In modern society, it seems that noise is full of our lives:

1. I believe that many readers will wear earphones to listen to music when they take the bus, subway, or train. However, because the surrounding environment is too loud, it is often necessary to increase the volume, which will cause great damage to the ears for a long time.

2. Some people want to sleep while flying, the surrounding environment is too noisy to sleep peacefully.

3. When you are in a noisy environment and want to calm down and focus on doing something, the noise makes you unable to concentrate.

As long as you put on the earphones, turn on the active noise reduction function, the whole world will be quiet in an instant!

First, we can understand the principle of earphones with active noise cancellation. The noise reduction methods of earphones are divided into active noise reduction and passive noise reduction. We often say whether a pair of earphones have a good noise reduction effect, usually referring to the noise reduction effect of active noise reduction.

The principle of active noise reduction is to listen to the external noise through the earphones, and at the same time the noise reduction chip produces an inverted white noise, which cancels out the two, thus realizing the noise reduction of the external noise, as shown in the following figure:

Active Noise Reduction Earphones

In fact, due to the irregular frequency and amplitude of environmental noise, inverted sound waves cannot achieve a 100% cancellation effect, so after active noise reduction, only most of the noise is eliminated, rather than perfect without any sound.

Active noise reduction headphones are relatively easy to deal with low-frequency noise, and it is difficult to achieve a good noise reduction effect for high-frequency and irregular noise. The human voice is high-frequency and irregular sound, which is why most noise-reducing headphones cannot achieve good noise reduction on human voices.

Passive Noise Reduction Earphones

Passive noise reduction headphones are very easy to understand, which is to deal with noise reduction from the physical level. To put it simply, a relatively closed space is formed between the sound unit and the ear, and some sound insulation materials such as fillers are used to block external noise, just plug your ears to reduce noise. Because of its low cost, it is also the most widely used.

So, how to choose a pair of suitable earphone with active noise cancellation?

How to Buy Noise-Canceling Headphones

1. Look at the parameters

Noise-canceling headphones are expensive. The real noise-canceling effect and sound quality can only be experienced by listening in person. Therefore, when buying, we should try our best to go to the physical store for trial listening before choosing on the online shops. When choosing, we should pay attention to the parameters such as the noise reduction bandwidth range, average noise reduction amount, and battery life of the headset. The larger the value of these three parameters, the better the noise reduction effect of the product and the longer the battery life.

2. Look at the design

A good pair of earphones with active noise cancellation need to be comfortable when listening for a long time. Try to choose earmuff gaskets and headbands filled with memory foam and other materials to achieve the ultimate comfort. For sportswear, it is best to choose light-weight in-ear or semi-in-ear earplugs, which must be breathable and fit your ear canal. Padded ear cups also help eliminate passive noise, in other words, they physically prevent sound from entering your ears. This is used in conjunction with active noise reduction, and the best noise reduction headphones use a combination of two methods to eliminate external noise.

3. Focus on sound quality

As with any headset, even if your attention is blocking the world around you, the sound quality must remain good. How to define good sound quality depends on your personal taste. Do you like a warm, round sound, or the ultra-high fidelity that allows you to hear every detail of the music? Are you a dedicated bass head or a fan of classical music? Your different preferences determine the different wireless earphones that suit you.

Except that, Different earphones with active noise cancellation have different effects on the tone. Some users may be afraid of head-mounted indenters, some feel that the shoulder-mounted style is more troublesome to wear on the neck, and some users cannot accept the in-ear style. These characteristics are also factors that affect the user’s choice of headphones.

However, based on the consideration of the tightness of the earphones with active noise cancellation, the shape of the noise reduction headphones has actually been fixed. For example, the head-mounted noise reduction headphones will basically adopt a fully-wrapped structure. The shoulder-mounted and true wireless noise reduction headphones are all in-ear. Only by using these more closed designs can protect the noise-shielding requirements of noise-canceling headphones.

The best sealing performance is the headset. The fully-wrapped earmuffs are designed to completely wrap the ears. The earphones also have a certain thickness. With better sound-absorbing ear cottons, it can improve users by 1/4 to 1 /2 gear noise reduction effect.

In addition to sealing, wearing stability is also very important. For most people, the headphone design is the easiest to wear firmly. As long as you don’t choose some very narrow top beam styles, adjust the length before wearing them, and don’t mind that the top beam will overwhelm your hairstyle, the headwear style should give you the best wearing experience.

The shoulder-mounted and true wireless are mostly in-ear, and the stability of wearing is similar.

The user needs to select the correct size rubber plug before wearing it, and adjust the earphone and external stabilization structure when wearing it. As long as they are adjusted well, these two headsets will have good stability, but active noise cancelling earbuds are more troublesome than headsets.

However, the scene adaptability of the headset is very poor. The earmuffs are so large that they be worn hardly when sleeping in bed, and they cannot be turned around. The most adaptable to the scene is true wireless headphones. A best active noise cancelling earbuds are not bounded by wires and shoulder-mounted structures, and they will be more free to wear than head-mounted and shoulder-mounted styles. It just plugs your ears, and it won’t warm your ears or neck. It can be worn for a long time outdoors on a hot day.

In addition, we can sure which earphones suit you through listen to music.

