Coffee, tea, soda and energy drinks containing caffeine are all popular non-alcoholic drinks. The author first introduces readers to the types and taste characteristics of the more common coffee, so that you can understand how to choose coffee you like.

Espresso: It is a kind of coffee with a very strong taste. Generally, coffee is ground into very fine coffee and made into coffee with high pressure powder (invented in the early 20th century and developed in Italy). It is the base of many coffees.

Americano: Black coffee made with a drip coffee maker, and espresso can also be obtained with water, the espresso need high caffeine content, relatively light taste, too. Black coffee is suitable for weight loss.

Espresso Con Panna: One of the varieties of Italian coffee, usually with an appropriate amount of whipped cream or toffee.

Coffee latte: the combination of Italian concentrate and milk, compared with cappuccino, fresh milk has a stronger flavor.

cappuccino: It is about the same time as the production of espresso coffee machines in the early 20th century, it is the same amount of espresso and foamed milk.

Flat White: Although the “New York Times” calls it a “small latte”, it is slightly different from a latte. It has a thin layer of milk foam on top, the temperature is lower than that of cappuccino, and the taste is smooth. Although there are some disputes about the origin, most of the recognized origins are Australia.

Cafe Mocha: Made from a mixture of espresso + chocolate sauce + fresh cream + milk, there is a chocolate espresso drink in Europe, also known as mocha coffee.

Caramel Macchiato: Hot milk, condensed, vanilla, topped with caramel, caramel macchiato was born.

Cafe Breve: Concentrate the base, add cream, half of the milk, and cover with milk foam…. The proportion of Breve is not easy to control. Many people will adjust it according to their preferences.

Except that, there are many kinds of coffee, you can find any type coffee if you want. Today, author will introduce some delicious coffee to you.

There are some delicious and popular coffee in the following words:

Mokna Hazelnut

This kind of coffee is a bit sour to make Americano coffee, but it is very delicious to make latte. The taste of hazelnut is very natural, similar to Ferrero’s original chocolate. Personally, it tastes better than Starbucks hazelnut latte. When making coffee, the ratio of coffee to milk can be made according to 1:1 without sugar. Drinking this is very pleasant in winter.

Mokena No. 5 Relief Edition

The quality of the freeze-dried coffee of Mokona is good. Although this coffee is decaffeinated, it still tastes great. You can not consume too much caffeine every day, so if you occasionally want to drink coffee and are worried about excessive caffeine intake, you can choose this. Or half other coffee, half caffeinated.

The author believes that the taste of this bottle is balanced and has excellent aroma reduction.

Mokena No. 8 Deep Baking

The aroma of this coffee is outstanding. Although it is deep-roasted, the bitterness is just right, with a certain degree of sourness. This bottle is more suitable for brewing Americano coffee.

Nestle Gold British Edition Espresso

As instant coffee, the crema on the surface of this coffee is very rich, of course not as good as the crema on the surface of the capsule coffee, but as instant coffee, the crema of this coffee is rich enough. The aroma is full and the taste is not sour. If you want to make American coffee, you can try this coffee.

French Black Card Decaffeinated Coffee

The price of this brand of capsule coffee is not cheap, but the price of freeze-dried coffee is very cheap. It has a good taste, and not be sour without milk. It is suitable for readers who like to drink black coffee. If you feel that you have excessive caffeine intake that day, you can choose decaffeinated coffee to adjust your caffeine intake to ensure that your body’s caffeine intake is maintained at a normal level. In addition, there are also some decaffeinated coffee which are also very delicious, such as kenco, DE, etc.

AGF (Maxim) Blue Can

This kind of coffee is very popular. There are four bottles in this series. The most popular type is this blue bottle of coffee. The white bottle of coffee is very suitable for making latte, and it will have a chocolate flavor. Readers who like it can choose white coffee to try. The blue bottle of coffee may have a hanging cup when drinking, which affects the look and feel, and the mellowness may be slightly insufficient, but it is completely acceptable to brew the American taste directly.


This coffee is one of the most popular brands of Japanese freeze-dried coffee. In fact, UCC series coffee is lighter than agf series coffee, and the aroma is not strong enough. If you like relatively light coffee, you can try this coffee.

Original British Nescafe Original

The flavor of this coffee is very unique. Many people think that coffee without sour taste is good coffee when drinking coffee. This view is not entirely correct. This coffee is completely different. You can choose this coffee if you do not know how to choose coffee and you like sour coffee. The sourness of this coffee is as indispensable as the mellowness of coffee. The author believes that the sourness of this coffee can be called “bright acidity”.

In conclusion, coffee is one of the most popular non-alcoholic drinks in modern society. Moreover, people always use it to refresh when they feel sleepy, so it is the best drinks in study, too. Because of that, master how to choose coffee is a significant thing to people in daily life, you can understand it through this article.

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