Screen recording software is a tool that you don’t use all the time, but you don’t know where to start when you need it. Which screen recording tool should I choose? When we try to download screen recording software from various platforms, we will find that there are various problems.

  • Recording time limit
  • Advertising is outrageous
  • Poor recording quality

Earlier, a classmate once asked me “Can you recommend several screen recording software?”

Time has passed for a while, and I just need to record some simple video tutorials in the near future, so I have been in the past few months Pay attention to and try out different screen recording software. Today, I will introduce several good screen recording software. You can choose the one that suits you.

1. Captura

If only one screen recording software is recommended, then I would definitely choose Captura.

Captura is a free and open source screen recording tool that can record any area and window on the screen into a video, and you can choose whether to display the mouse, record mouse clicks, keyboard keys, and sounds.

Captura in the video settings, select the recording area, video encoder, frame rate and quality. Above the video, you can see icons such as mouse and finger. Their activation state can determine whether the video will display information such as the mouse, mouse click traces, and pressed keyboard keys.

Captura can meet the needs of most people for screen recording, and can meet most screen recording scenes. It mainly has the following software functions:

  • Voice recording
  • Define cursor
  • Language support Chinese
  • Recording picture quality, clear sound quality
  • Ability to quickly save recorded videos
  • Support screenshot
  • Open source and free
  • Unlimited time
  • Support compact mode
  • Can automatically identify the window, support custom selection of the screen recording area

Also need to add, this powerful screen recording tool installation package is less than 4M, very lightweight, and easy to use. Let’s take a look at a video recorded using Captura.

2. oCam

oCam is a universal camera intended to record a live computer screen. It can be used during situations such as tutorials, troubleshooting a website or sharing a presentation with others via an online webinar. Other common functions include recording videos directly off of popular websites such as YouTube. There is no charge to use this software package.

oCam is a streamlined version of more complicated screen-recording software. It can be a viable alternative for those who may have been looking for a no-frills package that still offers many of the same functions associated with complicated systems.

All recordings can be initiated and terminated with the click of a button and dragging the mouse icon allows the user to resize a specific image. This can be beneficial when recording smaller videos or when only capturing a portion of the page.

All files are immediately saved to the hard drive after recording has stopped.

3.OBS Studio

I think that the 2 screen recording tools introduced above should be able to meet the needs of most students. However, some students will have following questions:

What about macOS/Linux users?

What if the simple screen recording function is not enough to meet the complex demand scenarios?

Then OBS studio should be able to answer these two questions.

OBS studio is an open source and free screen recording tool, and supports following 3 major operating systems at the same time.

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux.

In addition, it also has following rich and powerful features,

  • Multi-source scene
  • mixer
  • Rich configuration items, flexible customization

Of course, Personally speaking, although OBS studio is powerful, I don’t use many functions, so I feel a little cumbersome. I prefer to choose oCam or Captura.

Different people have different needs and scenarios, so, here is an option for you to choose the OBS studio.

4. EV Screen Recorder

EV Screen Recorder is a screen recording tool that integrates screen recording and online live broadcast. It supports video transcoding and supports 1080p video quality recording. In addition, it supports the following 3 platforms respectively:

  • Android
  • windows
  • macOS

Therefore, if your mobile phone does not have the screen recording function, you can try EV screen recording.

But it should be pointed out that the EV screen recording tool is not completely free. It is divided into ordinary users and VIP users, and ordinary users support recording for 5 minutes. Of course, I think this is enough for many mobile phones screen recording.

5. ScreenToGif

I’ve been using this tool for a long time, it’s time to recommend this powerful recording tool.

ScreenToGif supports output video formats, but this is not the reason why I like this tool. what attracts me the most is the powerful GIF recording and editing function.

In the process of sharing articles for more than a year, sometimes it is necessary to animate some content. GIF is the best way. In this process, I tried many GIF tools, but in the end I chose ScreenToGif.

It supports custom windows, drawing boards and other functions in GIF recording. In addition, it is also very powerful in GIF editing, skipping frames, deleting similar frames, inverting, zooming, and modifying output quality.

It has the following main features:

  • Record the designated area of ​​the screen and save it directly as a gif animation file
  • Click to pause or resume recording
  • You can choose the recording area by yourself
  • You can continue to run other applications or windows during the recording process
  • You can delete the border
  • Choose a folder to save the file or save the file directly to the desktop;
  • Can add a system cursor to the recording file;
  • It is an .exe file, which takes up little space and is very portable;
  • Use the F key to start/pause or stop recording.

At present, there are many requirements for screen recording on mobile and computer terminals, and many software emerge in endlessly. This article analyzes the advantage and disadvantage of some screen recording software from different angles. I hope you can choose the screen recording software that suits you.

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