After confirming the player, you need to find one or two albums that you often listen to and are very familiar with it. Only by listening to songs that are so familiar to you can you hear the difference between different earphone switching. When listening, you only need to pay attention to the details of the song and the overall atmosphere performance according to your own preferences. There is no need to put too much emphasis on “three-frequency equalization”, “high resolution and high resolution”, etc. After all, everyone has different style preferences, so you can choose according to your own preferences.

Actually, I personally recommend buying two pairs of headphones to use together. You can use true wireless headsets when commuting, and you can switch to head-mounted or shoulder-mounted noise-reducing headsets in the office, airplanes, and long-distance buses. This way, you can completely cover your usage scenarios.

In the following words, I will recommend some excellent earphones with active noise cancellation to readers for your reference.

The Best Sound Quality Active Noise Canceling Headphones-Sony WH-1000XM3

Excellent noise reduction and long battery life. Compared with the previous generation, 1000XM3 Sony active noise-canceling headphones is equipped with the new QN1 processor, the noise reduction algorithm ability has increased by 4 times, and the ability of processing high-frequency sounds has increased significantly. While processing 32-bit sound, the power supply can be separated between the DAC and amplifier. The Micro USB port on the 1000XM2 Sony active noise-canceling headphones has also evolved into a USB-C port, still retaining the 3.5mm interface, for many users, you can save a data cable and share it with your mobile phone. 1000XM3 Sony active noise-canceling headphones support fast charging, charging for 10 minutes can last 5 hours, turn on Bluetooth and use noise reduction for 30 hours.

The Best Choice for Medium Budget-Sennheiser HD 4.50BTNC

Mori Kee orthodox Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones, battery life up to 25 hours. The HD 4 series is a mainstream product of Sennheiser. Sennheiser claims that the maximum playback time of HD4.40BT and HD4.50BTNC can reach 25 hours, HD 4.50BTNC has active noise reduction, and other aspects including appearance are basically the same.

All use 32mm diameter sound unit, impedance 18Ω, sensitivity 113dB, frequency response range 18Hz-22kHz. They are all built-in lithium batteries with microphones and support mobile phone calls, but BT4.50BTNC has noise reduction capabilities. In terms of wireless, both are Bluetooth 4.0 standards, compatible with Qualcomm’s aptX wireless transmission scheme, and support 24bit/48kHz high-resolution audio.

True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Earphones-Sony WF-1000XM3

Wireless connection, excellent noise reduction, long battery life. The 19-year flagship noise reduction SONY WF-1000XM3 uses Sony’s self-developed HD noise reduction processor QN1e (XM3 is QN1), digital intelligent active noise reduction technology, which can capture environmental noise for processing and eliminate noise in various frequency bands interference. It is the best active noise-canceling earbuds.

In addition, QN1e also integrates a 24bit sound signal processor, digital-to-analog converter and amplifier to achieve high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion. With Sony’s own Headphones Connect on the mobile phone APP, the noise reduction level can be selected according to the use environment, Bluetooth 5.0 connection, lower latency, more stable connection, and optimized antenna design, the signal is stable. The rubber material surface comes with 7 pairs of earplugs to meet the different wearing needs of different users.

The Lightest Active Noise Reduction Earphone-Apple AirPods Pro

Compared with the previous two generations of AirPods, AirPods Pro has been changed to an in-ear design, which provides good airtightness and firmness to wear. Based on this, it brings active noise reduction, which is a real step towards a high-end headset sequence.

Due to design changes, the charging box of AirPods Pro has also become flatter, with a slightly expanded horizontal volume, and the weight of the whole machine has increased to 45.6 grams, which supports wireless charging. In terms of headphones, it is still equipped with Apple’s H1 chip, bringing a perfect low-latency experience. The earphone comes with three sizes of earplug accessories, which can be adjusted according to the geometry of the ear canal and the degree of fit, and supports IPX4 level sweat and water resistance.

It adopts closed-ear wear, supports active noise reduction function, and realizes the ambient sound mode with the cooperation of extroverted and introverted microphones, allowing users to listen to natural sounds or human voices, and you can switch between noise reduction mode and transparent mode by pressing and holding the force sensor on the headphone handle.

In terms of battery life, the headset body can last for 4.5 hours when it is fully charged (5 hours when noise reduction is turned off), and it can provide 24+ hours of total battery life with the charging box.

The Best Low-Cost Active Noise-canceling Headphones-TaoTronics TT-BH046

TT-BH046 headset is equipped with dual-mic active noise reduction. Two microphones are installed on the left and right sides of the headset to receive noise. Two mainstream noise reduction chips are built-in. Noise reduction depth is 25dB, noise reduction bandwidth is 80-700Hz. These earphones have a metal cavity, protein skin earmuffs, 40mm driver unit, and it supports SBC audio protocol, Bluetooth 4.2 connection, CVC6.0 microphone noise reduction, charging time is about 45 minutes, and can play for 24 hours, and weighs about 291g.

This may be the headset everyone needs. TaoTronics TT-BH046 brings together the essentials of many everyday headphones: wireless freedom, comfortable wearing, long-lasting battery life, and clean noise canceling effect, TaoTronics TT-BH046 has become a pair of headphones for everyone.

In conclusion, These recommended earphones are just some tips from the author, and the needs of the readers should prevail in the purchase. I wish everyone can choose an earphone with active cancellation that suits them and also likes them.

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