Can We Still Order Takeout or Receive Express During COVID-19 Pandemic

Some busy office workers aren’t willing to take the time to cook for themselves and rely on eating out or ordering takeout for their daily meals instead. But now the epidemic is repeated, and there are cases of delivery workers contracting COVID-19, many people are afraid of the virus from the outside, so as to refuse ordering take-out food.

But what’s really going on? Is it that dangerous to order takeout or receive express parcels during an epidemic?

Novel Coronavirus is mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets and contact, and may also be transmitted through fecal-oral. However, the temperature of daily cooking can reach 100-120℃, in which the COVID-19 virus cannot survive.

After finishing cooking, the food is promptly packaged and delivered by a takeaway worker, and the only thing most likely to carry the virus is the takeaway bag.

Just to let you know, even if the surface of the food box is stained with the virus, it does not mean that the infection condition can be reached.

In addition, many restaurants have taken some protection measures, as well as increased disinfection efforts for chefs and delivery personnel to reduce the chance of virus transmission.

As long as you choose contactless delivery and take necessary precautions, it is very difficult to be infected by Coronavirus.

However, a small chance doesn’t mean there’s completely no chance of infection, so it’s best to stick to following tips when ordering or picking up takeout food.

1. Formal delivery platform

In this special period, a formal delivery platform usually requires chefs, packers, and deliverers to pay attention to disinfection and epidemic prevention, and is willing to present the daily situation to consumers.

If you can see this information, you must feel a little more secure.

2. Reliable Restaurants

Don’t order takeout from restaurants in high-risk areas. Try to choose restaurants with good brands and guaranteed quality. In general, large chain stores have relatively high health standards, therefore the safety is more guaranteed.

3. Contactless delivery

When receiving packages such as take-out, express, etc., try to choose a contactless delivery method. Ask the deliveryman to put your package in the designated place and then pick it up by yourself. This prevents direct contact with the delivery person and greatly reduces the likelihood of exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

4. Wear Masks and Gloves

Be sure to wear a face mask when receiving takeout, and wear disposable gloves if you’re really worried.

If you have to come face to face with the delivery person, you should also pay attention to whether they wear masks, gloves, etc., and keep a safe distance.

5. Disinfect Promptly

Discard the outer packing soon after picking up the takeout or express package, and wash hands and disinfect immediately to minimize the risk of infection.

Remember, never touch your eyes, mouth or nose before washing your hands.

6. Eat cooked food

Only those ingredients cooked at high temperatures are truly safe, so try to eat cooked food during the epidemic. If you want to order ingredients for your own cooking, you should also wash them thoroughly before cooking them.

These are some things to keep in mind when picking up takeouts or receiving packages. Normal life has to continue even during the Coronavirus epidemic, and you don’t have to shut out all the convenient modern ways of life as long as protection and disinfection measures are in place.

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