Sky: Children of the Light is an adventure game from thatgamecompany, and published on iOS and Android platforms. The game is available now for the iPhone and iPad in the Apple App Store and for Android on the Google Play Store, with an upcoming Nintendo Switch release in 2021. After playing for a few months, the author can’t help but introduce this game to you.

Game Background

In a lost kingdom in the cloud. A group of people of light live here, and light and darkness coexist harmoniously in the kingdom. However, gradually, the balance of light and darkness tilted, and the kingdom fell. There is only a prophecy like this: “In the near future, a group of children will return and bring light back to this country.

Character Setting

Many years ago, above the clouds, there was a magnificent kingdom of light. The people of the kingdom were created by the “mothers”. With the help of the “ancestors”, the people grew their kingdoms day by day. However, the good times did not last long, the kingdom was in turmoil, and after a civil war, the old kingdom disappeared. After witnessing this war, the “mother” created the ” Children of Light ” and gave him the power of ancestors, and the ” Children of Light ” also embarked on a journey to pursue their ancestors. Players will search for the messages left by their ancestors and appreciate the glory of the kingdom. As the journey progresses, players will gradually gain strength.

Travelers can unlock the nodes of the tree gifted by the ancestors with candles made by candlelight and randomly obtain a kind of magic. The magic includes light energy potion magic that can restore energy, bright star magic that can illuminate the dark, which can be increased in a short time. From the effect of floating magic to jumping distance, it can be divided into functional magic to help expedition, social magic to talk freely and wonderful entertainment magic and so on.

In the game, players will follow the ancestors to learn a variety of basic single-player actions, some actions will show different postures when clicked for different times; two-player actions require players to become friends with other players and unlock them on the friend interface; advanced actions require Players use the collected candles to unlock the acquisition.

Game Scene

Isle of Dawn:

The first scene in the Sky is the place where every “Children of Light” was born, and it is also the starting point of this journey of light. There are mysterious caves, warm pink sandy seas, and faint morning light. The murals carved on the stone walls tell the story of the kingdom. The first-time travelers will get their own cape and learn to fly on Isle of Dawn; they will also learn to collect the memories of their ancestors for the first time here, and learn to unlock new actions with their ancestors.

Daylight Prairie:

The second scene of the Sky is a vast sea of ​​clouds surging between heaven and earth. In Daylight Prairie, the “Children of Light ” will officially embark on the journey. Players will be exposed to the bench for the first time in Daylight Prairie, learn how to communicate with other players in text, and be exposed to many collaborative tasks.

Hidden Forest:

In the third scene of the Sky, there is continuous rain over the years, and the cold rain will continue to consume power. Only by being close to the light source can the heart be maintained. Players will accept the challenge from the rain here, come into contact with some magical luminous creatures, and have a preliminary understanding of the potential dangers of the kingdom of clouds.

Valley of Triumph:

In the fourth scene of Sky, all travelers will experience the collision of speed and passion, and feel the fun of skating racing. The snow-covered kingdom is bathed in the sunset, and travelers can enjoy the beautiful scenery here.

Golden Wasteland:

In the fifth scene of the game, jumping down from the huge whirlpool, travelers will fall into a cold barren land. In Golden Wasteland, players will experience “lost” for the first time.

Vault of Knowledge:

It’s the sixth scene, travelers will review the kingdom stories they have experienced along the way and accept their mission.

Eye of Eden:

Players will accept unprecedented challenges and tests. Entering Eye of Eden needs players to meet certain requirements to be qualified for the challenge. In the “Eye of Eden”, you can only move forward by climbing the cliff step by step.

This game is not like other games, there is no fighting, only the player and his own inner world. The game does not have many words or text descriptions, players can only understand the meaning of the game through the atmosphere of the screen and the body language of the characters. Although some players may not be able to clearly understand the meaning, they also get a sense of leisure in the quiet, and there can be a moment of tranquility in this noisy world.

Many decryptions in the map require the players to complete together, which also contributed to the players to make friends to a certain extent; in addition, they took a friend’s hand and explored together. When successfully decrypted, two people high-five each other, and it will light up when the other’s heart is out His own candlelight to help him recover, etc. These warming processes also made players completely immersed in this beautiful game scene.

This is a really quiet, soul-healing phone game. Download and try it quickly on your phone.

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