Take out your driver license card, do you think the photo above is ugly or it didn’t show your real beauty actually? I believe that there are few people satisfy their drive license photo. Because most of the time, the photo on the drive license have an expression on their face that they do not like, or their hairs is messy and looks funny, or there is something wrong on their face or cloth.

It seems that the photo on all kind of certificates are not satisfied with people around the world. So is there any ways that can improve the effect on the final results. Actually, there are things you can do so that you will be somewhat satisfactory with it. After all, the driver license would be with you for several years, as well as the photo. And maybe the last thing you want to do is to see a satisfactory photo every time you pull your driver’s license out of your wallet. So, today, I’m going to introduce some drivers license picture tips. Let’s start!

1. Be Careful of Your Dress

You have to choose the corresponding dress when you are going to take photo, it depends on the background. If the background is dark color, you’d better wear the light color clothes, while the background is light color, you’d better wear the dark color cloth, because in this way, you won’t look pale on the shot.

There are certain colors that you’d better not wear when you are going to have an identification photo taken. First, you should remember that do not wear white, because as the above mentioned, the background for photos is a light color, therefore, if you wear white cloth, not only will your clothing blend in, you will look like you are pale and sickly if you are fair skinned.

You can wear shirts, and it won’t goes wrong with it, and it has a sense of professionalism. But wearing shirts is also exquisite, it is best not to tie the top button, more exposed neck will make the neck more slender. For the same reason, don’t wear clothes that are too high-necked, as this will make your neck look short.

2. Don’t Wear too much Makeup

No heavy makeup on your identification photos. Your driver’s license photo is not a glamour portrait, so you don’t need to go with a haevy makeup. As an indentification photo, the most useful way is recognizing, if the photo are not the same with the nreal you, there would be many troubles when you are using it. Your makeup can be light, that’s to improve your complexion. If a police officer pulls you over and asks to see your license, he or she is not going to be worried about whtther or nor you had makeup on when the photo was taken.

3. Don’t Smile too much

We know that smile is very important when taking photos. But we can not smile too much, that would be a little exaggerated. In our daily life, we can often stand in front of mirror to practice smile, pay attention to your facial expressions at ordinary times. Smile if you smile well, and show your teeth if you smile well. Generally speaking, exposing 6 teeth is the most appropriate. Laughing too openly is not good, it is easy to appear small eyes and big face, and it will also look silly. If you think you don’t look good when smiling, just play cool, smile a little with your mouth pursed, or stop smiling at all. In short, you have to fit your own temperament!

4. Look Above the Lens

When taking driver license photos, many people stare straight into the lens, making the photographer’s back chill. In fact, it’s not good, and it doesn’t look good when taken. The correct way is to raise the focus point of your eyes slightly, about 3 cm above the lens. Doing so can make your eyes look bigger, while keeping your eyes facing the camera.

5. Keep Your Hair Neat

You’d better in the haircut style that you most often wear. That means that you can change your haircut, but for your long term haircut, it is better not too fancy. Of course, you may end up getting your hair cut or styled differently after you get your license, but for the most part, we tend to keep the same hairstyle for many months at a time, especially men.

Besides, make sure that your hair is not messy, but tidy and neat. Make sure that there is nothing hanging in your eyes. It is important that your eyes be completely visible in your photo.

6. Wear Your Glasses

If you are a person who will wear glasses in a long run, and when you are driving, you also wear glasses. In this case, make sure that you are wearing your glasses when you have your ID photos. Because in that way, the  traffic officers can recognize you quickly. If you are a person who wear contact lens in your daily life, you’d better wear it when you have your drive license photo. But please remember that don’t wear the contact lens which have different colors, as well as cosmetic contact lenses.

7. Sleep Well

Adequate sleep will make you refreshed the next day. Insufficient sleep and low-quality sleep will make your skin dull and dull, and your originally moisturized face will quickly dry out. Conversely, a full, high-quality beauty sleep will make you wake up to find yourself radiant and glowing all over. After a little sleep or an all-nighter, you will find dark circles or bags under your eyes. Ensuring enough time for sleep is itself a means to reduce eye puffiness.

The above seven tips are helpful to you to take a good driver license, if you do it like these steps, you may be more satisfied with the photo.

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