With the development of mobile phone, the watch looks like become unnecessary, but it is only an illusion. Actually, some special smart watch is still an important part of peoples’ daily lives, such as Apple Watch 6. It can be used as a personal assistant, which is more personal than a mobile phone, which will bring timely, private and convenient life to you.

The Apple Watch series has always been outstanding, it has some advantages which mobile phone do not have, and series 6 is updated a lot and it is worth to buy, the author will introduce some new advantages for Apple Watch 6 to you in the following words.

Apple Watch 6 has launched a new series of single-turn straps, which are made of silicone single-turn straps and woven single-turn straps. This is the first time that Apple has a numbered strap. Single-turn watchbands need to be measured before purchase. You can download the measuring ruler on the official website to measure yourself, which is very convenient. Of course, if you care about the size you wear a lot, it is recommended to go to the store to experience it more accurately. Compared with the previous product, the single-turn strap of the Apple Watch 6 is indeed better and fits better.

On the back of Apple Watch 6, compared to the previous product, a new sensor is added, which named blood oxygen monitor. Blood oxygen levels has always been a relatively important health standard. For example, an obvious symptom of the COVID-19 is decreased blood oxygen levels, which means that if you use this watch, you can effectively prevent you from being infected with covid-19.

The requirements for measure blood oxygen levels are more strict. You need to place your arm horizontally and not move during the measurement, otherwise the measurement will fail. However, you can also set up automatic measurement in sleep and theater modes, so that the watch will automatically measure blood oxygen levels when you are relatively stationary.

Except that, Apple Watch 6 also has a huge internal upgrade. Apple Watch 6 is upgraded with a new chip, which is about 20% faster than the fifth generation, but this is not very obvious in your daily use. In fact, with the exception of the earliest watches, the last few representatives will not experience lag in daily use. So you do not need to concern about the using speed of Apple Watch 6.

Of course, the battery using the time of this watch is still 18 hours, too. But note: the 18 hours is different from what you think. It includes within 18 hours, 90 times of viewing time, 90 times of receiving notifications, using the 45-minute app, exercising and playing music from Apple Watch via Bluetooth for 60 minutes. Use cellular data for 4 hours and connect to iPhone for 14 hours.

Although the battery does not change, but the charging time still has been improved. It takes about 1 hour to charge to 80% power and 1.5 hours to charge to 100% power. So you can charge it when you wash in the morning and evening, which is enough for daily use of the watch.

In addition, as same as the previous product, you can download some interesting games on Apple Watch 6, these little games are your good partner in your life, these games can help you decrease your stress:

All of these above games are interesting and can help you release your stress, the author tries these games one by one, so you can start to try it now.

As one of the best smart watch, there are several major upgrades to practical functions, such as the sleep function that the author thinks is very good. This time Apple finally has the first-party sleep function, but through experience, the current sleep function is still not perfect. It can only count the daily sleep time. Compared with other third-party software, it lacks some sleep analysis and suggested functions, but it is said that as the system is updated, related functions will appear one after another.

Moreover, Apple Watch 6 has also updated a family sharing function. Under this function, Apple Watch has truly become an independent device that can be used independently in more usage scenarios.

After setting the watch as family sharing, you can find the watch to determine the location of your families, and you can also set up some places where entry and exit are prohibited, so that it is convenient for the education and management of children. In addition, you can also set who the watch holder can contact and what apps to download. You can also use the classroom mode to allow children to learn more attentively while being convenient for contact. In short, through this watch, you can monitor your child in all directions to ensure his or her learning and safety.

Of course, in addition to children, fall detection, SOS emergency contact, health monitoring and other related health detection functions, also let family sharing functions are suitable for the elderly. You can remotely grasp the physical condition of the elderly, so that you can feel more relaxed for your older families‘ health.

To be honest, after several generations of development, the current Apple Watch is no longer the main fitness function at the beginning. It has gradually developed from fitness to a more comprehensive health field, and its focus point is more comprehensive. If you are more concerned about personal health, you will find that the current Apple Watch 6 is really very helpful to you.

In general, the upgrade from 4 to 6 is in a peaceful process. Due to the role of Apple Watch 6 in daily life, it will not change the way of life, work and study like iPhone, AirPods or iPad obviously, but it will invisibly make people who can use it have a better life.

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