If you want to travel to Japan, will you first think of Tokyo and Osaka? Or Nara, famous for its deer. But the author would like to recommend a place worth visiting-Seto Inland Sea, Japan.

The Seto Inland Sea, the “Mediterranean Sea” in Japan, in a broad sense refers to the sea area between Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. The beautiful coastline is densely packed with more than 3,000 islands. This is a culturally pure land far away from the hustle and bustle. Not many people have experienced the original customs here, nor have they experienced the modern artistic feelings of this paradise. Just like the chat between Seto and Inland Sea in the movie, it looks meaningless, not painful, but it is an indispensable moment of breathing in life.

If you are tired of traveling with the currents, then you might as well travel around the islands in the Seto Inland Sea.

What you see is not only the sea view but also a niche and wonderful Japanese cultural and leisure trip. Next, let’s talk about why this place is recommended.

1. Security

The most important thing when going out alone is safety. Especially for girls. Japan’s law and order are well-known in the world, and the crime rate is very low. So there is generally no danger. Of course, I don’t recommend you to walk on the dark streets late at night. Moreover, there are few people in the Seto Inland Sea, and there are more elderly people on the island. This means you can enjoy the scenery more leisurely and take photos as much as you want.

2. Single Culture

With the declining birthrate and aging population in Japan, non-marriage and divorce rates are on the rise. The proportion of two-generation family members is declining

Single households developed into an important social structure in Japan. One person eats ramen, one person goes to the cafe, and one person travels. So traveling alone in Japan will not embarrass you. You will not always be asked why you travel alone.The growing single population in Japan is making a new economic form “single economy” increasingly prosperous.

3. Feel the Ocean and Island Scenery


If you can only go to one island, Naoshima is the first choice. There are three major art museums on the island: ChiChu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum, and Benesse House Museum. Even for the ChiChu Art Museum, it is worth a special visit.

There are also yellow and red pumpkins from Yayoi Kusama on the island. There is a free bus service between the three art museums. It is recommended to take a bus to the top Chichu Art Museum, and then walk back to the three art museums all the way. There are also some scattered spots between the art museums. This section of the road is surrounded by sea on one side, mountains on the other, and works of art. It is particularly comfortable to stroll around.


The Teshima Art Museum is the most representative and famous art museum in the entire Seto Inland Sea. As soon as you enter, you will be shocked. Everyone in this space becomes a part of the art.

There is nothing in it, but it makes people willing to stay in it for a long time. (You can’t take pictures inside, you can only take pictures outside)

There is also an electrocardiogram museum in Toshima, a small black house quietly standing by the sea. It records the heartbeats of more than 60,000 people from all over the world. You can listen to the heartbeats of strangers or record your own heartbeat.


Shodo Island is relatively large, with scattered attractions. Not suitable for walking. It is most convenient to drive by yourself.

It is recommended that the angel promenade is only exposed twice a day. You need to calculate the dry tide time, otherwise, you may not see it, or the black reefs on both sides may be unsightly. It is rumored that after lovers walk through it holding hands, the relationship will last for a long time, which makes it the most popular place for proposal in Japan.

According to legend, the first olive tree in Japan was planted in Shodoshima. Because the climate is similar to that of Greece, the sea breeze here is also mixed with a strong Mediterranean flavor.

Olive Tree Park is a magical place. Shodoshima Olive Park, the location of the Japanese version of “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, has always been loved by many girls. Everyone who went there took the witch’s broom and jumped to the white windmill. As long as the camera is low enough, they can take pictures of flying in the sky on the broomstick.

4. Setouchi International Art Festival

Among the “52 Places in the World to Visit in 2019” selected by the “New York Times”, Japan’s Seto Inland Sea ranked seventh.

This is not only because the Seto Inland Sea has beautiful ocean scenery, but also because there is a mecca for art check-in that is famous all over the world-the “Setouchi International Art Festival” held every three years for about 108 days. For those who love architectural design and graphic design, the “Setouchi International Art Festival” will certainly not be unfamiliar. The geographical environment of the Seto Inland Sea is very special. It is composed of more than 3,000 islands, large and small, and the Seto Inland International Art Festival is chosen to be held on the main 12 islands and 2 ports. Since 2010, the Seto Inland International Art Festival has been focusing on the theme of “Marine Revival”, and strives to reproduce the past sceneries of nature and humans in the Seto Inland Islands through activities, making the Seto Inland Sea all the regions in the world “The Sea of Hope”.

Listening to the sea, blowing wind, washing the soul and having a good sleep. The Seto Inland Sea is such a place.

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