Introduction to Autodraw

Autodraw is a web gadget. As the name implies, it has the function of automatic drawing. The open website is

The idea of ​​Auto Draw is from Google Labs “Quick, Draw!”. When you start this small game, there will be 20 seconds to draw. When drawing, the neural network will instantly determine what you are drawing, and finally let you confirm Guess whether the result is consistent with the content you want to draw. This program will also improve your learning ability over time and the content you enter.

Now Autodraw will not only judge what you want to draw, but also help you make the patterns more professional and better! These illustrations are pre-drawn by inviting artists from all over the world. Just sketch a few strokes, and Autodraw will automatically suggest you some relevant Patterns, apply immediately, beautiful patterns are really easy to come by, everyone can do it.

I believe that you often use a variety of small icons in the process of doing PPT, but sometimes the styles of icons found on the Internet are not uniform, which causes the final effect of the page to be unsightly.

Or I need a few patterns temporarily, but I can’t find a suitable option. And it is not realistic to make your own icons because it will take a lot of time. At this time, it is very convenient to use Autodraw, even if you are a handicapped party, Google’s built-in artificial intelligence assistant will automatically recognize your drawing and generate the corresponding icon.

In addition, Autodraw, like a little painter, also has basic drawing functions, such as drawing lines, paint buckets (filling colors), colors, inserting text, etc., and the best thing is that users can download the finished pattern, save the picture or generate a sharing link.

Use Evaluation

The use of Autodraw is relatively simple. Basically, you can understand it by opening the interface. Support in drawing mode: automatic drawing (with correction), drawing, text, filling, shape, etc.

1. Interface

Open the Autodraw interface. The overall panel presented is very simple and clear. On the left is the toolbar, which contains all the tools. At the top is the status bar, which displays the name of the current tool or the shape of the drawing. The white area in the middle is the drawing board, which is the working space.

There is a small red triangle symbol in the lower right corner of the artboard. Drag it to change the size of the canvas. Press and hold the Ctrl key while sliding the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the canvas.

The only shortcoming is that the background behind the canvas is very large. When you want to enlarge the canvas after shrinking the canvas, you cannot accurately enlarge the drawing content to the center. You need to drag the two sliders below, and on the right to adjust the position. This is really inconvenient.

2. Toolbar

Autodraw’s toolbar contains most of the tools for drawing, namely selection, automatic drawing, drawing, text, filling, shape, zooming and undoing. Compared with using shortcut keys to zoom in and out, Autodraw’s own zoom tool can only achieve a few fixed scale zooms, which may not be so convenient for some people.

The essence of Autodraw lies in its Autodraw tool. Click the second icon in the toolbar to use it.

Use the mouse to randomly draw something that looks like a bicycle. When you draw the picture, there will be various possible related illustrations on the top. Google accurately judged that I drew a bicycle, and you can see that the first few patterns are all bicycles.

Clicking on the pattern listed in Do you mean above can immediately replace the picture you just drew with a gallery illustration. You can also adjust the position, zoom in and out, etc. Since it is a drawing tool, color adjustment, text insertion and filling color are also built-in, Click and switch various functions from the menu on the left.

There is also a round color block in the toolbar. You can click to select the appropriate color.

It is worth noting that the filling tool. If you are in the process of drawing the icon, you can use the filling tool to get the partial filling effect. The effect is also very good.

In the options, Autodraw defaults to some commonly used canvas sizes. If you don’t like it, drag the gray triangle in the lower right corner to adjust the canvas size.

3. Other Content

There is a three-bar icon in the upper left corner of the interface. Click it to open the folded page. It contains some other functions.

The most worth mentioning is the artist function, where you can quickly see other people’s paintings and original drawings.

And you can also click download after drawing to save directly. Then insert it directly where you need to use it.

In it, there is a function that can be used to query the user guide of Autodraw. If you are not familiar with the use of Autodraw, or want to explore more skills, you can click How-To to query the specific use of Autodraw. This function is very user-friendly. The tutorials inside are all displayed in the form of gif animations, which is very intuitive. The user can see the specific operation at a glance. And you can switch between functions by clicking the left and right arrows.

Can’t recognize it automatically?

1. It may be due to network factors that Autodraw cannot be detected and analyzed in the first time.

2. When drawing a picture, do not draw too abstract, otherwise Autodraw will not recognize the picture you draw;

3. Because the platform is not long after the interview, there may be a lot of people using it, so you need to wait patiently.

The above is about the usage and common problems of Autodraw. When we use it, we try to outline the picture we need to draw as much as possible, otherwise it is too abstract and Autodraw will not be able to recognize it.

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