Nowadays, smart phones are still continuously upgraded, both in screen size and hardware performance which are constantly soaring, but battery life cannot be improved qualitatively. While other component technologies are developing rapidly, battery technology has not been developed simultaneously and has been left far behind. Because of this, the use of mobile phones has become the most troublesome issue for users in their daily use of mobile phones. That means understanding how to extend battery life is particularly important for using smartphones.

In the past two years, news of mobile phone explosions is not uncommon. A little girl from Kazakhstan was seriously injured by a mobile phone explosion during her lunch break and died. If you pay attention, you can find much such news through searching, which shows that mastering how to use mobile phones safely, and how to extend the battery life of mobile phones is very important to our daily life.

In fact, 80% of mobile phone battery explosions are related to bad charging habits. Therefore, the author has compiled an article on how to increase battery health effectively to help you avoid the danger of a battery explosion. Meanwhile, this knowledge can help you know how to extend battery life. Significantly, let you understand what behaviors will obviously damage the battery, we can protect our battery through avoiding these behaviors.

1. Over Discharge

Actually, over-discharge rarely occurs during daily use of mobile phones. When the mobile phone is idle for long-term storage, it will maintain about 50% of the power.

2. The Use Environment Temperature Is too High or too Low

The working temperature of lithium battery is 0℃~35℃, and the normal storage temperature of lithium battery is -20℃~45℃. Compared with low-temperature environment, the excessive temperature is more deadly to the battery. When you are driving, try to avoid putting your phone under the windshield.

3. Use The Computer USB Port to Charge the Mobile Phone

You can use the computer USB interface to charge the Mobile Phone, but the disadvantage is that the charging speed is very slow. The power supply current of some USB interfaces is even lower than the mobile phone’s own power consumption. In order to maintain the normal operation of the mobile phone, it will use the external power supply and internal battery. Discharging at the same time, the actual feeling is that although the battery is charging, the battery power is getting less and less.

4. Use the Device at The Same Time While Charging

Many people suggest to avoid using the phone while charging as much as possible because of the temperature. A lot of heat will be generated inside the body when charging. The phone will also generate heat when running large applications. The battery will be damaged in a high-temperature environment.

But this is not absolute. According to the various stages of battery charging, when the battery power is below 80%, it is a fast-charging stage, which generates a huge amount of heat, and running large games at the same time will cause irreversible damage to the battery; The power is in the trickle charging stage of 80~99%. Due to the reduced charging power and heat generation, large games can be run at the same time; when the power is full, there is no need to worry about any problems when using the device.

5. Charge to 100%

Many people with mobile phone battery obsessive-compulsive disorder like to charge their mobile phone to 100% of the full battery, even if there is 80% of the battery left, they must charge the remaining 20% to be content. This habit actually stems from people’s misunderstandings.

Studies have shown that batteries do not want to be stressed like people, charging from any level to 100% is not good, and lithium batteries do not need to be fully charged.

The charging behavior of charging the battery from a very low ratio at one time has a greater adverse effect on the mobile phone, which will reduce the battery capacity and shorten the battery life. The author suggests that when we charge, unplug the charger immediately before the battery is fully charged. It is best to maintain the battery power of the mobile phone at 65% to 75%.

6. Only Charge When There Is no Electricity

Because of laziness, some people always charge the phone after playing the phone in low battery mode or think that frequent charging is not good for the phone, so they only charge once a day when the battery is empty, but this is very harmful to the phone.

Frequent charging will not affect battery life, on the contrary, it is also beneficial to mobile phone batteries. The life of a lithium battery does not depend on the number of recharges, but the charging cycle. The number of charging refers to the process of plugging in the charger and then unplugging it, and the charging cycle refers to the process of recharging after the power is used up, which is a charge-discharge cycle, and the lithium battery can perform several million charge-discharge cycles.

The author suggests that when we use mobile phones daily, we should not wait for the mobile phone to charge when the battery is low, or wait for the mobile phone to automatically shut down before charging. This is very harmful to mobile phone batteries. Normally charging can be based on the principle of charging several times and charging a small amount of electricity each time, and charge the phone whenever you have time.

7. Use Public Charging Piles

Now many shopping malls, movie theaters and other public places have free mobile phone charging equipment. But I have to remind everyone that many seemingly “convenient” charging piles, under the banner of “free service”, are blatantly stealing your personal information and even threatening your financial security.

In order to avoid our personal privacy being violated, when the mobile phone is connected to the mobile phone charging station, if the charging station needs permission requests, it will be rejected (including USB debugging and device trust).

