How to Clean Junk Files on Iphone without Third-Party Apps

In the process of running various apps on iPhone, some cache or junk files may be generated. At the beginning, it only takes up a little space, which is almost negligible compared with the memory of the whole phone. However, over time, the accumulated garbage will affect the operation of the phone and make it become stuck.

Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the garbage in iPhone, especially for the phone with less memory. Is there any way you can remove the unnecessary caches and junk files in iPhone with only the built-in feature?

1. Restart the iPhone from time to time

When you restart your iPhone, the system itself will clear out some cache files and garbage, shut down all background applications, which is good for fixing some bugs and freeing up memory.

If you’re used to having your phone on all day, from now on you can try turning off and rebooting it once in a while.

2. Offload Unused Apps

There may be some apps on your phone that you’ve been downloading for a long time but don’t use much. You may even have forgotten them, but they’re still taking up memory on your phone. Faced with this situation, you just need to regularly clean up unnecessary applications.

Enter [Settings], tap [General], [iPhone Storage], and enable [Offload Unused Apps]. It will save a lot of your space.

3. Clear the Cache

Some data caches will be generated when using apps on iPhone. These caches can be deleted without affecting the use of the phone. So you can enter [Settings][General][iPhone Storage], and then choose the corresponding app to [Offload App].

4. Clear Safari Data

If you’re a fan of the Safari browser that comes with your iPhone, be sure to clear its data once in a while in addition to those regular apps, especially if you like to browse images and videos in the browser.

Go to [Settings] on your phone, and choose [Safari], then tap [Clear History and Website Data].

5. Stop Sharing Analytics

There are two options in the iPhone that you might not have noticed before, which are [Share iPhone Analytics] and [Share iCloud Analytics] in [Privacy][Analytics & Improvements].

If they are on, your daily diagnostic and usage data will be automatically sent to Apple for improving their products and services. But it will also leave a lot of data on your iPhone, so the final decision is yours.

6. Optimize iPhone Storage

What if your photos and videos take up too much space on iPhone? [Optimize iPhone Storage] can be a solution.

It will replace all the original images and videos with compressed files, and store the original files in iCloud, so you can download them anytime you need.

You just need to tap [Settings], [Photos], and then check the option of [Optimize iPhone Storage].

There are plenty of cleanup apps out there for you to use, but if you don’t want to download any third-party apps, try these tips above!

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