.

After adding the TabsPane plug-in, we can use it to switch all the open webpages to neatly arranged thumbnails and titles, which looks very intuitive and improves the convenience of using.

3. SimpRead

When we read articles on PC, most of our time is wasted on scraps of articles. After reading for an hour or two, you are still looking at the information you don’t need. SimpRead is a plug-in that can change the reading mode. It can automatically generate a layout that meets the reading mode according to the page mode, and can highlight the parts that need to be read. It is suitable for temporary reading or websites that are not adapted to the reading mode.

4. Stylish

Stylish can be used to manage the style of web pages and modify the style of web pages. You can download different themes on the official website and use them on your web pages.

5. Greasy Fork

User scripts are pieces of code that can optimize your web browsing experience. After installation, some scripts can add new features to the website. Some can make the interface of the website easier to use, and some can hide annoying parts of the website. User scripts on Greasy Fork are written by users and published to the world. You can install them for free and experience them easily.

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