Reading is a wonderful thing. In the middle of the night, a cup of coffee and an interesting book can relax your mind. But reading at night often affects your eyesight, so mastering some skills about how to choose a desk lamp can help you protect your eyesight.

Firstly, you need to know some important elements about desk lamp. It can help you to know a desk lamp more clearly.


Illuminance refers to the luminous flux per unit area, you can understand whether the brightness of the lamp is sufficient. In daily study and life, it is recommended to buy a desk lamp with an illuminance above the A-level standard. This brightness can make your eyes less tired.

The requirements of the A-level standard: The illuminance in the central area should reach at least 300lx and the edge should reach 150lx. In addition to the brightness to meet the standard, the uniformity of the illuminance is also very important. Some products have sufficient brightness but it is not uniform, so the performance requirements are clear: the difference between the maximum and minimum illuminance in the same fan-shaped area does not exceed 3lx.

  • Strobe

The strobe of a desk lamp refers to the frequency of the light source shining. If the light has a strobe, the muscles of the human eye will constantly adjust according to the strobe, which is very easy to cause eye fatigue, and it is easy to be short-sighted after a long time use. The strobe of many light sources is difficult to distinguish with your eyes, but mobile phones can, so you can use mobile phones to detect.


No Strobe

It is worth mentioning that energy-saving lamps use related technology to convert 50HZ voltage to 20-50HZ high-frequency voltage to solve the strobing problem, but high-frequency voltage will generate additional electronic radiation, so be careful not to use energy-saving lamps as desk lamps.

  • Blue Light Hazard

When buying a desk lamp, blue light hazard is also one of the most important factors. When choosing a desk lamp, you can choose from the following blue light hazard standards:

RG0-no hazard

RG1-low hazard

RG2-moderate hazard

RG3-High Hazard

  • Color Rendering

The higher the color rendering, the higher the degree of color reproduction of the object. If the human eye is exposed to low color rendering light for a long time, then the human eye’s color judgment of the object will be affected. Many people are not sensitive to the color because of low color rendering. The sunlight has the best color rendering of objects, so the color rendering index of sunlight is currently calculated as 100, you can refer it in desk lamp counting.

Generally speaking, desk lamps are mainly used indoors, and their color rendering index cannot be lower than 82 according to the requirements in GB/T9473. Therefore, if a desk lamp claims to be a high color rendering desk lamp, its color rendering should be greater than 90.


To put it simply, glare means that there is too much brightness in the field of view, making the eyes uncomfortable.

The illuminance of a desk lamp refers to the brightness of the reading and writing, which ensures that you are comfortable with your eyes when reading and writing, but you will not keep your head down forever. If you look up and see the bright light, your eyes will be uncomfortable, so be sure to buy a desk lamp with good glare to ensure that there is no excessive light in your sight field.

If you still do not have a good idea, you can refer to these desk lamps in the following text, the author thinks that these lamps can protect your eyesight:

  • Philips

The quality of Philips table lamps is excellent, but there are many styles, and there are big differences between different styles. It is worth mentioning that Xuantai can reach AA-level illuminance, using OcuMax technology to filter out blue light hazard and glare, high color rendering, soft light, and will not feel dizzy after long-term use.

This desk lamp is the current top model of Philip’s desk lamp. In appearance, it continues the style of the entire series, but it is obviously larger. It uses a split plug structure with a five-axis panoramic lamp, and the metal lamp arm can rotate freely , coupled with a stable base, it is very convenient to adjust the lighting direction of the table lamp.

  • Panasonic

The most memorable element about the Panasonic desk lamp is its shape. The Panasonic desk lamp is like a work of art. It always looks a little different, as if you can’t forget it at a glance. In fact, this is the product idea of Panasonic table lamp. It attracts people’s attention with its unique design. At the same time, its quality is perfect. If you like something artistic, Panasonic is a good choice.

Panasonic HHLT0339W

Multiple adjustable brightness, USB charging, high color rendering index, automatic turn off when the lamp lid is closed to 30 degrees, no strobe. Especially, this lamp also adds an extra mobile phone holder design, you no longer need to hold the phone to use. In terms of appearance, the soft silicone material is softer, firmer, and has a better aesthetic.

After this desk lamp is fully charged, it can be used for 19 hours or more at low brightness, 13 hours at medium brightness, and 6 hours at high brightness.

This desk lamp is portable, beautiful, and can be used as a mobile phone holder, and its battery is very good. Except that, the most important is that this desk lamp meets all the data requirements for protecting eyesight. Whether you are reading or playing with your mobile phone, this desk lamp can provide you with a perfect environment.

In summary, there are many types desk lamps in the market, and you can choose any types which you like. But remember, master how to choose a desk lamp tips is the most significant, pay more attention to all elements in the above passage, you can choose a suitable desk lamp to help you protect your eyesight.

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