Kongming lanterns are a way for the Chinese people to pray for blessings on festivals. Many people also call them wishing lanterns or sky lanterns. There are legends that flying a Kongming lantern can make your dream come true and realize your wishes. Therefore, the Kongming lantern has become a must-have tool for Chinese people to pray for the festival. , But what is the origin of Kong Ming Deng? I believe many people don’t know it very well, so I will give you a brief introduction before making Kongming Lantern.

The origin of the Kongming Lantern 1: Kongming Lantern It is said that the Kongming Lantern was invented by Zhuge Kongming, an army master during the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China. This person is resourceful and clever, no matter how severe and dangerous the battle situation is, Zhuge Kongming’s tactics can make it overcome obstacles and leap to safety.

The Legend of Kongming Lantern1:When Zhuge Liang was besieged in Pingyang by Sima Yi, the whole army was helpless. Zhuge Liang came up with a clever plan to calculate the wind direction. He ordered people to take a thousand sheets of white paper, paste them into countless lanterns, and then use the upward gravity of the smoke to take them into the air. A small lantern was raised, and the soldiers in the camp shouted: \”Mr. Zhuge is sitting on the sky lantern to breakthrough!\” Sima Yi actually believed that it was true and led troops to chase in the direction of the sky lantern, Zhuge Liang was able to escape. So later generations called this lantern \”Kongming Lantern\”.

The origin of Kongming Lantern 2: According to legend, another theory is that this lantern looks like a hat worn by Zhuge Kongming, so it was named \”Kongming Lantern.\”

The origin of the Kongming Lantern 3: It was Zhuge Liang who ordered people to set off sky lanterns after each war to pay homage to the soldiers of the three armed forces who died in battle. While entrusting his grief, he illuminates the way to heaven for the soldiers of the three armed forces who died in battle.  

The origin of the Kong Ming Lantern, I believe that everyone has understood this through my introduction, and I hope it will be helpful for you to make Kong Ming Lantern by yourselves.

Now let us get ready to make the Sky Lantern in the course of the following processings:

Step A.

Use a paper knife to cut the bamboo strips to within 3 mm of thickness, then bend the bamboo strips into a circle and fix them with cotton thread or bond with glue. Bamboo is elastic, and the bamboo ring may not be round. You can bake it with a small fire to make the bamboo ring fixed into a round shape.

Step B.

Use needle-nose pliers to remove the insulation layer on the outside of the waste wire to get a thin copper wire. However, the copper wire should not be too thin, otherwise, it is easy to burn. You can use 3 copper wires to twist together to avoid this problem.

  Step C.

Cut thin paper into pieces of paper of the specifications shown in the figure. Glue one side of the first piece of paper and one side of the second piece of paper together, and then the third, fourth… Glue the same until it forms a ball with a gap at both ends and a diameter of about 60 cm. Then cut around a thin paper sheet and paste the upper part. When it is dry, inflate the balloon and find a thin piece. The narrow bamboo strips are bent into a bamboo circle the same size as the hole below, and two thin iron wires that are perpendicular to each other are crossed in the bamboo circle, and they are fastened to the bamboo circle, and then the bamboo circle is glued to the paper in the hole below. On the side, the glued balloon can’t leak

   Step D.

Tie the copper wire to both ends of the bamboo ring, and then glue the finished lampshade on the bamboo ring. Tie cotton on the copper wire, soak it in alcohol, and let it fly after lighting. The sky lantern should not be too small, otherwise, it will be difficult to ascend to the sky. Let off Choose a clear and windless night, one person holds the left and right sides of the bottom of the lamp, the other soak the absorbent cotton with alcohol and lights it until the Kongming lamp is rising with both hands, that is, slowly let go of his hands, and the Kongming lamp slowly rises to the height. It can reach about 1000m.        

What a beautiful Sky Lantern is flying in the night air!      Please paste the lantern according to the sketch below.

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