The guitar is a unique musical instrument. It carries the texture and tone created by the various conditions and environment when the trees grow, and the various rational and emotional judgments of the guitar maker when making it. Therefore, how to choose the right guitar is very necessary.

A good quality guitar is one of the most important factors of your guitar learning process, if you choose a terrible guitar, not only is material quality prone to problems, poor sound quality will also directly dampen your enthusiasm for practicing.

First of all, for beginners, the author does not recommend to consider too many professional issues of guitar, such as whether it is a solid veneer, what kind of wood, how much string pitch, timbre characteristics, guitar distortion, machine head, single-coil (humbucker) and so on. Considering this information requires sufficient experience, so beginners may be misleading by these difficult factors.

Actually, you need to consider these factors:

Size selection

The regular size of the guitar is 41 inches and 40 inches. 41 inches is a standard body, which resonates better than 40 inches because the body is larger. But for new beginners, there is not much difference between the two. In principle, adults over 150cm can use 41 inches, plucking strings and changing the necks are no problems, but friends of 150cm and 41 inches may be uncomfortable to hold. 

Different Color in Veneer

How does the color difference between the left and right sides of the guitar veneers cause it? First of all, this phenomenon only appears in full solid guitars. Because the veneer of the full solid guitar is spliced between the left and right veneers, and the wood ring pattern is different. Therefore, the texture of the two veneers is quite different, and the colors will be different when they are put together. If the difference in texture is small, it looks more symmetrical and balanced.

But this problem is only the appearance, and has nothing to do with the quality of the guitar. In fact, whether you have a full solid guitar of two to three thousand, or more expensive, there may be a phenomenon of different veneer colors. You don’t need to care.

Of course, my opinion when you choose the best guitar for you, the feel of playing is the most significant, because for beginners, the initial practice is relatively more difficult. Long-term practice has a comfortable feeling, at least it will make you keep practicing for a long time. All of this knowledge about how to choose the right guitar. Today the author will also introduce some guitars which suit beginners to play.


VEAZEN CLR300 launched by VEAZEN is a young, energetic and youthful folk guitar. This junior VEAZEN CLR300 is designed and positioned mainly for students and young beginners. It is favored by everyone with its excellent sound quality and high-cost performance. The material of the guitar is also very powerful, with spruce veneer and Sapele back, and rosewood fingerboard. The feel is smooth and the tone is warm. In this price range, the production process is also very meticulous, and the paint is designed with two making processes of glossy and matte. At the same time there are 40 inches, 41 inches and several colors to choose from. If you are a beginner and do not know much about guitars, this guitar is also a good choice.

(Note: The difference between gloss and matte. In terms of playing, there is no obvious difference between the two kinds. In terms of appearance, the gloss paint is obviously more luxurious and beautiful, while the matte paint is more low-key and ordinary. In terms of making process, the gloss guitar is much more complicated than the matte guitar, and the price is usually higher. In terms of maintenance, since the gloss paint is a closed paint, the wood protection of the guitar itself will be better, while the matte paint is an open paint, and the humidity of the air will have a more obvious impact on the wood of the guitar. )

Brook S25, 5th Anniversary Commemorative Model

Brook’s 5th Anniversary Commemorative Model S25, with the solid wood inlay of sound hole ring, “flame 5” logo on the 12th fret of the fingerboard, design of the neck inspired by western roads, the overall individualized temperament is impressive. Compared with Brook’s basic full solid HD58, the quality has improved a lot, and its appearance has also started to take the literary style. With Exp16 strings, the sound is clean and penetrating. Many famous teachers have evaluated it highly. There are classic D and GA models options you can choose.

This kind of guitar appearance is ink color, it is special and beautiful, so if you want to buy a good appearance guitar to attach other people’s concentration, you can choose it.

Cort AD810

CORT is widely welcomed by guitar lovers for its good performance and low price. This basic model is equipped with swamp ash plywood, mahogany back, mahogany neck and ABS plastic edging. The tone is a warm and soft classic sound. Because it is a plywood, the power of the tone is relatively weak. Although the selection of materials for this guitar is not outstanding, but the making process of the guitar will not let you down.

In summary, I always think that readers who love music are emotional and kind. So everyone who read this article, remember to keep your mind clear, use dialectical thinking about how to choose the right guitar, do not blindly follow other people’s choices. According to your needs and expectations, choose the best guitar for you, and start your journey in the music world.

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