Because of the portability of laptops, more and more people will choose to use laptops. Laptops, like all electronic products, will wear out with the increase in service life. In fact, a laptop always worth a lot of money, so we need to use it to the best of its ability. Today, the editor will share with you several ways to extend the life of your laptop.

Pay Attention to Heat Dissipation

Heat dissipation has always been the biggest weakness of laptops, especially in summer, you should pay special attention to cooling down in high temperatures. Due to the high integration of internal hardware, there is almost no extra space inside the laptops, and most laptops have only one cooling fan inside. If you run for a long time or play games, a small cooling fan is somewhat inadequate.

The keyboard of a laptop computer will play a role in assisting heat dissipation to a certain extent. Some friends put a keyboard protective film on the laptop keyboard. Although the keyboard protective film can play the role of dustproof and abrasion resistance, and it is thin, a layer of keyboard film still will affect the heat dissipation of the laptops to a certain extent. Therefore, the choice of keyboard film should be determined according to the configuration and use of the laptops. If the laptop you are using has a low calorific value and is only used for surfing the Internet and watching movies, the keyboard film is more suitable for you. Of course, if you are using a laptop to play games, then you must carefully consider it.

Except that, you also can use some little settings to change the heat dissipation. For example, you can add heat dissipation brackets and booster pads to the laptops, which are simple and effective to enhance the heat dissipation performance of the laptops.

Pay Attention to the Hard Drive of Your Laptop

Nowadays, many laptops are equipped with SSD hard disk, which can reduce the chance of laptops crash due to hard disk failure. In fact, as long as you use the right methods and good use of skills, you can also find potential problems in your computer early. Excessive vibration should be avoided when booting to ensure that the hard disk has physical bad sectors.

Specially, heat dissipation is also very important for laptops hard drive protection. Applications such as iveDx and CrystalDiskInfo can help users monitor the status of the hard disk (including the current temperature), and promptly remind users when problems are found. Moreover, Deleting unnecessary files, applications, and debris will also help lower the hard disk temperature. Essentially, anything that can reduce the difficulty of the hard drive will help increase its service life and even the service life of the entire laptops.

Actually, for solid state drive, it has fast read and write speed, small size, and strong shock resistance. However, once the storage particles in it fail, all data will be unreadable. If other components fail, replacement can basically solve the problem. In contrast, the situation after mechanical hard disk problems is much more complicated. Coupled with the advantages of mechanical hard disks with large capacity and low price, many people still prefer to store large data in mechanical hard disks, so we should pay more attention to the protection of mechanical hard drives.

The protection of mechanical hard drives is actually very simple. But if you want to truly protect the hard disk, you must first start with the principle of the hard disk. The principle of the hard disk is actually that the internal magnetic head reads or writes information on one or several circular disks through electromagnetic flow. The disk rotates rapidly after the hard disk is powered on, and the head slides on the disk to the motherboard to access data. Among them, the most expensive hard drives are the heads and disks.

Firstly, we need to avoid sudden power failure, when the hard disk is working, the disk is generally rotating at a high speed. If the power is cut off suddenly at this time, the head may scratch the disc and damage the integrity of the data.

At present, a very small “battery” is installed in some hard disks. When the external power supply is cut off, the mechanical hard disk will use the power of this battery to preferentially move the head to a safe area to avoid scratching the disc. Although there is such protection, you should avoid sudden power failure during use. In addition, in professional fields, such as monitoring, servers, etc., these data are more valuable than personal hard disk data. These hard disks or hard disk groups for storing data are generally equipped with UPS (that is, uninterruptible power supply). In the event of a sudden power failure due to force majeure, the battery equipped in the UPS will replace the main power supply and continue to work until the power is restored or the battery no power.

Secondly, we need to prevent a lot of dust. Today’s hard drives are mostly sealed, and generally have only one filter air hole to balance the air pressure difference caused by the heat generated during work. However, in a severely dusty environment, the air holes can easily inhale dust in the air. The dust accumulates in the hard disk for a long time, which will affect the heat dissipation of electronic components, causing the temperature of circuit boards and other components to rise, causing leakage and burning components. And it cause some inexplicable problems.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain environmental hygiene and reduce the humidity and dust content in the air. It should be noted here that general users cannot disassemble the hard disk cover by themselves, otherwise the dust in the air will enter the hard disk. If you try to physically repair it, please go to a professional organization to avoid scratching the platters or heads during read and write operations.

