Are these 6 reasons that prevent you from buying iPhone 12?

Recently, Apple announced this year’s new iPhone 12 as promised. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the new mobile phone launch was later than people’s expectation. In September, which was due to be released, the iPad air 4 and apple watch 6 took the lead firstly. Unfortunately, the late iPhone 12 didn’t perform as well as expected – even more disappointing as one of the most popular mobile phone.

So, the author will help you to understand why the iPhone 12 is disappointing today. The first really disappointing change is the new look of the iPhone 12. The rounded, smooth side design that has been used since the iPhone 6 is now a right angle. Apple said the iPhone’s appearance was an “all-new design”, but to be honest, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 have adopted this design, so the new design claimed by iPhone 12 is not tenable.

Secondly, the A14 processor has also been upgraded. Advanced iPad Air 4 uses A14 processor earlier, but it does not affect its absolute advancement in mobile phone. Other phones can not compare with iPhone 12 in this respect. But last year’s A13 processor has already achieved this. Even if the processor is not updated this year, it will not have a great impact on the vast majority of users. Because there are not so many people who have such high performance requirements, so Apple’s effect of upgrading the A14 of the iPhone 12 is not very obvious.

Thirdly, it is the screen. It is worth that the material of the screen is made of Ultra-porcelain Crystal Panel cooperated with Corning, which can improve the anti falling ability to 4 times of the original glass panel for previous mobile phone. However, please note that no matter how hard the glass is, it can only prevent falling but not scratch. Compared with sand and stone, the glass is still very fragile. You may not be able to break the iPhone 12’s screen this time, but small scratches can greatly affect the appearance of the screen. So if you want to sell a good price after reuse, you need to continue to film the screen.

At the same time, the screen resolution of the iPhone 12 was upgraded to 2532 x 1170 from the 720p ordinary screen of the XR and 11. The smaller iPhone 12 Mini also had excellent resolution, reaching 2340x 1080, together with the highest screen brightness supporting hdr10 and 1200 nit, and Apple’s consistent excellent color adjustment, the screen use continues Apple’s consistent quality, which is still the top level. However, all of these are ordinary update, people can not find some creative update on iPhone 12.

In addition, MagSafe wireless charging has a lot of changes. Those who have used the original version of MacBook will remember this charging method: the charging head is not directly inserted into the computer interface, but is adsorbed on the interface by magnetic absorption. If someone walks over the charging cable, the magnet will be disconnected without dragging the whole computer off the desktop. However, since the popularity of USB type-C, MacBooks have all become the type-C interface for charging. On the contrary, Microsoft’s surface still retains the magnetic charging interface.

The so-called “MagSafe” of the iPhone 12 is more like a meaningless retro. Its essence is still wireless charging, but with a magnet, it can be absorbed. But in fact, the author doesn’t understand what the purpose of this is. The purpose of wireless charging is to charge at any time, pick it up at any time, and put it out now. But if you take it, you will find that MagSafe charger and iPhone are sucked together, and you need to pull it out manually – this is no obvious difference from wired charging in essence.

Except that, there was a slight improvement in the camera. In fact, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini have made little progress. They still use dual camera, and the CMOS pixels are still 12 million. However, the aperture of the main camera has been increased to f1.6, and the brightness is bigger, and the mirror group design is also innovated.

To tell the truth, iPhone 12 camera has its own special characters. For example, iPhone 12 has developed its own apple raw image format to match the upgraded camera. Raw format is familiar with consumers who like photography. Compared with the common JPG format, raw can record more information, and can adjust the balance, brightness and other parameters loss in the later stage. Apple raw not only has the tolerance of raw in the later stage, but also can make use of the intelligent HDR of multiple frame synthesis, which can make the creation of photography lovers more relaxed.

It looks like the iPhone 12’s photo features are really advanced, but for most consumers, these new features are not very practical. Apple raw, if you don’t Photoshop your photos, it doesn’t have any value for you. For those who know more about the later stage of photos and are more professional, most of them will not use their mobile phones to shoot. They prefer to use professional cameras – even if the iPhone 12’s photo taking function is very advanced, there will be a certain gap compared with professional cameras at that time.

In conclusion, iPhone 12 dare to try a small screen when every brand is making the screen bigger and bigger, which makes iPhone 12 very characteristic. However, if you are not interested in small and light mobile phones, then the iPhone 12 is not very attractive. The author hopes that when the next iPhone is released, its features and design will be more attractive than the system it has always been. It does not mean that the system doesn’t matter – as one of the most popular mobile phones in the world, after all, the product has changed the world’s traditional definition of mobile phones.

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