One man’s most valuable assets are good health. As the English saying goes:” an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Good health is a blessing while poor health may be a source of endless trouble.

Good health is more than merely not being sick. It is a general physical and mental condition that permits a person to lead a happy, useful, and successful life. Good health does not depend entirely upon physical soundness, many handicapped persons have learned to rewarding lives. These people are still considered to be healthy.

Many physicians believe that overweight is one of the greatest perils to good health. This condition often leads to diseases or a shorter life span. It is most important that an adequate supply of proteins be maintained in any weight-reducing diet.

In recent years, the obese kids are increasingly growing more and more and this problem becomes more widespread. Obese kids suffer both physically and emotionally throughout childhood, and those who remain heavy as adolescents tend to stay that way into adulthood. The resulting illnesses, such as, diabetes, high blood pressure, several cancers, heart diseases, etc. These terrible diseases seize a great number of lives each year, and health experts are calling for worldwide action to combat overweight.

Two things are only appreciated when we no longer have health and youth. Many youngsters are already suffering health consequences. Doctors note that overweight kids are now showing up with such problems as fatty liver, and obstructive sleep apnea. Even type 2 diabetes, known traditionally as “adult-onset” diabetes, is turning up in overweight kids. Even if they don’t develop diabetes, chronically overweight kids may become prime candidates for heart attacks and strokes. A SURVER found that overweight kids as young as 3 and 4 showed signs of elevated blood pressure and cholesterol.

How does a child end up with this predicament? Genes are clearly part of the story. But even in kids who are prone to obesity, lifestyle is what triggers it.

1.The growth of “no breakfast” habit is not in accord with healthful living practices.

A cup of coffee or a glass of orange juice and a piece of bread are not an adequate meal. The interval between the evening meal and lunch the following day is too long for the body to go without food. A long time without food often causes the level of sugar glucose in the blood to fall and leads to putting on weight.

2.Soda drinks and snacks are the main culprits for overweight generations.

Many schools nowadays feature not only soda and snack machines but also on-site outlets for fast food chains, fried dark meat, white meat, chips, BBQ, soft drinks are supplied for 24 hours. These kinds of junk foods do great harm to their health.

3.Insufficient sleep is another cause to health problems.

we do imagine that it could be helpful to see longer periods of poor or insufficient sleep than we realized we were experiencing. Sleep is an important part of our lives, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. For millions of people, however, getting enough sleep is a continuing struggle. At present days, many people, Even youngsters, have difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep. This phenomenon is called insomnia, which exists when a person is unable to get the amount of sleep needed to operate effectively. Insomnia is measured in numbers of hours of sleep. It is because different people need different amounts of sleep to feel rested.

The irony is that for as fascinated as we are by extreme old age, and for as concerned as we claim to be about our health, most people choose unhealthy lifestyles. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about being moderate in our eating, it’s not about denial, contrary to what popular ‘diets’ would have you believe.

There is an obvious link between illness and unhealthy lifestyle. How do you encourage your children to live a healthy lifestyle? Believe it or not, Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all about being moderate in our eating, it’s not about denial, contrary to what popular ‘diets’ would have you believe. You must encourage your kids to develop a good habit of healthful diet. The only way to keep their health is eat what they don’t want ,drink what they don’t like, and do what they’d rather not. Food can meet the appetite, but not the soul.

Simply put it, there are three things that a person can do to help stay healthy, that is, the right food, enough sleep, and regular exercise.

Proper nutrition is very important for good health, your body cannot function well unless it takes in proper kind of “fuel”. Abandon food with lots of sugar and fat, especially, you must refuse your kids to take a lot more sugar and fat, because These foods do great harm to their teeth and brain. Eat plenty of food high in protein, like lean meat, fish, beans and nuts, vegetables and fruits are extremely important because they provide necessary vitamins and minerals. However, don’t overeat.

Getting proper amount of sleep is also important. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll feel tired and irritable without energy. Finally, get plenty of exercise, which firms the body, strengthens the muscles, and prevents you from gaining weight. It can also improves your heart and lungs. All in all, keep your kids developing a regular and good habit of proper diet.

If every one of us were to eat the right foods, get plenty of sleep, and exercise regularly the world, and our generations would be happier and healthier.

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