You are the owner of your mobile phone, you definitely in possession of it, but you know less about the new technology in it. Let me tell you.

 As we all know, it is difficult to see the difference in the appearance of current smart phones. In addition to relying on ringtones and special buttons, current smart phones are more integrated with technological elements. These technological elements are often used by manufacturers as selling points, but as a consumer, do you understand these new technologies?

  1. Fast charge

 Fast charging means literally improving the charging speed of mobile phones. The principle is also relatively simple. The input voltage and current of the mobile phone are adjusted through the chipset to shorten the charging time.

 At present, there are mainly Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 (the latest Quick Charge 3.0), MediaTek Pump Express high-voltage charging technology, and OPPO VOOC flash charging and increasing current charging technology. Comparing the three technologies, OPPO VOOC flash charging technology has a high safety factor and a better charging effect.

According to the national standard, the battery capacity is more than 80% qualified after 500 discharges. Although fast charging will waste battery life than slow charging, the impact is not obvious if the mobile phone is used for about one year. So consumers

who like to get new phones every year can give priority to fast charging mobile phones.

When charging the mobile phone, the charging head determines the voltage and current. The voltage and current output parameters are marked on the regular charging heads.

Of course, in addition to those mentioned above, the quality of the charging head and the data cable also affects the charging speed. It is recommended that everyone try to choose original or large brands, because the quality is guaranteed.

2. Three or Four Cameras

Apple’s mobile phone has always been the main camera of 12 million pixels, and this year’s new phone is the same.

 But different from the previous ones, the iPhone12 series of mobile phones have a larger sensor than before, which allows the iPhone12 sensor to get more light, thereby improving the clarity of its own photos. At the same time, when shooting at night, the camera effect and video ,the effect will be improved accordingly.

 In addition, the iPhone12 Pro MAX mobile phone will support 120Hz refresh rate, but its lower version, iPhone12 Pro will not support it, and the new iPhone12 series mobile phone, the Pro version will adopt a rear three-camera design, it seems that it has not adopted the previous the four-camera design that broke the news, but Huawei has adopted a four-camera design.

3. Folding Screen Technology

I believe many people know that folding screen technology has always been Samsung’s strength. This year, a number of folding-screen phones have been released. W21 5G also continues Samsung’s mature technology. This product is somewhat similar to the Galaxy Z Fold2, with an internal folding structure and two screens inside and outside. Among them, the surface of the 7.6-inch main screen is covered with Samsung’s ultra-thin flexible glass (UTG), which can provide good protection, and supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, taking into account visual effects and battery life.

 The hinge part is also an invisible hinge, with dust-proof fiber technology and multi-angle rotation stop technology to ensure the service life while allowing the screen to be at different opening angles. The mobile phone can be easily placed on the desktop for operations such as taking pictures and video shooting, combined with dual preview, automatic composition and other functions, undoubtedly further optimize the user experience.

 In addition, the 7.6-inch foldable screen also brings excellent productivity. The mobile phone supports multitasking, can open three applications at the same time, and has a drag-and-drop function, which can achieve PC-like operations. Text, pictures or documents can be viewed, drag and drop between applications to improve editing efficiency.

  4. Ink Screen

The ink screen is composed of many electronic inks. There are white positive and black negative charges in the liquid. When we give positive and negative voltages, the charged liquid will be attracted and repelled respectively. In this way, each pixel can display white or black. Therefore, readers like Kindle are mainly black and white screens, and there are a few color ink screens, but the effect is not ideal.

 The ink screen function is often heard about power saving and eye protection. Power saving means that when the display content is not refreshed, the screen can be retained even if there is no power supply, which is very power-saving and has a long battery life. However, when refreshing the content, it will consume more power, and the dynamic video display cannot be satisfied. The ink screen is visible under strong light, and since there is no flicker and radiation, it greatly reduces the fatigue of the eyes.

5, Iris Unlock

Iris unlocks, which only appeared in science fiction movies before, appeared on mobile phones, which really made users excited. Iris unlock is to capture the iris image through a camera, perform feature extraction, and finally generate iris data. In theory, iris unlocking is safer than fingerprint unlocking, probably only DNA can exceed  Now that the iris unlock is released, some people feel that the fingerprint unlock is weak, but it is not. There is feedback from users that the iris unlocking effect is not ideal under poor light conditions. Some people think that the fingerprint unlocking can be turned on directly in the bag, and the iris unlocking requires the mobile phone to be brought to the face.

 It is no exaggeration to say that the new technologies on these mobile phones are very exciting.

 Is there any \”fascinating\” new technology in your phone?

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