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8 Free Vector Material Websites

In our daily life, we often use vector graphics to retouch our works, such as the design of exhibition boards in schools, the design of product icons, and some public welfare pictures. Compared with bitmaps, vector images can be enlarged infinitely without generating mosaics, so they are also very popular. Here are some vector material websites for everyone to learn and use, most of which are all free, and some websites are partly free.

1. Dealjumbo—Comprehensive graphics gallery

Dealjumbo is a comprehensive graphics library, which not only contains vector graphics, but also fonts, mockups, and other materials. It has everything you want, and the quality of the materials is high. The website is partly free. You can click the “Freebies” in the upper right corner to select the type of free material you need to download.

After selecting the material, perform the man-machine verification before downloading. Enter your email address and click download. The picture format not only has many commonly used formats such as PNG, JPEG, but also contains PSD source files, which is convenient for you to further process the material.

2. Illustration Gallery— Gradient rendering

Illustration Gallery mainly includes illustrations. There are many exquisite illustrations that can be directly previewed online. The materials on the website are all free and can be for commercial use! It is worth noting that the pictures in the Illustration Gallery have been added with gradients, and you can also set the gradients by yourself to look more beautiful and more advanced.

Click on the color block to set a different color. You can preview the new color map on the website instantly. As for the picture format, you can choose SVG vector format. If you want to use it in blogs or communities, you can also choose PNG format.

In addition, the Illustration Gallery updates weekly to add some new illustrations. If you want to be notified, you can receive the latest news through the top Email subscription function.

3. IsoFlat—2.5D style map

This website mainly provides isometric and flat style vector materials. Isometric style, also known as isometric drawing. The more popular term is 2.5D. Works of this style generally use plane software to achieve the effect of pseudo 3D and have excellent visual performance.

In addition, the website has more than 1,000 free resources, and promises to update 500+ new vector material images every week. After entering the material, there is no need to register. Just click to download.

Most of the vector and graphic resources available on the website are not for personal use only, and can even be used commercially. But not all pictures are commercially available! If you are not sure whether a certain material is commercially available or not, you can read the following copyright documents in advance, or follow the website’s suggestions to contact the author directly.

4. SilhouetteAC—Silhouette vector picture

SilhouetteAC is a library that provides silhouette vector diagrams. There are more than 47,000 silhouette vector images in the website, and they are completely free! The silhouette materials are all black, almost versatile and can be used in many places. The pictures are of high quality, very refreshing and beautiful, and can be used personally or commercially.

There is no need to indicate the source and no need to register an account when using it. The image formats provided by the website include JPEG, PNG, and EPS formats. You can choose the appropriate format to download according to your needs.

5. Iconninja—Icon materials

Iconninja is a gallery that mainly provides icon materials. The website contains nearly 1 million free icon materials, all of which provide detailed image information, such as format, width, height, file size, etc. It suitable for front-end engineers or PPT designers.

If you only want pictures in svg format, click on svg in the search bar to realize smart filtering when searching. If you don’t click, the search result will include all types of pictures. Place the mouse on the picture, and the download options will appear. Just select the appropriate format to download.

6. Peecheey— PPT presentation design

Peecheey is a minority website that mainly provides vector illustrations, infographics, icons, etc., which is very suitable for PPT presentation design. And the materials on the website are completely free! Place the mouse on the picture. Then you can directly preview the high-definition big picture, which is very convenient.

You can enter keywords in the upper left corner of the input box to search for images, or click the catalog below to filter series. Peecheey’s catalog contains 17 same categories, covering almost all aspects of our lives, and the collection is very complete. Click on the picture you want to download, and then click Free Download.

7. ISlide—PPT material

Islide is a website that specializes in providing PPT material, containing more than 2000 free vector images. For PPT users, ordinary vector material needs further modification after downloading, which is very troublesome. ISlide can be directly downloaded and used in the PPT with one click, without using other software to transfer, which is very convenient. And the materials inside are free and commercially available through the CC0 protocol.

8.Bg-Pattrens—Tiled background texture maps

Bg-Pattrens is a website that provides vector tiled background texture maps. And it’s free! It provides reproducible web page background patterns. By piecing together and repeatedly displaying, a continuous and seamless background effect is constructed. Compared with a single color, it is not too monotonous, and it will not affect the loading speed of the webpage because the image file is too large.

More importantly, the color, shape, and size of the picture can be freely customized to generate your own original background. Open the Bg-Pattrens website. The homepage will display the newly added background image, and you can choose a category at the top, including geometric, classic, Japanese, stripe, plant, cute or fashionable style.

After clicking the category, you will see the background image of the category. After clicking any background image, a larger preview and setting tool will be opened. You can select the relevant background image from the left or adjust the image size to show different effects. Choose the picture format as JPG, PNG or SVG, and finally click the button below to get the picture.

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