A gaming mouse is not only suitable for playing games. It has better performance and design than ordinary office mouse, and we can use our gaming mice to do many things, of course, the price of a gaming mouse will be higher than an ordinary mouse, so you need to master some skills about how to choose a mouse.

Firstly, you need to know some reference factors for how to choose a mouse for gaming:


If you often play games, it is more appropriate to choose a mouse that is around 90-100 grams. For users who play games occasionally and work more often, the weight can be heavier, the DPI can be increased, and then the mouse can be selected according to the hand shape and grasping posture. For example, the Logitech G502 mouse with more than 120 grams, playing FPS is a bit heavy for most people, but the office is very comfortable.


According to the size of your hand, choose the right size. Generally, you only need to look at the length (if you are more rigorous, the width also needs to be considered). If you like to put your palm on the mouse, use a large mouse, and if you hold it with your fingers, use a small and medium mouse.

The following is how the mouse is held:

  • Palm on the Mouse
  • Hold Mouse with Fingers


The sensor is an important factor that determines the performance of the mouse, it means you need to know about it clearly if you want to master how to choose a mouse for gaming. Basically, the price of the sensor determines its quality. Advanced sensors are equipped with high prices, and ordinary sensors are naturally low-priced. However, some manufacturers have introduced some low-cost mice with a suitable sensor, so if you want to buy a cheaper mouse, you need to carefully check the sensor parameters of each mouse.

The author briefly summarized, readers can use the following data as a reference:

Advanced sensors:

PMW3360 (16000 DPI), Hero 16K (16000 DPI)

Ordinary sensor:

Hero (12000), PMW3330 (7500 DPI), PMW3325 (5000 DPI), PMW3310 (5000 DPI), SDNS-3989 (6400 DPI)

Programmable Buttons

For MMO and MOBA games, some side buttons and macro buttons are required. In addition, for programmers or professional offices, more programmable buttons can improve work efficiency.

Simply put: if you are more concerned about office work and occasionally playing games, the more programmable buttons the better. If you pay more attention to games, you may not need programmable buttons.

Response Rate

The rate of response refers to the communication frequency between the mouse master chip and the computer per second, in Hz (the number of times in the mouse reports to the computer per second). 1000 Hz means that the mouse reports its position to the computer 1000 times per second. Simply put, the higher the report rate, the smaller the delay and the smoother the pointer movement.

Gaming mice have higher requirements for the rate of response, preferably above 1000 Hz. Ordinary office and home use do not need to be so high, and the general wireless mouse can meet the demand.


The speed of the mouse usually uses DPI (Dots Per Inch) and CPI (Count Per Inch).

DPI, a mouse with 1000 DPI moves 1000 pixels on the screen for every inch of movement. Conversely, for every 24 microns of movement, a point is sent to the computer. (This indicator is static, while the mouse is dynamic. In fact, it is more appropriate to use CPI. However, due to the different timing of the two factors be produced, major manufacturers still commonly use DPI).

CPI, 800 CPI, send 800 times per inch of mouse movement. Conversely, a movement signal is sent every 1/800 inch of movement.

Micro Switch

This is the button of the mouse. The feel of the mouse button depends on it. The micro switch has a certain service life of using the key. A common “double-click” problem, this is a problem with micro-motion. If you encounter this situation, you need to replace the micro switch in time.

The above is mainly to understand how to choose a mouse through various data, and then the author will recommend several suitable gaming mice to readers:

Logitech G Series

To be honest, no matter what you need for a mouse, Logitech has excellent products. For office use, choose one from the Logitech M series; if you not only want to work and play games, but also want to choose a gaming mouse, then Logitech G series is a very good choice.

Logitech G403

G403 is equipped with Logitech’s own Hero sensor. This micro switch has been upgraded to Omron 7N (20M), which is equipped with the same micro switch as the high-level G703 and G903. The side material is rubber, non-slip design. And the mouse has RGB lighting.

The price of the wired version is very suitable and can be used as an upgraded version of G102.

Logitech G903 wireless mouse

This mouse is a symmetrical mouse and can also be used by left-handed players. This mouse is Logitech’s flagship wireless gaming mouse with a top Hero 16K sensor. The G903 uses a symmetrical design with two side buttons on each side. The back of the scroll wheel is designed with a damping adjustment button and a DPI button with an indicator light. Four-way roller, metal hollow + non-slip rubber design, support non-damping mode, two modes can be switched with one button. At the same time, a weight ball can be added at the bottom, so you can adjust the weight of the mouse according to your own habits.

The power of a wireless gaming mouse is very important. Some wireless mice will run out of power. The G903 can be used for 40 hours when it is fully charged. It can be used for 25 hours even with the highest brightness and polling rate. And it supports Logitech’s wireless charging technology, but you need to buy an additional charging pad. Generally, you do not need to worry about power when you use this mouse.

In conclusion, these two mice just suggest by the author to teach you how to choose a mouse, you can choose one mouse you like through these ways.   

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