As the epidemic spreads around the world, the best way to aviod being infected is staying at home. Because the epidemic can not be stopped in a short time, you have to stay at home for very long time. But it’s too bored to stay at home for a long time. In the epidemic period, the theater also closed. If you want to watch movies, the best way is to install a home theater.

Why home theater? Compared with going to the cinema, the home theater can be very flexible. It can watch all kinds of films, play games with PS4. There is no need to dress up, go out in line, and home theater is a very private place, there is no one disturb you and you can choose the best position to watch, even you can eat something out loud.

1. The Component of Home Theater

1. The Screen Display

the first part of home theater is the display equipment, which is the most important part of home theater, because the size of screen is the most intuitive feeling. When you upgrade your projection from a 65 inch TV to a 120 inch one, the immersive feeling of watching a movie can completely change. Therefore, I personally suggest that the budget for display equipment should account for one-third or even half of the budget of the whole cinema when setting up a home theater.

There are two choices when you choose the screen display, projector or TV

The advantages of projector is that it is a diffuse reflection imaging principle, healthy and does not hurt the eyes. The self luminous mode of TV set is very unfriendly to human eyes. For the per unit price of display area, projector will be cheaper. Large screen display is more immersive for people. The projector is easy to install and won’t be hit by the pets or children at home. The disadvantages of projector is that there will be a discount for the experience of watching during the day, and there are certain requirements for the house, which requires a projection distance with 3 to 4 meters to reach 100 inch projection.

Then it comes to another question: do you need a screen curtain? If you want to save money, a white wall is enough. But if possible, you can buy the screen curtain.

Here are some suggestions:

Number one, after getting the projector, put it on the installation position of the projector, turn on the projector, and then measure the maximum and minimum size of the projection with a ruler.

Number two, according to the size drawing provided by the store selling the curtain, choose the compromise size to purchase, so that the screen has room for adjustment. If the budget is not enough, save it here first. The improvement of the quality of the curtain is less than that of the power amplifier projector.

The important parameter of projector is the intensity of streamer light. That’s to say, the lower the lumen, the smaller range the light can reach. So I don’t recommend buying a projector below $300 for home theater use. For lumen, about 200 ANSI lumens are only suitable for pure dark environment. For 500 to 800 ANSI lumens, curtains need to be closed during the day. For 1200+ ANSI lumens, it would be better if you close the curtain. 2000+ ANSI lumens can be used at will during the day.

Resolution ratio. There are projectors on market from $500 to $1000 are basically 1080p. Above $1000, they are almost 4K. But the resolution is not the only requirement. 1080p is enough for most cases.

Color gamut. Gamut is the range of the colors that the projector can express. Generally speaking, the projector is labeled sRGB or BT709 color gamut. 100% sRGB is basicaly equivalent to 72% NTSC. The wider the range of NTSC gamut is, the more saturated the color is, and the higher the picture quality is.

Projection ratio. The projection ratio of most projectors are 1.2:1, that is, only 1.2 meters away from the wall can the projector project a 1m long picture, and a projection distance of about 3m is required for 100 inches. It used to measure where you should install a projector.

2. Audio Device

For the Hi-Fi equipment, the entry-level choice must only be satellite box audio. Compared with other dual speakers or even computer speakers, this 5.1 sound is not of the same order of magnitude.

There are some important parameters when you choose an audio device.

The first one is impedance or sensitivity. The audio box with higher impedance is easier to push, and the box with higher sensitivity is easier to push as well.

The second one is the unit size. Unit size basically determines the low-frequency diving ability of a box. One 8-inch box will have better mid-low-frenquency performance than 6-inch.

The frequency division speaker uses mutiple units, while the full frequency speaker uses a single unit. What’s the difference? Every object has its own resonance frequency, so does the speaker. Generally speaking, the low frequency or intermediate frequency of the full frequency speaker sounds good, but the high frequency is not good. The subwoofer can be adjusted separately. The separeation of high and low signals also helps to avoid intermodulation distortion.

Power amplifier. Its function is to amplify the weak signal from the sound source or the front amplifier to promote the speaker to make sound. It is he most basic equipment in the sound system. Not only home theater, but also music enthusiasts. A must-have for home theater.

3. Player

PC/PS4 can direct HDMI playback. And the Android player also can be used. You can expand and install all kinds of applications when you need. If you want to install a live broadcast, then you can do it directly, that’s very flexible.

There is another player called Blu Ray Disc player. This player’ factory does not support NAS and external hard disc playback, and can only play blu ray disc. It’s not recommended.

4. Wire Rod.

 The wire rod of home theater mainly involves HDMI HD cable and speaker cable.

HDMI long cable should buy Optical Fiber HDMI cable as far as possible, and HDMI 2.0 Standard. The advantage of optical fiber is that long-distance transmission signal does not decay, but the price is more expensive. In addition, when using optical fiber, you need to determine the input and output ports, because unlike ordinary HDMI, optical fiber is not bidirectional transimission.

Copper wire is also the standard of HDMI 2.0 for short wires, because optical fiber HDMI wires are mainly spent on two chips for import and export, and have little to do with the length. The transimission effciency of short copper wire is enough, and the signal will not be attenuated with 5 meters.

2. Suggestions on Improving the Quality of Film Viewing

First for the film source. If you use a 1080p monitor, you can not see the 1080p source, which has a great impact on the viewing quality, you may not see it clearly with mosaic

The second for the distance. The distance between the viewing position and the screen is 0.87 times of the screen width. In other words, if the screen width is 2.6m, the best viewing distance is 2.3m.

Hope the above suggestions would be helpful to you.

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