If the public charging station provides a socket, it is recommended to use the portable charging device for charging; if the mobile phone charging station only provides a USB port, remember to use a charging cable with only charging function (no data transmission function).

8. Charging with a Phone Case

In order to protect their mobile phone and prevent it from bumping, most people put a mobile phone case on it, but do not remove the mobile phone case when charging. This can easily increase the temperature of the mobile phone and damage the battery during charging. . If a fake charger and charging cable are used, it may cause an explosion.

The author suggests that when we are charging, especially in the hot summer, we must take off the phone case and recharge it. You can put the phone on a mat or on a cold floor to lower the temperature, and never put it on quilts or clothes.

9. Use Full Charge and Discharge to Activate Smartphone Battery

Early nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries required similar “activation.” These batteries will produce a “memory effect”, charging in an incompletely discharged state can easily overcharge the battery. But today’s smart phones are different. The battery used in today’s mobile phones is a lithium-ion battery, and its initialization process has been completed at the time of manufacture, so it does not need to be activated when it starts to use.

Except that, it is worth mentioning that the characteristics of iPhone mobile phones and other mobile phone batteries are slightly different. We can remember some tips for how to extend battery life on iPhone mobile phone in the following words. In summary, The charging method of iPhone mobile phones is roughly the same as other mobile phones, but it should be noted that the battery of iPhone mobile phones is more delicate, so more attention is needed.

1. The battery temperature of iPhone mobile phone needs to be controlled at 0℃~35℃ to avoid using the device under high temperature.

2. The iPhone can be used at the same time when charging, but the protective case should be removed to avoid overheating of the iPhone, and no attention is needed when the battery is 100%.

3. There is no problem with charging the device using the computer USB interface.

All of these three tips can help us know how to extend battery life on iPhone easily.

In addition, when our mobile phone has the following phenomena, your mobile phone may be on the verge of danger, so deal with it as soon as possible!

1. The phone is Severely Hot

If the phone is obviously hot during use. In this case, it is best to stop the operation immediately, close the background process, and let the phone stand by for a while. Basically all exploded mobile phones will suddenly become hot before exploding.

The phone is not charging

The mobile phone uses a built-in battery. If the battery cannot be charged, and if we can definitely rule out the possibility of damage to the charger, it is basically a problem with the battery. It is best to send it for repair to avoid sudden explosion of the damaged battery. If the phone suddenly shuts down when the battery is still 20%~30%, or the charging is abnormal, it can be sure that the battery is damaged.

Frequent Automatic Restart

If the mobile phone restarts frequently, it will leave the mobile phone in a fast-running state for a long time, which can easily cause the mobile phone to overheat. The consequence of the mobile phone overheating is a short circuit or an explosion.

The Battery Has Changed Significantly

The surface of the mobile phone battery swells up and liquid flows out; in addition to the battery, the charging cable suddenly becomes soft, and special attention should be paid. If you have the above symptoms, it is recommended not to use the mobile phone and stay away as soon as possible.

Moreover, the writer will teach readers some small skills with how to increase battery health and these skills are easy to get in our daily life.

Dispose of Dust From the Charging Port

The accumulation of dust in the charging port is the easiest thing to ignore when we maintain the phone. The accumulation of dust may cause the phone to charge slowly or fail to charge. You can usually bring a dust plug or use a toothpick to clean the charging port.

Use the Correct “Posture” for Charging

When charging, place the phone flat on the table to ensure that the phone is charged normally. Do not hang the phone in mid-air for charging. Due to the gravity of the mobile phone hanging upside down, it is easy to loosen the socket, and the charging efficiency will drop a lot if the socket is loose.

Don’t Use Power Banks too More Times

The charging and discharging of the battery requires a stable voltage and current condition, which is just met by the socket in our home. For some power banks, the current it provides is less than the current provided by the power strip. In such a state for a long time, although it can be charged, the battery loss is very huge.

Try not to Leave the Phone Battery for too Long Times

If the mobile phone battery is left unused for too long due to some unavoidable reasons, it is best to apply to the mobile phone maintenance department for a live treatment of the battery, or you can use a DC constant voltage device yourself, adjust the voltage to 5~6V, and the current 500 ~600mA reverse connection to the battery.

In conclusion, Battery aging is a natural phenomenon, and everything we do is to extend its service life. Mobile phone batteries have self-discharge. When not in use, Ni-MH batteries will discharge at about 1% of the remaining capacity every day, and lithium batteries will discharge at 0.2%~0.3% every day. So even if we use various methods to extend the battery life of mobile phones, we still have to be psychologically calm about the problem of battery degradation after using the mobile phone for a long time. It is the most important thing which we avoid battery explosions.

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