It is now popular to draw pictures on the iPad, which can not only be modified at any time, but also can be changed anytime and anywhere, and there are more tools in the drawing software. Of course, non-professional people can use these drawing apps for iPad. So what drawing programs is recommended on the iPad?

There is not too much emphasis on painting software. The requirements of no advertisements, easy use of tools, and real brush strokes are not excessive. So, the following is what I recommend to everyone to download and use.



The price of Procreate is $9.99. You only need to pay nearly 10 dollars to get this drawing programs that won the Apple WWDC Design Award!


1. It has rich brushes. You can use Procreate brushes to easily draw effects such as oil painting, sketch, pen drawing, and watercolor. In order to better express the material, it is also equipped with metal, water vapor, cloud, smoke and other material brushes, which is simply a brush artifact! In addition, each type of brush in Procreate can be personalized, and it supports self-made and imported brushes. Very attentive.

2. Procreate has a wealth of layers and supports different layer overlay styles. PS commonly used multiplies are supported, which is rare in iPad illustration software. In addition, the layer lock function is also very practical. For example, if you draw a solid circle on a layer, and then lock the layer, the content you draw on the layer is limited to the solid circle. This function will not affect other areas when portraying details, which is very convenient.

3. Procreate also has a selection drawing function, which is similar to layer lock but more flexible. You can use the selection pen to draw a limited area, and then use the brush to paint again, the same will not exceed the circled area.

4. The content of the selection also supports free zooming and stretching. For example, after I drew the top hat of a bearded gentleman, I felt that the top hat did not seem to be high enough, but I was too lazy to wipe it off and repaint it. What should I do? It’s simple! As long as I use the selection tool to select the upper part of the hat to be stretched, and then use the selection tool to manually stretch the top hat. Is it convenient?

5. Perspective assist function. You can set to enable one-point, two-point or three-point perspective, and then the lines you draw will automatically follow the perspective lines to become straight and accurate. From then on, it is easier to draw scenes and buildings.

6. As the iPad painting software, procreate also has a screen recording and playback function and supports exporting videos, which is simply a useful tool for tutorials.



ArtRage has different prices for different platforms. If you want to use it on iPad, then only $4.99.


1. The interface of ArtRage is very clean, all menus and palettes are foldable. Right-click on the screen to hide and show all toolbars and palettes.

2. ArtRage is very powerful in imitating natural brushes for other drawing apps for iPad, and its ability to imitate various brush characteristics is amazing. Not only that, it can also imitate different paper textures, making you totally incomprehensible that you are only painting on a computer. The effect it draws is almost the same as the effect painted on paper with paint.

3. If the file created by ArtRage wants to be larger than the size of the screen resolution, you need to click New Painting in the file, fill in a size you want in the Screen Size, such as 1400*900px, resolution 300, and then click on the right of Print Size Select Add New Paint Preset… in the box, and a Save As window will appear, just save. ArtRage allows users to select the paper of the canvas and the color of the canvas.

4. As an iPad painting software, Oil Paint can realistically imitate traditional oil brush strokes, with real thick coating textures. To change the size of the brush, click the plus and minus signs in the brush window. Oil Paint has a unique feature. You will definitely find the icon button of the water cup, which is the function of manual cleaning.

Oil Paint’s brush has a stain effect similar to that of a traditional oil brush, and the newly painted brush strokes will automatically blend the previous colors. Click on the water cup icon to manually clean the brush to keep the brush strokes pure. There is also an automatic cleaning option on the color panel, but it is recommended to clean the brush manually.

5. Although the operation of ArtRage is simple and intuitive, it is very comfortable. But ArtRage has no extra processing functions, which completely tests the basic qualities of the painter. ArtRage cannot perform advanced file processing, zoom screens, create new files larger than the screen resolution, or pick up colors without a straw tool… However, for such a little guy with only more than 1MB, it is very difficult to do so many functions.

Auryn Ink


The price of Auryn Ink is $3.99, which is very cheap compared to similar painting software.


1. Auryn Ink is a professional and powerful drawing apps for iPad. If you are also a lover of watercolor, you can use this tool to create your works. It can create real watercolor simulations with realistic effects, no difference from real watercolor paintings.

2. Auryn Ink software allows you to choose different nib shapes, bristles texture, and adjust brush size. You can choose different paints, adjust the thickness of the drawing, and apply pressure effects and gesture speed.

3. You can freely choose paper, brush size, color, etc. If the color is darker, you can dilute the color with water. After painting, you can let it dry immediately or slowly.

4. With 96 predefined bright and vivid colors, it matches with the professional watercolor paintings of Windsor and Newton.

5. Ability to save custom color trays. In addition, it is easy to obtain the size of the brush, the amount of water and the color on the brush.

6. It is worth mentioning that Auryn Ink can switch the side of the slider for left-handed users.

7. The disadvantage is that the UI is very bad and can only be saved in jpg format, not native format. After finishing half of the drawing, if you want to redraw one, you can only save and empty it, and then there is no way to open it and continue drawing. This is a very inconvenient place in the drawing apps for iPad.

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