Google Pixel phone worth buying–five minutes to teach you to know it

Google company produces a series of mobile phones, but all of these mobile phones have the different system of iPhone, so you need to know it more clearly when you want to try Android system. It will give you different using feelings, you can read this article to get some knowledge about all series of Google Pixel phone.

Google Pixel 3XL

Firstly, we can know about Goggle Pixel 3XL, the author will introduce some advantages and disadvantages about this mobile phone, you can decide to buy it or not through author’s words.


The using is not smooth, because there is only 4g of RAM, the Pixel system can’t handle the excessive memory pressure at all. This is mainly reflected in the weak background running ability, and there will be stopped when switching apps. Of course, using one APP normally is still very smooth, the display is smooth, and the typing responds quickly. So if you don’t use multiple apps often, it won’t have much impact.

Headphone adapters require various facilities, because the type-c interface outputs digital audio, and a DAC adapter cable is needed to use headphones normally. For music lovers, this experience of not being able to listen to music anytime and anywhere is distressing. If you want to listen to songs anytime, anywhere, you need to spend extra money to buy a DAC adapter cable. In addition, due to the wireless charging QI protocol, only Google’s original charging pad can be used for fast charging above 5w. If you want a good experience, you need to buy a lot of accessory products for mobile phones.


The Google Pixel 3XL has almost the best ability in camera in the global market of smart phone, and this advantage is very huge. To tell the truth, it is the most popular mobile phone in photos lover.

(Shot on Google Pixel 3XL, no PS)

In fact, it has a 1220w Sony imx363 sensor, a single camera with optical image stabilization. Front 700w dual camera, wide angle plus super wide angle combination.

Not only the hardware, but the camera software of the mobile phone is also very good. It looks like very simple, There is no complicated so-called professional mode in the APP, and there is no various subdivision scene presets such as streamer shutter, star trail photography, etc. It is a general camera APP that hides all the complicated cores in the simple and ordinary appearance.

The panoramic mode is one of the powerful functions of the software. A single-camera combined with a gyroscope can output a panoramic picture, which reflects the powerful algorithm and computing power of the Pixel. The approximate shooting process is to click the shutter, enter the scanning mode, and align according to the prompts. Align each coordinate point on the screen to automatically add screen information after scanning enough information you need, click the shutter again, the shooting is complete, wait for the phone to stitch the photos, ten seconds or dozens of seconds, it depends on how many pictures you have taken. Like the picture below, about 30 pictures are stitched together, and then the phone is outputting the picture, and a panoramic photo is taken successfully.

Moreover, Pixel as an original Android mobile phone, the system is very smooth. Comfortable animations, concise interface and functions reflect that the native Android system and IOS have almost the same high capabilities.

Google Pixel 4a


The 5.81 screen, the size of 144X69X8mm, and the weight of 143 grams are destined to have a very good feel. Enough screen space and small enough physical size can satisfy some people who really just need a handy small mobile phone.

Of course, the low price of $349 is very competitive in its target market. Compared with the $449 iPhone SE 128GB, the slightly more expensive OnePlus Nord, and the Samsung A series, this phone is not expensive and has better performance, so it is one of the popular mobile phones in the market. At the same time, Google also has a higher reputation compared with brands such as TCL.

Google Camera, like the 3XL series of mobile phones, has powerful functions unmatched by other brands of mobile phones. In fact, the camera functions of every Google Pixel phone do not need to be questioned and are sufficient to meet all your requirements.


Pure plastic body, single camera. It has a good feel and comfort, but it has no texture due to material problems.

No 5G. However, in areas covered by 5G, the speed advantage of 5G mobile phones is obvious. Although the theoretical speed of LTE is as high as 2Gbps, the highest LTE network currently in use is LTE-A, which is the level within Cat9. 5G can easily pass 500M, so in the range of 5G, CON operating speed is not advantageous. As 5G coverage slowly starts to increase in the second half of the year, the disadvantage of P4A will become greater and greater. At this stage, if you are very concerned about the speed of mobile phone use, it is recommended that you wait for the 5G model to be released.

The 3140mAh battery can also satisfy users with low battery requirements, so users who do not have special requirements for batteries do not need to worry.

Actually, the author thinks all series of Google Pixel mobile phone’s performance do not have a huge difference, so the author introduces an old and a new mobile phone to you, one is classic, and one is the latest.

In general, Combining the system and industrial design, it is conveying to users the idea of being smart, intelligent, and closer to people, which is Google’s unique insight on Android. It is also Google’s own definition of Android phones. In short, a good product conveys the corporate culture and development direction of a company. Google Pixel phone has done it, and the author also feels it.

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