In my opinion, Dyson’s greatest contribution to mankind is not to make girls curl more natural, but the vacuum cleaners they make.

The V11 cordless vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly the master of this category, regardless of the suction power of up to 185 AW, the battery life of up to 1 hour or the price.

If you have to pick faults, V11 may have deeply hit the three major pain points of contemporary young people: not that big house, not that big arm, and not so much money.

Dyson, who knows the aspirations of consumers well, decided to launch a vacuum cleaner that combines performance and weight with a price conscience-Dyson Digital Slim, a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner.

  • Lightness is a kind of productivity in itself

From carrying the box upstairs to unpacking and playing, the first impression Digital Slim gave me was that it was light and so good.

Although not marked with the V series, this Digital Slim shows the shadow of the predecessor V11 everywhere. It has a similar appearance, the same horizontal dust bucket design, and is also equipped with an LCD screen.

Compared with V11, the weight of the Digital Slim is reduced by 30%. In the handheld mode, it is only 1.9kg, and the volume is reduced by 20%.

In order not to become a fitness equipment, Dyson did not clean up any inventory parts this time, but redesigned all the components. For example, the fuselage adopts an integrated molding design, the fuselage and the hand-held handle are combined into one, and the vacuum rod becomes shorter and thinner.

Even the volume and weight of the main tip have been reduced by 40%, which is actually a key to the user experience. Many people choose not to sweep the floor robot, because the flexibility of the vacuum cleaner can be artificially cleaned in more complex scenes. This requires frequent lifting of the suction head, bypassing the power strips and cables, and crossing the threshold and steps. The brush head is the furthest away from the fulcrum, and every lighter, it can be doubled easily.

Dyson didn’t let go of the fulcrum. Digital Slim redesigned the buttons and handles. The buttons became a curved design that fits the fingers. The diameter of the handle was shortened, and a groove was made under the handle.

If you use Dyson for a long time, you will find that every time you lift the vacuum cleaner with one hand, you actually use your middle finger and index finger as a fulcrum. When the handle of Digital Slim is held, the index finger can be tightly attached to the button. Obviously save effort when exerting force.

With a lighter weight, a shorter vacuum rod, a better grip, and a more flexible operation, Digital Slim is very friendly to girls and elderly people with delicate statures. Even for me who has used V11 for a long time, Digital Slim has given me some unexpected value.

V11 is basically a land weapon to me. After all, it is not easy to lift a nearly two kilogram weight over my head. Digital Slim allows me to covet the old gray on the wall. The idea of ​​cleaning up was started.

Being light is a kind of productivity in itself.

Light without sacrificing suction

The motor is the key to driving the impeller to produce vacuum suction. Its speed determines the core ability of vacuuming-suction power.

This time, the Hyperdymium rotating speed motor of Digital Slim is 15% smaller than that of V11, but the speed is still as high as 120,000 rpm, which can drive 100AW of suction.

If you only look at the nominal parameters, 100AW is in the first echelon of vacuum cleaners, but it is not the highest in Dyson’s own home, even less than its own V8, let alone V11’s outrageous 185AW.

Is the suction power of 100AW enough?

I evenly mixed 5g of oatmeal, 5g of millet, and 5g of salt to simulate daily garbage. I used V11 and Digital Slim to perform two rounds of vacuum tests on the tiled floor respectively.

From the naked eye, the cleaning ability of the two is the same. The slight difference is that when inhaling oatmeal with larger particles, Digital Slim may bounce the oatmeal due to the relatively narrow air intake, while V11 is calmer.

▲ Digital Slim

▲ V11

For cleaning tiles or wooden floors, the suction power of 100AW is actually more than enough. You know, sweeping robots on the market are usually only 30-40AW.

So to some extent, it is a bit redundant to use Dyson V11 to clean hard floors, but this does not mean that high suction power is meaningless. If you have the need for deep cleaning of the whole house, dust mite’s removal or large area carpet, you should try to buy more High-power products

Compared with the peak suction power, there is actually another core indicator that determines the vacuuming effect but is often overlooked, that is, the suction power attenuation. The fine dust sucked together with the garbage will not only block the filter, but may even enter the motor, resulting in a drop in suction. This is like when we are testing a mobile phone chip, we can not only look at the peak performance, but also look at its durability.

The “on protracted war” of suction is closely related to cyclone design. In fact, the principle of the vacuum cleaner is very simple. The dust is thrown around with tornado-like air, and then the big beads and small beads fall on the jade pan, fall into the dust bucket under the cyclone, and discharge clean air from the middle. In theory, the greater the centrifugal force, the better the separation effect.

Digital Slim adopts the horizontal dust collecting bin design since V10, which not only makes it easier to dump garbage, but also reduces airflow consumption and friction.