Thirdly, we can reduce external force bumps. The hard disk is a kind of precision equipment, and the interaction distance between the head and the disk can reach several micrometers during work. When being impacted by an external force, the head will leave damage on the disk. In the case of high temperature, high magnetic field, and static electricity, the hard disk may be damaged greatly. From part of the data damage to the entire hard disk scrapping, all of it is possible. So be careful when you carry, move, and use.

Use Your Battery Correctly

The vast majority (almost all) of the laptops users are wrong about the use and maintenance of the battery, or leave it alone. As a result, a large number of laptops have been used for 1-2 years, and the battery is worn out seriously, and the power will be cut off when the adapter is unplugged, or only a few minutes of use. Improper use of the battery will not only affect the life of the computer, but also may burn and explode if it is serious, so it is very important to use the battery reasonably. We can use the following tips to use batteries reasonably.

1. Don’t Heat up

The normal use temperature of the laptops, the battery tolerance can still be reached, the high temperature mentioned here mainly refers to the long-term storage in the car in summer.

2. Pay Attention to Battery

Most of the battery scale warnings in the operating system and power management are set at about 10% by default. The first warning is the first warning. When the computer warns that the battery is too low, you must charge the laptops in time. If you can’t find a place to charge temporarily, then save it. All editing documents, turn off the computer. Unless there is a special emergency, try not to completely drain the battery, because most batteries have a management chip. In order to avoid battery accidents when the battery is completely exhausted, some manufacturers’ settings will lock the battery. If you are lucky, maybe it can be activated normally after 12 hours of continuous charging, if you are unlucky, it will be locked forever or damaged completely.

3. Don’t Keep Fully Charged

This situation is the most common, because most of us using laptops don’t care much about the battery status. Anyway, we always plug in the adapter, thinking that the laptop’s own power management software can help us optimize our battery status, but it is useless at all.

The normal battery usage is the same as that of a mobile phone. It is cyclic, it is charged when the battery is empty and fully used. But after all, the use time of laptop batteries is too short, so it is really unnecessary, so our regular recommendation is to unplug the adapter every one week or half a month, let the battery work cycle, slowly release to 10%-15%, and then fully charge for normal use. Basically, it can achieve better maintenance and prolong life.

Differently, For detachable batteries, the best suggestion is to charge the battery to 70%-80% when you are not using the battery, then turn off the battery, remove the battery, wrap it in an electrostatic bag or plastic bag, and put it in a dry In the cabinet. (Do not mix metal coins, keys and other conductive materials in the bag). Since the battery will slowly consume power when it is placed, we take out and insert the laptops every 1-2 months to check the power. If the power is still enough, we can leave it for longer next time, and let the battery cycle again before saving. The laptop is left unused for a long time, and the same maintenance method is used.

4. New Computer Does not Require Long Activation Operations

Now that laptops batteries are all lithium-ion batteries, all laptops can be used directly after opening the box and plug in the adapter. There is no saying that it takes a long time to recharge the battery to activate the battery for the first time. In normal use, you do not have to worry about how much it has to be discharged before it can be charged, and it can be used again when it is full, because lithium batteries have no memory effect. Use it anytime, charge it anytime. Remember, do not overcharge and discharge all the time. Although it is about the maintenance and use of laptop batteries, in fact, the maintenance and use of all lithium batteries are basically the same. You can also use the same way to maintain and use.

Be Warning

Special circumstances, such as your battery has been swollen. Generally, the built-in battery of the laptops is placed in the position of the touchpad on the palm rest, and the bulging battery will lift the touchpad and casing of the laptops, and you should be able to distinguish easily. At this time, you must get a professional repair organization immediately and let them take out the battery for you. Otherwise, the continued use of the battery will easily lead to the danger of burning and explosion.

The picture shows a repair station, the battery suddenly burned and exploded at night.

Generally, although it is about the maintenance and use of laptop batteries, in fact, the maintenance and use of all lithium batteries are basically the same. You can also use the same way to maintain and use.

In summary, compared with desktop computers, the heat dissipation, dust, and vibration problems of laptops are more worthy of our attention. Basically, as long as the timely heat dissipation of the laptops and regular dust removal, we can use it with confidence. In addition, in the maintenance of the display, we can also extend life and save power by adjusting the time when the system turns off the power of the display. As long as we spend more time on the regular maintenance of the laptop during daily use, we can avoid various failures.

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