Cervical spondylosis, a common neck condition, has already become a kind of badge of honor among many hard workers, who see it as proof of being a good student or good employee.

The Causes of Cervical Spondylosis

Apart from unavoidable factors such as aging, cervical spondylosis is mostly caused by years of constant abnormal postures that stress the cervical vertebrae and the discs between them.

Unhealthy Living Habits

Unhealthy living habits are the biggest threat to the cervical vertebrae. People always bury their heads in computers, smartphones, and books, and maintain those incorrect postures for a long time.

Although cervical vertebrae can move within a large range, overstretching or bending more than 60 degrees will put great pressure on the neck, an impact equivalent to having an 8-year-old child hanging on the neck.

It’s okay if you move your neck occasionally. But remember, never remain a posture for too long. It’s always better to straighten your body while working or playing.

Incorrect Sleep Postures

Sleep postures are never a casual thing, and often neglected. The correct sleep posture is lying on one’s back while keeping the angle between the head and neck the same as when standing. It is also okay to lie on the side, as long as the head is parallel to the bed.

Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy posture, it is essential to choose the right pillow, one that is not too high or too low.

You can usually choose from two types of pillows: sunken and cylindrical. A sunken pillow for adults should be 8-10 centimeters in height with moderate softness and breathability, while a cylindrical one should be 10-12 centimeters in diameter and placed right under the neck.

In general, a pillow that keeps the neck suspended in the air is never a good pillow.

What Can You Do When Neck Hurts?Start Now!

What will you do after you understand the two most important causes of cervical vertebral disease? Buy a right pillow online and continue working in front of your computer, or relax and play one of your favorite games?

When the right pillow arrives, after three or four days, you’ll find that your neck still hurts so much. It’s not a pillow problem, it’s your problem!

You still have a lot of bad habits, such as bowing a long time. When you type at work, you unconsciously bow your back and stretch your neck to the screen.

After work, you take out your phone to play a game, watch a wonderful movie, or look at the book for at least an hour. Don’t just take it as a bad habit, the impact of bowing for a long time can’t be underestimated by all of us.

Now quickly put down your phone, give your shoulder health care!

Neck Stretch: Head Rolls Around the Neck

This action is very convenient and can be done anytime, anywhere. But one important point to be note is that when you turn your neck, you need to have a brief pause in all four directions.

A brief pause, rather than a sharp turn. It will exert less pressure on the cervical spine and is better at relaxing the neck muscles.

But this action is just a warm-up, be sure to continue to practice the following action.

Shoulder Wrap: Arms Rolls Around the Shoulders

This action has larger extent than the last action, and can also be done anytime, anywhere. If you need to sit down and hold your shoulder in one motion for a long time, this common exercise has great benefits.

It will let you immediately feel the back tight, the body changes, and be more graceful.

This action is also just for daily exercise, and cannot get your neck and shoulders have a deep exercise. If you want to get your cervical spine back to its best state, be sure to practice the next action.

 Stretch the Trapezius

Looking ahead, bend your neck toward one side, as if you were using your ears to reach your shoulders. Keep this position unrelaxed and hold on for 20 seconds, with a noticeable sense of stretch on the other side.

Face-to-back Stretch

Specifically, one hand crosses from the shoulder, stretches toward the center of the back, and pulls the other hand up from the bottom, trying to pull it up.

There is also a point to note when doing this action, which is not to be too fast. To slowly put the left hand back behind, and then slowly put the right hand over the head. Keep about five breathing cycles on it.

If your hands are out of reach, you can do this with a towel or a stretch band.

 Hot Compress and Muscle Massage

Heat compress is an effective method for people with high frequency of neck pain. Especially after a day’s work, when you just want to lie down on a chair, it’s a convenient way.

Wet the towel with hot water and apply it to the back of your neck. 20 minutes at a time is enough. The temperature should not be too high, 104℉is the best.

After 20 minutes of hot compress, your neck muscles have been fully relaxed. And then if you have a muscle massage, the effect will be better. It needs to use a tool, anything like a small ball is ok.

Place the ball on the shoulder and roll from top to bottom. A group of ten times, do 4 to 6 groups. It can be very effective in improving the problem of shoulder and neck discomfort.

 Cervical Curvature Recovery Training

Place the elastic belt or towel in the middle of your neck, stretch your hands forward, and return to your initial state when you lean your head back to the point where you feel the tension.

10 times in a group, do 3 groups. And when you do this action, be sure to tighten the chin!

Finally, I want to say one more thing. No matter how expensive pillows you’ve bought, how good training skills you’ve collected, the good habits are still the first. Whenever you want to hang your head and bend over, tell yourself, “Hey! You’re in the wrong position right now!”

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