The size of the centrifugal force = mass x radius x angular velocity². When the dust quality is established, a larger airflow velocity and a smaller dust bucket radius can increase the speed and enhance the centrifugal force.

On the one hand, Digital Slim improved the width of the air inlet, increased the airflow speed, and reduced the friction of the airflow. This made the centrifugal force of a single cyclone even exceeded V11, reaching more than 100,000G.

  • Suction head, dust collector and battery life

As a part that directly deals with trash and dust, suction heads are often overlooked. Dyson Digital Slim is equipped with a slim soft velvet tip and several tips and accessories.

This time I got the matte purple Digital Slim Fluffy Extra. The standard slim soft velvet tip, electric mattress tip, bottom conversion tip, slit soft fur wide mouth dual purpose tip and accompanying tip holder. In addition, compared with the Fluffy version, there are 4 more tips and accessories-wide-mouth fabric tip, extension hose, narrow slit lighting tip and high-altitude conversion tip.

If you don’t have much need for cleaning the bed, high places, deep places and dark places, the basic version is enough.

This time, the standard bottom conversion head of the whole series is worthy of praise. It can more easily allow the suction head to penetrate deep under the furniture without making users “kneel their knees.”

However, due to the bendable nature of the conversion head, the first time it is operated, it is not as easy to control as the original one, so you need to be familiar with the operation.

Another improvement is that the tip of Digital Slim can be removed with bare hands, and does not need to be opened with a coin like V11.

Since Digital Slim targets hard floors, it is not equipped with the high-torque carpet nozzles on V11.

As for the filter, it is no different from V11, and it can still filter 99.97% of fine dust as small as 0.3 microns to avoid secondary pollution. Both the filter screen and the brush strip can be cleaned directly, including the narrow slot lighting tip.

As a user who used to pick hair from the cleaning dust bucket with bare hands, I especially value the design of dumping garbage.

Digital Slim continues the design of the horizontal dust bin since V10. This catapult-start design is easier to dump garbage than before V10, and dumping garbage is also cleaner. Compared to V11, the damping feel promoted by Digital Slim seems to be smoother, and the elasticity of the dust collector cover seems to be optimized.

In addition, like V11, Digital Slim is also equipped with an LCD screen, which can display the remaining power while switching between automatic, energy-saving and powerful modes, and can also monitor 12 states such as airway blockage or the need to clean up garbage.

It’s just that the switch button at the bottom of the screen has changed from metal to plastic.

The battery is also the key to Digital Slim’s “slimming”, reduced to 18650. Following the V11 Absolute Extra, Digital Slim unsurprisingly also adopts a replaceable battery design, which not only makes old Dyson users envy , but also reminds countless smartphone users nostalgic for the past.

With a button, the user can easily remove the battery module like a “magic clip” and charge it separately.

The measured Digital Slim single battery can run for 40 minutes in energy-saving mode, which is 20 minutes shorter than V11, the use time of medium mode is 28 minutes, and the use time of strong mode is about 9 minutes.

The battery life is not high in stand-alone mode, but because of the existence of the detachable battery, you can double the use time and expand the use area by replacing the “magic clip” in the middle. It not only solves the problem of portability, but does not reduce the dust collection area.

  • Digital Slim is the flagship of small cups in vacuum cleaners

Digital Slim is like the “small cup” flagship popular among smartphone manufacturers in recent years. The weight and price are greatly reduced, but the core performance is not sacrificed. As for the battery life problem that has always existed in the small cup, Digital Slim has also creatively solved it with the design of a removable battery.

It is not only suitable for users who have requirements for weight perception, even if they are used to reinstalling users, the invigoration of Digital Slim is an experience that can’t go back after using it.

For Dyson Digital Slim, a lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner, I also had the first hands-on experience.

In terms of appearance, Dyson Digital Slim and Dyson V8 Slim are similar in size and volume. Both the box and the actual size of the machine are much smaller than standard flagship versions such as V8 and V11.

For the same main compact Dyson V8 Slim, I have also experienced it before. For petite girls, Dyson V8 Slim is already a vacuum cleaner with a good experience, and at the same time, the price is relatively good. The positioning of Dyson Digital Slim is to be higher.

The design of Dyson Digital Slim is like a mini version of Dyson V11. The dust bin is also opened in the same way as the Dyson V11. It can easily penetrate into the trash can without causing any problems secondary pollution.

However, Dyson has also made some changes to the design on this model. For example, the cyclone part on the Dyson V11 uses the usual gray design, while the Dyson Digital Slim design has become more colorful Purple, with a metallic luster texture. I feel that it enhances the sense of refinement, this purple looks quite charming.

In a word, Dyson Digital Slim is mainly improved in terms of light weight and ease of use, and the core capabilities of digital motors, cyclones and suction are also the best in the current volume, considering different people, the environment used is more targeted.

If you think Dyson V11 is still a bit heavier, then this Digital Slim can take a good look.

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