How to use a computer to control your phone? One trick can be done, when we play games, watch videos, do mobile marketing, etc., we are often trapped by the small screen of the mobile phone. We hope that it can be done on the computer screen. It is better to use a computer to directly operate a mobile phone.

Think about using a computer to play mobile games, there is definitely an operating advantage… and using a computer to operate a mobile phone sounds very technological, how can a computer operate a mobile phone? After all, the systems are different? In fact, it is very simple, and the computer can operate not only one mobile phone, but also dozens of hundreds of mobile phones can be synchronized with one computer!

Not much to say, let’s see how to achieve:

First of all, we download “Total Control” on the computer. Yes, we only need to use this computer to control the mobile phone software to realize our idea of ​​using the computer keyboard and mouse to operate the mobile phone. After the software is downloaded, we still have some preparations to do. The specific steps are as follows:

 If your phone is Android, we need to enter the developer mode of the phone. Some Android phones only need to open the phone’s [Settings] -> [Developer Options], and that’s it; some are like Huawei phones, what should I do if the developer options in the settings are hidden? It is also very simple, just open the phone [Settings] -> [About phone], and then click on the serial code of the \”version number\” on the pop-up page 7 times, and then return to see the developer options appear in the settings. After entering [Developer Options] -> Turn on [USB debugging] and other related permissions, we will connect the mobile phone and the computer through a data cable or wireless network.

Follow these processes I have mentioned above, you are ensured to connect your phone from PC properly.

Now you get ready: A computer An Android phone USB data cable


 Step 1: Turn on the phone \” USB debugging\” switch: When connecting the mobile phone to the computer with a USB cable, turn on the \”USB debugging\” switch in the \”Developer Options\” of the mobile phone. This is authorized by the mobile phone and allows the Total Control software to control the mobile phone.

 Step 2: Quickly enter the \”USB debugging\” switch interface: If you don’t know where the USB debugging switch of your phone is, you can quickly turn on \”USB debugging\” through the TC connection assistant. The TC computer client has a QR code of \”TC Connection Assistant\”, which can be scanned, downloaded and installed.

 Step 3: Open \”TC Connection Assistant\” and automatically enter the \”Developer Options\” interface of the phone. Please open \”Developer Options\” and \”USB Debugging\” as shown in the figure below (different phones may have different screens) If it says \”APK installation failed\”, just follow the method to solve it.

 Solution: 1. First, you need to (re)enable on the phone to allow the installation of unknown sources.

 Solution: 2. Plug and unplug the phone again, watch the installation prompt that pops up on the phone, and click install manually according to the prompt.

By the way, I have to remind you that if your mobile phone is of Xiaomi and Vivo series brands, you also need to turn on \”USB Installation\” and \”USB Debugging (Security Settings)\”

After all the procedures are completed, open Total Control on the computer, and you will find that the phone interface is magically projected onto the computer display. At this time, you can find that the computer can control and operate the phone! Now we can use computers to scan mobile phones, computer to play mobile games and other entertainment activities.

If you use it at work, you can use Total Control to control multiple mobile phones simultaneously, which can improve your work efficiency and save time! All these operations are very simple, as long as you work hard, you will definitely receive satisfactory results.

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