Nowadays, computers have become one of the necessary tools for people to study, work and play. Mastering some computer skills can not only enrich our skills, but also improve our efficiency! Today the author shares with readers some basic but easy and practical computer skills, you can use these little skills to better use the computer.

1. Quickly Switch Programs

There are too many programs on the desktop, and it is troublesome to click one by one with the mouse. How to switch it quickly between different programs?

Press Alt + Tab to get it done, or press the Windows key + Tab key, this operation can also open the 3D switching effect (for Win7 and Win10). It is a usual easy and practical computer skill.

2. One – key Quick Screen Lock

When you are working, if you need to leave your seat temporarily because of other tasks, and you attach great importance to the safety of your computer, what should you do?

Press the Windows key + L key, and the computer will lock the screen quickly. At this time, other people will not be able to view your computer, so there is no need to worry about data leakage.

3. Quickly Open File Management

When readers want to search for files on the computer, they usually find “My Computer” first, then click to open, and then search for the files you need one by one. The steps are a bit cumbersome. You can press the Windows key + E key to directly open the Explorer.

4. Display the Desktop Directly

When you are watching entertainment videos or playing games during working hours, the boss suddenly comes in, and the mouse can not be clicked on the display desktop in the lower right corner in a short time. What should you do? The author helps you pass the temporary check safely: Press the Windows key + D key to switch to the desktop quickly.

5. Quickly Close the Page

As in the above situation, when you take a break during work hours, you do not want to be seen by other people passing by that you are not working, and you want to quickly close the website you are browsing. What should you do? Press Ctrl + W or Alt+F4 to close the current page.

6. Restore the Closed Page

When you are using the computer, the computer suddenly malfunctions or the webpage is suddenly shut down, and you want to continue to browse the webpage that was just turned off, but you can not find the previous webpage again. What should you do?

Press Ctrl + Shift + T to restore the webpage that was just closed in the browser.

7. Recovery of Accidentally Deleted Text

What should you do if you accidentally delete a few large sections of documents or work plans that you have written for a long time?

Press Ctrl + Z to undo the deletion, including accidentally deleted files, you can also easily retrieve them.

8. Enlarge Text and Pictures

When we are viewing the image, what should we do if the text in the image to be viewed is too small to see clearly?

When our computer has enough resolution, try the Windows key and +, you can zoom in as many times as you want. To zoom out, press the Windows key and -, you can use these two shortcut keys to adjust the size arbitrarily for us to view the picture efficiently and clearly.

9. Quickly Adjust the Computer

When you are using computers, as time and environment change, you have different requirements for the brightness and sound of the computer. How to adjust the display brightness and volume quickly and comprehensively?

Press Windows key + X, everything can be done!

10. Multi-tab Switching

When the reader is using the computer, the operating modes of Google and IE are to open several pages in the same window, so it is necessary to switch between several pages to complete the use. With Ctrl + Tab, you can switch between several pages easily and quickly.

11. Screen Recording Function

In daily life, you may need to use a computer to record some things, but because some tools need to pay, and some tools have a large number of spam advertising pop-ups, you can not find a useful third-party screen recording tool.

Try to use the computer’s own tool, press Windows key + R, enter psr.exe and press Enter, and then you can start recording.

12. Permanently Delete Files

Unused programs and files in the computer need to be deleted permanently if you do not want to occupy the computer memory. Normally, you need to delete the files and then enter the computer recycle bin for a second deletion operation.

Press Shift + Delete to delete permanently the selected item once.

13. Find Keywords Quickly

In daily work, sometimes it is necessary to search for a certain keyword, and the search accuracy is low and the time is long. When you need to check a certain sentence in a huge amount of text but have not found it for a long time, do you want to locate a certain keyword quickly?

Press Ctrl + F to find and locate the keyword accurately immediately.

14. Bring up the Virtual Keyboard

Sometimes the computer keyboard suddenly breaks down and can not be used. At this time, it is too late to replace it and you need to use the keyboard to complete the work immediately. What should you do? You can use the virtual keyboard to complete the remaining work: press Windows + R to enter osk, and a virtual keyboard appears! When you press a key, the virtual keyboard will also show the pressed state.

15. Quickly Capture the Full Screen

Screenshots can be a good record way of some operations on the computer. Readers can use the screenshot tool that comes with the computer system to make daily records: press Print Scr Sysrq or fn + Print Scr, press Ctrl + V where you need to paste the screenshot, picture is automatically generated at that location.

In conclusion, the above are some easy and practical computer skills in the use of computers summarized by the author. You can remember them so that you can use the computer more efficiently in the future.

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