Aerial phtography UAV is used more and more widely, and more and more ordinary people buy Consumer aerial UAV. Although the current consumer UAV operation is very simple, there is still a lot of knowledges in aerial phtography to produce satisfactory works. Now I’ m going to share it with you. The following aerial UAV pgotography techniques, these techniques are very suitable for these new beginners.

1. Be Careful in Flight

If you want to take good aerial photos and fly happily, you should first pay attention to safety and don’t be arrogant. That’s to say, first of all, the airport clearance protection zone, military restricted zone, political sensitive area and densely populated area are not allowed to fly, and do not fly when there is a temporary no-fly notice for major activities.

It is easy to interfere with the navigation signal of UAV in such places as keeping away from obstructions, metal buildings, radar and communication base station, which may lead to UAV “explosion” or crash.

Be attentive in flight and don’t talk to the crowd. At the same time, we should also remind passers-by to stay away from the UAV in flight, because the power of propeller is amazing. So the experience is that the higher the level of pilot, the more timid and cautious they are.

2. Limit Speed and Light in Flight

The novice had to set some restrictions on the APP before last day. The flight speed should be limited, the operation sensitivity should be lowered, and the pitot tilt should be slowed down. If the flight speed is too fast, the propeller is easy to get through, the steering speed is too fast or the pitching speed of the pan tilt is too fast, it is easy to blur. So turn off the navigation lights when shooting at night to avoid light pollution.

3. Start with Taking Pictures

Shooting amazing works with UAVs requires flying skills and photography knowledge, so the high-level UAV aerial photography service costs a lot. But the good news is that taking still photos is relatively easy.

In the past two years, digital image transmission and integrated camera have been widely used in consumer UAVs, and its operation interface has been very close to the camera function of smart phones: it can see the real-time viewfinder, adjust the parameters such as exposure, and control the photographing and video recording. Although the novice flight operation is still very clumsy, but like using a mobile phone to find a good angle, press the shutter is still very simple.

4. Choose One Direction to Advance

Aerial UAV flying in three-dimensional space, novice often in a hurry, because remote control lever travel is very short, very light, and novice operation is easy to force too hard (imagine driving a car, steering wheel, throttle, brake are all one to the end ).

But in fact, aerial photography does not necessarily need to add so many special effects. After adjusting the nose point, you can start recording, and then you can shoot a natural aerial video only by pushing in one direction.

The first flight can fly forward, which is the simplest, the lowest risk of collision, and the effect can be very good. You maybe saw that, the aerial shot at the beginning of Speed and Passion 8 is just like this. If you feel not excited enough, you can speed up the video editing software.

After some proficiency, you can try to fly sideways, and it’s easy to push only to one side. But more attention should be paid to avoid collision. It is better to ask friends to help observe the distance between UAV and obstacles.

5. Taking from the Start to the End

For novices, it is unrealistic to learn those advanced techniques or add too many special effects in the later stage. But there is a relatively simple method “Old Driver” is also used: From the start to the end, take a continuous shot.

When new players use UAVs to shoot scenery, they can start recording from the moment of taking off. After taking off, they will climb forward and fly straight ahead at appropriate altitude. There’s no need for editing, and the scenery comes into view step by step.

It may be difficult to fly out of such a continuous route for the first time. Here’s a simpler way: raise the camera. Turn on the video when the lens is shooting vertically down, and then use the scroll wheel on the remote control to raise the angle. In this way, you can also follow the fast starting car.

6. Try Various Auxiliary Functions

In order to facilitate the use of ordinary users, the current consumer UAV often develops a lot of simple and practical auxiliary functions, which can be used by novices to shoot a lot of complex movements.

Some UAVs have automatic tracking function. After practical tracking, they can easily follow and photograph the moving target, and the composition is also satisfactory.

Most UAVs have the function of automatic surround, which can be used to shoot blockbusters with their own protagonists. However, it should be noted that there is a risk of collision when these auxiliary functions are practical. Please be sure to use them in open spaces.

7. Fly Higher or Lower

Compared with other photographic equipment, the biggest feature of aerial UAV is of course: it can fly! Therefore, the simplest way to show off aerial photography is to fly higher. If you fly higher, you can see farther, take more majestic photos, and you’re less likely to collide with obstacles.

As far as aerial photography is concerned, flying high is not the advantage of the consumer class UAV. It is far from as high and fast as manned aircraft. But the biggest advantage of UAVs is that they can fly close to the ground. It’s more detailed and exciting to skim over the top of the tree. However, the probability of landing on the ground is higher, so it is better to choose an appropriate altitude.

8. Finally Wave Goodbye

At the end of the aerial video, don’t forget to say goodbye: shoot yourself at a low altitude, let the synchronization around you wave to the sky, and then push the joystick for climbing and retreating at the same time.

If the scene on the ground is very characteristic, you can also choose to pull vertically. When you wave to the sky together, you can take a very emotional shot, and you can also let your partner feel involved in it.

9. Practice Flying Hard

If you want to shoot a more comfortable and smooth video, you need to be more skillful in operation and become a real “old driver”. You can choose to practice on the simulator, or you can choose to buy a smaller remote-controlled aircraft to practice at home. The operation mode of these small toys is similar to that of UAV, but it is more difficult to operate without flight control system, so it is more comfortable to fly the UAV after flying toy aircraft.

If you are a new beginner of UAV shooting, I hope the above tips can be helpful to you.

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