As we all know, currently, the three mainstream systems are the windows system developed by Microsoft, the Linux system, and the mac system developed by Apple.

The advantages of Linux are reflected in its stability and efficiency. The requirements for computer hardware accessories are extremely low, so running the Linux system on the computer will be very smooth, but its disadvantage is that there is no specific support manufacturer and no after-sales service. Compared with the windows system, the graphical interface is not cool and beautiful.

Obviously, the advantages of windows are good-looking graphics, easy to operate, and after-sales service support, but its disadvantages are also obvious. There are many pop-up windows, the stability is relatively poor compared to Linux, and it is not friendly enough for computers with poor hardware conditions.

It is likely that the system will shut down at any time. On the other hand, the windows system is being updated at any time. Therefore, users must update the system frequently. At present, the windows7 official has stopped patch updates and system maintenance. Compared with the windows7 system, the windows10 system is unstable, which makes users who often use windows7 system extremely distressed.

MacOS system has the advantages of high security, simple settings and high stability, however, the disadvantage is poor compatibility, mac system cannot download a lot of software, and macOS is expensive, generally poor users will not consider buying mac system.

So is there a way to achieve both a good-looking graphical interface and an easy-to-operate system for Windows,as well as stable operation and high security of Linux, so that users can get rid of the trouble of frequent updates and the system is free from the risk of virus attacks. There is a method, I will explain this method below.

First of all, to achieve this kind of security and ease of operation, the first step is to install a virtual machine, there are many virtual machine software on the market, and among so much virtual machine software, I think the best software is VMware, According to its official website, VMware is defined as a global leader in cloud infrastructure & digital workspace technology, accelerates digital transformation for evolving IT environments.

Using this software can achieve the following benefits:

1. Simulate multiple computers on one computer without multiple physical computers.

2. After downloading the virtual machine, you can build the virtual machine environment. The process of building the virtual machine environment is mainly divided into the following 5 steps.

a. First, open your VMware Workstation, select the file, and create a new virtual machine, when editing the virtual machine settings, you must choose the path of the mirror file you installed before, the suffix of the mirror file is named iso, through the mirror website, you can Download the mirror file for the windows/Linux/mac system.

b. Configure your virtual machine name, login user and password, the password is also the password of the root user, and then select the hard disk size of your virtual machine, I set here is 50G, can be adjusted according to the performance of your machine, not too much Small, otherwise the virtual machine cannot be built. 

c. Custom hardware configuration, it is used to specify the memory size of your virtual machine, and it is also based on the performance of your own machine. If the computer’s memory size is 4G, it is recommended to choose below 2G. The memory size I set is 2G, however, if your computer’s memory size is more than 4G, it is recommended to choose a memory size more than 2G. If you don’t need the printer, you can directly remove it, then click off, click Finish, and then start installing the virtual machine.

d. After installation, select the user to log in, enter the account password, you can log in to the system interface.

e. Perform network verification to see if you can connect to the network. First, find your host IP address. Because my system is a windows system, I open the dialog box through win and R, then enter the “cmd” in the opened dialog box, and finally enter ipconfig. In this way, you can see your own host Ip address, enter ping and host Ip address, you can test whether your system on the virtual machine can go online.

f. Go to the mirror website to download the mirror file. There are many mirror sites. Such as Hokuriku University of Science and Technology JAIST, Carnegie Mellon University CMU, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University and extra on. At the same time, it is free to download mirror files on these mirror websites. So, everyone can download these mirror files without paying money.

Since I personally like the Linux system, I installed a Debian-based UNIX mint on the virtual machine.

In the past, UNIX mint and ubuntu came from the same company, but they are not in a company now. UNIX mint is more friendly to low-configuration computers than ubuntu. Unix mint supports computers with independent graphics cards.

The latest version of ubuntu currently supports computers with dual graphics cards, so it is not very friendly to low-configuration computers. If ubuntu is installed on computers with independent graphics cards, the computer will often get stuck. UNIX mint’s interface is very similar to window7, the interface is clean and tidy, which is one of the reasons I like it.

The login interface of UNIX mint is shown below:

The UNIX mint desktop is shown below:

Open the menu, you can see the rich software information:

I wonder if you are interested in reading this article? If you are interested, please download VMware on the official website and download one of your favorite systems on the mirror website to start the journey of computer multi-system!

When multiple systems are running on the computer, you can have both a good-looking graphical interface and an easy-to-operate system for Windows, as well as stable operation and high security of Linux.

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