With the development of technology, current manufacturers have produced different keyboards for different purposes. If the user’s preferred feel is different, they can also choose different styles of keyboard according to their favorite pressing feel. When you have a keyboard that suits you, it can make you more efficient in the office, and you can also make your operations more excellent in the games. Because of that, master how to choose a keyboard is important in our daily life.

The author will introduce some knowledge about the keyboard in the article for readers to refer when buying a keyboard.

Generally, the mechanical keyboard has the following types:

Linear action: It is the highest operating pressure among the four main axes. Compared with other keyboards, it requires more effort to use, but at the same time, the linear action is the lowest sound among the four main axes bodies, so the impact on people around is minimal.

Blue switch: The blue switch is the main axis with the most “mechanical keyboard” characteristics, and the noise will be relatively loud. If it is not in a personal room, it is recommended to choose carefully.

Alternate action or ergonomic: It has the lowest operating pressure (same as the red switch) in the four main choices. It is suitable for the first time contact with the mechanical keyboard people, and it is suitable for the primary user who wants to experience the unique feel of the mechanical keyboard but is afraid of causing the anger of people around.

Red switch: It has the lowest operating pressure among the four choices (same as the alternate action or ergonomics). It is more suitable for female users. The typing feel is similar to the feel of the membrane keyboard.

In fact, the author thinks it is the most important part of a keyboard, it can influence your feelings in your working directly, and it is the significant factors of how to choose a keyboard for gaming, too.

Key Number Selection

If you like a simple style and will not use it for office later, you can choose 87 or 98 keys. Otherwise, I suggest choosing 104 position key, because once it is used for office later, the lack of small keyboard is extremely inconvenient.

The difference between keys

There are currently three mainstream keys. You can choose according to the characteristics of different keys:

ABS key: low cost, easy to make, easy to oil, but easy to smooth after a long time

PBT key: harder, more complicated oiling operation, strong graininess (advanced)

POM key: comes with crisp body, hardness and friction resistance are stronger than ABS key, smooth and fine (advanced)

Easily oily: ABS> PBT> POM

Except that, The life of mechanical keyboards is usually much longer than ordinary keyboards. The lifespan of mechanical keyboard keys is 50 million times, or 60 million times. It can be used frequently for 4-5 years. Moreover, the mechanical keyboard has good waterproof performance and can automatically drain water when splashed. Secondly, it is anti-impurity, you can clean the dust easily. Meanwhile, the two-color injection molded key has strong abrasion resistance, and the characters can be used for a long time without fading. The two-color injection molded key cap is a very common technology that can keep the characters clear for a long time.

Generally, the above words illustrate the main characteristics of keyboard, you can understand how to choose a keyboard in this information. And the author will introduce some good keyboards to you.

Daeryou Machinist Alloy Edition

Recommended reason: low price, good appearance, high cost performance. You can choose four different mechanical axes in this keyboard. This keyboard is an 87-key small keyboard, which is particularly comfortable to use and has a relatively high appearance. Among them, the keyboard of the black axis has the fastest response speed, which is suitable for daily game playing, and it will not be stuck when used.


Cherry is a special existence in mechanical keyboards. If mechanical keyboard is a kind of faith, Cherry is the god of creation in this faith. At present, most mechanical keyboards on the market use Cherry axis and have the same lineage; Cherry keyboards are very large, and the F zone is far away. The F and J keys do not use the usual bump marks, but use special radian to identify. In addition, Cherry’s keyboard does not have steel plates. It would rather sacrifice a part of its hand feel to stick to its own direction. Cherry’s keyboards are all without lights, and the color scheme and design are simple and atmospheric, but never out of date. If you are not clear about your preferences and usage habits, then you can directly purchase this brand of keyboard to meet all your expectations for mechanical keyboards.

Steel Series

Steel Series is similar to Cherry’s low-key atmospheric route. It is worth mentioning that both 6G and 7G have hand rests, and the size of the 7G hand rest is very distinctive. People sincerely admire the designer’s guts-what if such a weird keyboard can’t be sold! Fortunately, not only did the 7G hand rest not let players abandon it, but it became the biggest highlight of 7G. The 7G hand rest allows users to maintain a better use state for a long time in games or work. Although both 6G and 7G only have the option of black axis, relying on the huge hand rest, “Steel Series” and advanced positioning, these two keyboards have also attracted many players.


The Corsair k70 is a very beautiful keyboard with fast response speed. Coupled with the operating of the silver shaft, the classic design of the k70 makes it classic. With the software dimming, the experience is excellent.

In summary, people can no longer leave the computer in life now, this article can teach you how to choose a keyboard, so that you can have a better experience in games or work.

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