“For most of the days, we are just living a life of living and deceiving ourselves and deceiving others; it is a little relief that in other days, we have wine as company.”-Rachel Birmingham

Nowadays, wine has become an indispensable drink in our lives. Whether it is a party or drinking it by oneself, it is inseparable from wine. Therefore, mastering how to choose wine can make our lives more enjoyable.

Firstly, if you want to understand how to choose wine, you have to know what kind of wine you are looking for, and first figure out your needs, such as drinking by oneself or choosing the best party drinks. Whether it’s heavy-bodied, light-bodied, high-tannin, low-tannin, or whatever, you have to figure it out first. In fact, it is more difficult for those who do not know what they want, but we always know what not to be. The elimination method is a very good method. Now list a few common options for your reference in the following words.

Classified by body color:

1. Red Wines

2. White Wines

3. Rose Wines

Or according to sweetness:

(1) Dry: The sugar content is less than 4g/L, and the sweetness is not tasted. It has a clean, elegant, and harmonious aroma of fruit and wine.

(2) Semi-Dry: The sugar content is 4-12g/L, it has a slight sweetness, the taste of the wine is clean, elegant, and the taste is round, with a harmonious and pleasant fruity and wine aroma.

(3) Semi-Sweet: The sugar content is 12~45g/L, with sweet, refreshing, and pleasant fruity and wine aroma.

(4) Sweet: The sugar content is greater than 45g/L, with a sweet, mellow, comfortable, and smooth taste, with a harmonious fruity and wine aroma.

We can choose the above categories of wines according to our own tastes, so that we can avoid drinking unpalatable wines.

In addition, wine is a kind of the best party drinks in modern society, so, finding a delicious and cheap alcoholic party drinks is significant. In choosing wine, the author’s method is to choose red wine that is not astringent, and white wine to choose sweeter ones. This kind of wine selection will make the party participants like to be happy and enjoy it.

The red wines we usually drink, such as Cabernet Sauvignon (pictured above) and Syrah, have very high tannins, and the astringency in drinking is inherently heavy, which leads to the illusion that “red wine is astringent.” So it is not the best party drinks. As everyone knows, red wines also have low tannins, such as Merlot and Pinot Noir. They are soft and rounded, with much less astringency. In the party activities, the choice of red wine with low tannins seems the best party drinks choice.

In addition to red wine, white wine is also a good choice in party activities.

Human instinct likes sweet food. Because red wine is dry, and all the sugar in wine grapes are converted into alcohol. For sweet white wine, there is still a lot of sugar remaining in the liquor, which is sweet and has a bit of honey, which is very delicious. Moreover, sweet white wines have no tannins and astringency, making them easier to swallow.

Moreover, the white wine has a strong floral and fruity aroma, such as Moscato and Riesling wine. After opening the bottle, the aroma came out, resembling the bursts of aromas of peach, pineapple, almond, and lychee. Of course, in some occasions, drink red wine exclusively. So at the end, you can took out a few bottles of iced sweet white wine and served it as an after-dinner wine to help digestion in the stomach. It was also quite thoughtful.

Except that, choose a kind of delicious and cheap alcoholic party drinks is important, because of that, the author will recommend some best party drinks for your reference:

Yellow-tailed kangaroo (the world’s best-selling cheap wine)

The Yellow Tailed Kangaroo Winery is located in New South Wales, Australia. The history of the winery can be traced back to 1957. It is currently one of Australia’s largest-selling wine brands, and it is also quite famous in the United States, often advertised on the “Super Bowl.”

This kind of wine has made its taste more popular through the transformation of the traditional wine taste. Compared with the traditional wine, the bitter taste is reduced and the sweetness is increased. You can have a drink at home or entertain friends. The wine is full-bodied and soft on the palate.

The original bottle of imported Merlot red wine from Penfolds Luoshen Villa from Australia (the Penfolds Luoshen series, with a good light fruit taste, slightly sweet and not astringent)

Penfolds Winery is an old Australian winery with a history of more than 160 years and is regarded as a symbol of Australian wine. The Rawson’s Retreat series, which belongs to Penfolds’ introductory wine, is also a popular one. This Shiraz red wine from Roselle Villas is made from Shiraz. It has a medium-bodied body and a slightly fruity and sweet taste. Penfolds Luoshen series, the light fruit taste is good, slightly sweet and not astringent. Readers who do not like too sweet can try this.

Italian God Angel’s Hand Moscato Dry White

This angel’s hand is produced in Rolanda Winery, which is a very famous winery in Italy and belongs to the Italian Sandro Company. Although it is a cocktail, it has a superb value. Moscato also has a good taste, which is worthy of its price, and the fruity taste is very good. It is not very fruity, and the wine is very light and smooth. The most important thing is that this wine is only 5 degrees alcohol, suitable for daily drinking.

There are a lot of wine in our daily life, the author cannot list them all. Diversity is the most attractive feature of the wine world. You may feel that hundreds of brands make you feel at a loss, but as experience accumulates, it becomes the fun of how to choose wine in these brands’ wine. Start your wine journey now. As the weather, mood, and occasion change, choose the most suitable wine to enjoy. This is the beauty of the combination of wine and life.

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