Using a computer to work is certainly the daily work content of most people. So we face our own computers every day. But the messy computer screen will affect our mood more or less. So what method can we use to make the computer interface clean and tidy, and make people want to work? This article will introduce a simple and practical method.

1.The Live Tiles in Windows 10+TranslucentTb

TranslucentTb is a very small software about 0.5M, that can adjust the transparency of the taskbar.

The live tiles in Windows 10 come with a feature that can help us store shortcuts. You can place the tiles according to your preferences. Some infrequently used software can not be placed on the screen. When you want to use it, you only need to press the Win+S key to search for the desired application.

(1) How to Set Up?

The Win key is located in the lower-left corner of the computing keyboard, generally in the middle of Ctrl and Alt. There is an extra Fn function key on the laptop keyboard, and the Win key is usually between Fn and Alt.

(2) Press “Win+i” to open Windows Settings,  then Click Personalization and click the Start. Setting up like the pictures below.

If you want your computer background to look transparent, remember to click the “Use Start full screen”. You can also decide whether to hide the taskbar according to your needs. After hiding, it may be more beautiful and concise. If you need to hide the taskbar, you can put the mouse on the taskbar and click the right mouse button to select taskbar settings, then click the “ Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode”.

(3) Set the Color of  the Live Tiles

If you want to add software to the start screen, just right-click on it and click “Pin the start”. You can adjust the position of live tiles according to your thoughts.

(4) How to Set Up Weather Live Tiles?

You can design weather tiles which were made of three kinds of tiles. They are photo, canlender, and weather. Just press Win+S and search them, then “Pin the start”, you can adjust the size of the tiles and combine it.

(5)How to Use TranslucentTb?

When running this software, the system takes up very little resources, which meets our requirements and is very simple to use.

Blur = Translucent taskbar

Clear = Fully transparent taskbar

Normal = System default taskbar

3. Manage Your Folders

To keep the computer start screen simple and tidy, the files must not be too many and cluttered. I think you should name your files reasonably and always do a reasonable classification plan. This can also help you improve work efficiency and find what you need faster.

4. Choose Software Carefully

Although we usually use a lot of computer software in our daily lives, many of them are not indispensable. Delete the software we don’t use. In addition, some browsers always display advertisements, so you must think carefully about the computer plug-ins you install. There are also some computer software bundled installations, such as high-speed downloaders. Therefore, we must carefully check. In addition, there is actually no need to install anti-virus software for Windows 10 systems, because win10 has its own Windows Defender. If you absolutely need it, please understand the difference between different anti-virus software and choose carefully. And I suggest that antivirus software should not be opened all the time. When downloading software, you must also confirm the path.

5. Tile Genie

Tile Genie is a software that can set up personalized windows10 tiles. You can convert your favorite photos into tiles on the start screen. You can just search directly in the Windows 10 store to download.

I hope this article can be helpful to you, and the tidy computer screen can also bring you a comfortable mood.

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